Flare Support – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Flare Support

There’s only 2 important steps to worry about today…

Step 1: Watch The Day 2 ‘Flare Tools’ Video Here:

Step 2: Download The Day 2 ‘Flare Tools’ Guide Here:

(Please ‘right click’ on this guide and select ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ to download the file):


In good health,

– Jordan and Steve

8 thoughts on “Flare Support – Day 2

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    This may be a silly question but I still need to ask it. First thing in the morning I have always had a cup of Earl Gray with almond milk added to it. Is this Ok or should I just have a more simple green tea with nothing added. I’ve been so sick for 2 years now 🙁 and want desperately to get well naturally with your program.
    Thanks sooooo much for offering this wonderful program of healing. It seems to fit what my intuition tells me is the right way to eat.


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    After being strictly on the program for one day, I find that the diarrhea is worse and unpredictable, although small in quantity each time. Is this normal? I am not having any pain.

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    I ordered all the supplements you suggested in the supplement guide. I saw that for the Life Extension Vitamin D-3 1000I, you’re to take 16 pills in the morning. I was just checking to make sure that was the correct amount. THanks

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    Ludmila Janackova says:

    Hello Jordan and Steve, thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge you have gained along the way. Personally, I have been on SCD since December and have made good progress with the Ulcerative Colitis I have
    had since 2010. I am hoping that following with these protocols will help me manage my other condition, inflammatory arthritis that I have had already before U.C.
    My questions today: Have you had any succes with your clients in managing inf.arthritis?
    Also, do you know of any websites, that would ship the recommended supplements to Canada? I tried to order them, but so far no luck



    • Jordan Reasoner

      Thanks Ludmila 🙂

      We have had experience working with people dealing with inflammatory arthritis, for example RA. It’s all about lowering your bathtub… and if you’re here, you’re in the right place!

      Have you tried Amazon? I haven’t seen anyone have trouble getting them there.

      In good health,


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