Foods That Trigger Diarrhea (but taste so good)


“Hey bro you there?” I said in a tired and weak voice.

It was 1am and for the 8th time in the last 4 hours I was having explosive diarrhea. I picked up my phone and dialed Jordan. I needed some support.

Earlier, celebrating with coworkers, I ate several slices of a Giordano’s Chicago deep dish pizza.

After leaving the party early to rush home, in between waves of pain, I had a really clear head and started to hear my inner knowing.

It was time for a change.

Some of the foods I “loved” were wrecking my life.

Deep Down, You Know Some Foods Hurt Your Stomach

Most of us know deep down that some foods hurt A LOT more than others.

Maybe it’s beer, popcorn, ice cream, or pizza.

It’s likely whatever the food is, you just LOVE to eat it. But how you feel an hour later is regrettable. For those who are really in touch with their body, they know meal-by-meal how foods make them feel.

I’m pretty stubborn, so I ignored these signals over and over again. But there’s always a breaking point…

Like when you miss a date, your child’s recital or spend Thanksgiving in the bathroom.

That night on the toilet was one of my biggest breaking points. It was a very clear example of physical pain… but also emotional pain. And when the pain crosses over from physical to emotional, that’s when suddenly something like pizza really doesn’t mean much anymore.

We humans can endure remarkable physical pain but the emotional stuff hurts on a different level.

Foods That Trigger Diarrhea

There are two main foods that seem to trigger 70% of people’s Diarrhea.

And there are 4 main ways ANY food could be causing your diarrhea.

You’ll learn about both in today’s Diarrhea Flare Trigger video:


Here’s the full URL – GO watch it now (don’t delay one minute):

Remember, these 4 major pathways to diarrhea could be triggered by almost any food. Everyone is different… but the 2 foods I talk about in the video must go!

– Steve

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