Flare Support – Welcome

Welcome to Flare Support

We’re so excited to get started!

Day 1 of Flare Support starts tomorrow morning… but until then, please follow these two steps and we’ll see you tomorrow 🙂

Step 1: Watch This Welcome Video

Step 2: Download These 4 Flare Support Guides

You’ll need these all week… (please ‘right click’ on each guide and select ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ to download these files):






In good health,

– Jordan and Steve

26 thoughts on “Flare Support – Welcome

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    I am on Day 1 of the diet and making my chicken soup now. I wanted to know if I can eat the carrots in the soup if I puree them? I put in all the other celery, onions, and parsley but plan on pitching those after the broth is done.

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    Adrenal herbs from free video??? I am not sure what you are talking about. I am taking the enzymes, D-3, fish oil, calcium/magnesium, folic acid, B-12, potassium, and mesalamine (prescription drug). I am waiting for the Pepzin to come in the mail because I could not find it easily locally.

    What am I missing?

    The diarrhea was not as often today, but the BMs are not formed yet. Have you heard of Sam-E? I was on it for about a week but stopped it when the diarrhea didn’t stop. Could that possibly be the problem?

    Thanks for your help. I really enjoy your blog and your information has been extremely helpful in transitioning into this new lifestyle of coping with UC.

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    I am on day 4 of the flare support menu. I started digestive enzymes on day 2. How do you know if they are working? Last night I noticed small “beads” in my stool, which is still diarrhea. Is my body not digesting what I am taking in? I take acidophilus capsules, too, right now because I stopped the yogurt to get the diarrhea under control.

    I was diagnosed in June and immediately started SCD because I already knew about the diet from the a friend who had celiac. The diet helps a lot but I am still figuring out my body and when into a flare after my colonoscopy in August. I also realized that I was purchasing pork and chicken with “natural flavorings” in them and this may have exacerbated the flare.

    Is it normal to continue with diarrhea this far into the flare diet? I had been able to stop it within a day before the colonoscopy by adjusting something in my diet.

    • Steven Wright

      It’s not normal but it does happen. There are many degrees of inflammation and it can take some time to get it completely under control. Try taking 2 or 3 enzymes at each meal. Also focus hard on meditating and reducing stress and if you haven’t yet start the adrenal herbs from the free videos

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    I’m having a hard time drinking the electrolyte drink, because of the honey…just can’t stand the taste of honey, unless it is well hidden. Is this drink important, or is there another way to make the electrolyte drink? Thanks!


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    I really like your guys stuff and your focus on the gut, stress, and inflammation. Out of curiosity what are your backgrounds and formal training (including seminars)? Reed Davis trained? Thanks

    • Jordan Reasoner

      We don’t recommend it because it doesn’t seem to be well tolerated for people during Flares. We’ve tested it quite a bit at this point. What you can do is drink water flavored with the juice of a lemon or lime and try that.


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    I noticed that epsom salt was on the grocery list, but didn’t see anywhere in the packet where I’m suppose to use it or how I’m suppose to use it.

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    Unfortunately, I don’t have a MP-3 player. Any suggestions for accessing the one-hour Q&A session included with
    the tool providing information on appropriate Laboratory support. Any text available?

    It would be great if there was some hard copy format available for the information presented in these four videos. Would make a great reference. (That goes for the Bristol Stool Chart also!) By the way, the video on “poop” was very good.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Pat,

      It depends on what you mean by “worse”. If you get the burning feeling, that means you may need to start with 1/4 or 1/2 pill and work up slowly. Try a smaller amount and see if don’t tolerate it better and work up slowly.


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    Hi Jorden and Steve.
    I just joined theFlare Program.
    I am already taking. All the supplements except zinc which I just bought. I bought zinc gluconate, which is the wrong one.
    I was taking one T of fish oil and recently went down to one half T. I take 3000 mg of Vit D and Super Enzymes one per meal.
    Should I continue or change? Also take warfarin for DVT.

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