Flare Support – Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of Flare Support

Today, it’s time for two important ‘Flare Tools’ to reduce inflammation in your body…

Step 1: Watch The Day 5 ‘Flare Tools’ Video Here:

Step 2: Download The Day 5 ‘Flare Tools’ Guide Here:

(Please ‘right click’ on this guide and select ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ to download the file):


Step 3: Your Anti-inflammatory Epsom Salt Bath:

Please use this article for instructions on taking an Epsom Salt bath:

–> How to Take Epic Epsom Salt Baths…

In good health,

– Jordan and Steve

One thought on “Flare Support – Day 5

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    The epsom salts bath (flare) tool has to be my very favorite! I started taking epsom salts baths quite awhile ago as per your recommendation (I add lavender essential oil to mine as well) and these baths are a beautifully relaxing necessary indulgence for me now, regardless of how my digestive system is working. Just wanted to say thanks again for the information.

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