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Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of emails that go something like this:

“SCD doesn’t work for me”…


“I’ve been doing everything you’ve said and this isn’t working, I’m going to quit.  This diet isn’t for me.

Well, this shook us up… mostly because they’re right.

There isn’t a “one diet fits all” solution.  Any diet with a name on it probably won’t work for you right out of the box.  That’s what this website is all about.

Because each person has a custom diet that works for them.  It’s not SCD/Paleo/GAPS/Primal/WAPF… instead it’s called “The Jordan Diet” or “The Steve Diet” or “The Judy Diet” or “The Diane Diet.”

You get what I mean.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Each person has a custom supplement protocol that works for them too.  We talk a lot about Digestive Enzymes and Betaine HCl, but there’s so much more to cover when it comes to what supplements you might need.

The bottom line is: There’s a custom diet and supplement protocol that WILL work for you.  The key is testing and tweaking and sticking with it until you figure it out.  Some people get there quick and easy… but for most of us it’s a frustrating, hair-pulling, rocky journey.

The trick is to listen to the subtle clues your body is already giving you and knowing what to do with that information…

And because we were so shook up by all these comments recently…

We created a Special Early Black Friday Package to solve this problem… and discounted it 84%!!

(Really, go look here)

We’ve put together this special early Black Friday package to ease your mind. To give you the meal plans, supplements, and troubleshooting tips you need to get symptom-free this holiday season.

Because you deserve to LOVE the holidays and enjoy your friends and family. And that’s what this is all about right? Getting healthy isn’t all that matters… it’s what you do with your time when you feel good like, focusing on others is so much more fun!

This package contains everything you need to unlock the custom diet and supplement protocol that will work for you this holiday season.  It will help you create the “Me Diet.”

Here’s the Special Early Black Friday Package we put together for you… (and then knocked off $500)

1 Ticket to a Private 3-hour LIVE Troubleshooting Call With Us ($169 value)

This will be a LIVE call just for you.  No one else will be invited except those that take advantage of this Black Friday special.  We’re going to spend 3-hours on the phone doing a presentation about how you use all these troubleshooting products together to get the fastest results.  We’ll even take Q&A until we drop.  No matter what, your questions WILL get answered.  The most important thing we can do for you this holiday season is identify the one tweak, test or thing that is holding you back.

This call alone might be the one thing that completely changes your symptoms (it’s easily worth the price of the whole package)… and yes it will be recorded if you can’t attend live.  The official date and time of the call will be announced after the holiday so we can make sure it’s a good time for most people to attend.

BONUS 1) Grain-Free, Starch-Free SCD meal plans ($87 value)

These 24-week meal plans are built for people to get digestive relief as fast as possible and then grow with you as your diet expands. There’s a “tough case” plan that is Nut-Free, Egg-Free, Legume-Free, & Dairy-Free.  But there is also a full SCD plan.  These are here to help you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to get some relief… the first step in creating your custom diet.

BONUS 2) Digestive Troubleshooting Package ($147 value)

Over 9 hours of video, audio, and transcripts for those sick and tired of banging their head against the wall trying to feel better. Learn how to tune into the subtle clues your body is already giving to know exactly what to eat and what to AVOID (Hint: there’s 10 common patterns we’ve identified). You’ll also discover the top 6 foundational supplements almost everyone should consider to heal faster.  This content will help you test and tweak your way to the custom diet that works for you.

BONUS 3) Essential Supplements for Inflammation and Leaky Gut ($97 value)

We’ll show you what supplements matter for specific conditions, how to supplement, and more!  These 4 in-depth videos and 1-hour Q&A session include the latest strategies we’re using with our 1-on-1 private clients.  Think of these like the advanced supplements that build upon the foundational supplements from the Troubleshooting course.  Not everyone needs them, but if you do you’ll see dramatic changes.

BONUS 4) Avoiding Holiday Diet Doom ($97 value)

The last thing we want is for you is to start making some improvements with the tools you’ll get in this package, and then run SMACK into the brick wall of holiday diet doom!  These 4 in-depth videos and 1-hour Q&A session cover the Psychology of Eating Healthy and Still Having Fun with Friends and Family during the holidays.  Trust us, it’s a dangerous time.  Get educated on the common traps and how to deal with them.

HUGE discount on this early Black Friday package (Yes, 84% OFF)! 

This offer expires WED 11/27 at 11:59pm ET.

Even if you already own part of the bonuses in this package, the private 3-hour call alone is worth your investment. Plus, you’ll get access to all the bonus material right away.

We’re so grateful to support you this holiday season.

– Jordan and Steve

P.S. – If you’re not feeling better… and you haven’t found the custom diet and supplement protocol that’s going to bring you relief, we created this package specifically to help you do that.

This limited time early Black Friday Special expires WED 11/27 at 11:59pm EST:

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