Flare Support – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of Flare Support

There’s only 2 important steps to worry about today…

Step 1: Watch The Day 1 ‘Flare Tools’ Video Here:

Step 2: Download The Day 1 ‘Flare Tools’ Guide Here:

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Please note: if you didn’t download your Flare Support guides yesterday, please do so here: https://healthygut.com/flaresupport/welcome/


In good health,

– Jordan and Steve

15 thoughts on “Flare Support – Day 1

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    Hey Steve, sorry for the barrage of questions. Just wanted to let you know that I believe I am not in a flare, although I think I Was for a little bit there, but the flare program fixed that right up! And it IS all about lowering your bathtub. I had to throttle way back on a lot of things but it worked. And as far as the fevers – in desperation I drove an hour and a half to my very special, specialist GI, and begged him for anything to get rid of my fevers. He did a blood test and said my CRP levels were not near high enough to be causing the kinds of fevers I am getting. He also said he has roughly 1500 Crohn’s patients and none of fevers like I do. He does not believe the fevers are associated with the Crohn’s, and suggested I see an infectious disease specialist. Right now, I am doing testing to see if it is coming from a recurring infected tooth, and will find results soon. But the good news is, that it is NOT my Crohn’s, which I have been able to successfully manage with diet (up till now, when I needed the 7 day flare support program). So overall good news. The food is all good now, stools are good too. Thanks again for the program – it helped.

    Anne Marie

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    Hey Steve,

    Just a quick question……I am a few weeks past my 7 day flare program now, and my belly is really pretty good. Some of the foods I used to eat daily make me nauseous though – I can’t look at salads for breakfast any more, or raw veggies, etc. So I have throttled back on the advanced foods and still eating very safely. Sometimes, out of the blue, I Get a stomach pain, but overall, no diarrhea and stools are Type 4 or 5 on Bristol chart. So good, right? Unfortunately, I have a raging fever every single day, and have had it since beginning of JUne. Accompanied by horrible fatigue. Sometimes it lasts days on end, and sometimes it breaks during the night, I wake up feeling good (or just ok), and by noon or mid-afternoon, the fever is back. Fever ranges from 100.5 on a good day, to 102 on a bad day. Is this just the nature of a flare? I am doomed to endure this till it passes? I have never had anything as bad as this since being diagnosed in Sept 2010. Been on diet – very successfully -med-free, since Dec 2010. Just wondering how long this will last, and if there is anything I can do to prevent the fevers. Thanks, Anne Marie

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    Thanks so much Steve. It’s hard but I’m hanging in there at the end of Day 5 here – so far so good – still some bloat but I’ll up my enzymes and my fish oil just arrived tonight also. Still waiting on other supplements to arrive. Diet is good. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Sorry to bug you again. I am about finished with Day 2 of chicken soup, and today I actually woke up without a fever for the first time in days, but it’s back this evening. I had something strange happen today though. I Think I told you I have been on the diet for two and one half years, so this food is not a huge change from what I already eat – it’s just basically what I was already eating, less the fruit, raw veggies, and harder-to-digest cooked veggies. Just very basic – none of the “Diet-compliant extras” that I had worked up to over the two and one half years. Well, I had a pelvic ultrasound today – reasons unrelated to my Crohn’s disease. Nothing amiss, but the tech told me there was a “whole lot of gas” moving around in my gut. I could see it on the screen. What’s up with that???? I have been on diet all the days leading up to Day 1 of Flare Program, and have only eaten chicken soup for two days straight! Where the heck is this gas coming from???? I knew something was up – my belly has been sticking out for last few weeks and I never cheat on the diet!!! I don’t eat eggs or dairy either – I’m okay with nuts and fruit in moderation, so I don’t overdo those either. I just don’t understand the gas. My eating habits have not changed in last year and a half after I graduated to Stage 4/5 foods. And after two days on flare program, still gas and bloat….and fever! I am nervous and depressed……is this gonna get better? Am I going to have to eat Chicken soup only for the rest of my life????? I Was so enjoying my salads, fresh veggie juice, smoothies, coconuts, all of these yummy foods. I don’t even miss bread, sugar, or any processed food. I need some reassurance 🙁

    Anne Marie

    • Steven Wright

      Not sure the exact cause but this indicates that gut flora changes are happening for you and it likely a good sign. Typically there is a worsening for a few days before things get better every time a major change happens. Stick with the program, try upping your digestive enzymes to 3-4 a meal and let us know what happens.

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    Great! Thank you so much. I took my usual pills this morning. I had weaned myself down to three per meal (from five). No issues as of yet – eating my chicken soup and trying to relax. I am really looking forward to the info on stress, especially the adrenal support herbs. Today is my Day 1 and woke up with fever. I am confident it will be gone in a few days though 🙂 I skipped my mile swim this morning and NO cardio this week!!!! Good timing for your other video BTW……..

    Anne Marie

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    Jordan/Steve, Hi, I have been on the diet for two and one half years and enjoy a relatively good state of health, but stress will still bring on a flare-up, in the form of extreme fatigue and low grade fever. I am starting the seven day Flare Support program, and am wondering whether I need to stop taking all of the supplements that I have been taking for the last couple of years. I already take two digestive enzymes with each meal and don’t have a problem with those, but I also take three to four Betaine HcL with each meal – do I need to stop taking those this week? Thank you, Anne Marie

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    Have been on scd for about five months. No diarrhea but frequency and blood what do u think about coffee enemas. Harmful? Thought behind it is cleansing and release of toxins. Currently on no meds after a year of steroids and many biologics: remicade, humira, cimzia and methotrexate. Hopeful that scd will kick in soon

    Thanks bryan

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hey Bryan, it’s awesome that you’re not on any meds right now!

      The worst thing about coffee enemas is that people get hooked on them and that’s what we want to avoid.

      I get it if that’s the only way you can get things moving, but let us know how you’re doing it with things after 7-days.

      In good health,


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    Thanks for offering this, you guys have a great way about delivering this information!

    I’m not from the US and it’s going to take me a bit before I get the specific supplements. Will you answer some questions about supplements that I can get here? ie I have digestive enzymes from Dr. Mercola. Do you think these are OK for me to use?

    Are these videos only ‘up’ for the seven days?

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