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Do you still need support with GI Infections?

We are no longer doing 1-on-1 consulting, but we recently spent months interviewing world class candidates and hand-picked two Kalish Trained Functional Medicine Practitioners. They are training with us and bringing their valuable clinical experience to make our practice even better. To join our consulting practice and you can book an appointment with our new practitioners here:

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    TerriePopper says:

    I have tested positive for blastisitis hominos on more than one occasion and have been suffering with gut symptoms over the years some have been so severe I have spent time in hospital . Will attending this call give me answers to killing this parasite? Of how to get rid of it once and for all ?

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    I’m also a bit comfused about the event. How is it going to work? You say it is a call, but is it a broadcast? And is everyone that have signed up going to participate in the same call, asking questions?

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    I am unable to attend on April 16th but please could you send me all the info later if I pay for a seat. The SCD diet has done amazing things for me, I was going from bad to worse, thank you for all the effort you put into this amazing work. Yours sincerely Rosemary

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    Will there be a way to get the information at a later date??? My husband has been unemployed since last June so money is tight. I know I have parasite issues. Have had IBS along with a history of Candida, heavy metal toxicity, food intolerances, thyroid symptoms(normal tests, but waiting for money to test antibodies), etc. Also diagnosed with Lyme and parasite co-infection 7 months ago with applied kinesiology. Lyme was confirmed. Co-infection wasn’t because I couldn’t afford the $600 IGeneX test. While I have improved, I am still having problems(especially when parasite protocols are stopped) and will probably have to investigate further once my husband is working again. Somehow I tend to test normal or negative for most tests even though I have felt like crap for 15 years. Thanks for the advice! Somehow I need to get help within my financial means and timing.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      No the info on this call won’t be sold at a later date. Reason being is that the best practices are always changing including the best protocols that are being used. Also soon we will re-open our consulting program and will urge you to get this kind of info in that program.

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    You say you are going to talk about “why constipation must be fixed before a GI protocol.” So it sounds like you are saying that those with unresolved constipation dominant SIBO will not get any benefit from this event except for some information that might possibly be applicable in the future if and when we recover from SIBO. Is that a correct characterization of your event?

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    I would like to offer my experience of parasite testing for your consideration. I discovered I had ascaris through natural means (long story). My Naturopath suggested I add Vermox (prescription needed) to my regimen for treatment. She could not prescribe so I had to go to my doctor. I brought samples of the parasite (ascaris) to my doctor. He said he still needed to order the parasite and ova test before her could legally prescribe. I filled the sample bottles with nothing but the parasites (3 – 6 inches long, 1 over 24 inches long) and the test came back negative. My doctor and I were stunned. So we repeated again with a different lab. We got the same result a second time. My doctor phoned the labs. They said no one looks at the bottles. A machine opens them and a pipet takes a sample from the bottle and the slide is prepared. The person examining the slide is only trained to look for ova not the parasite itself (even though the test is named “parasite and ova”) because there is little experience identifying the adult larvae (which does not require a microscope, but a google search, they are so obvious.) My doctor asked me to bring a large jar of samples, which I did and he brought them to the lab at the hospital. He was told there, that the sample could not have come from a human. Finally I took the samples to my vet (that’s right) and he sent them to his lab and they confirmed that they were in fact ascaris and there were also traces of a parasite that supposedly is only found in cats and cannot live in humans. Now our vet knows first hand that parasites can travel from cat to human….So even though I was warned that this was how this was going to go, I was still surprised that the main hospital in our N.A. city of 5 million people, and two labs in our city could not identify the adult larvae (which are huge) of ascaris when the W.H.O. estimates that 1 in 3 people in the world are infected with this parasite. For my daughter’s tests, I submitted only stools, no adult larvae, and it took the labs 4 samples before they detected an ova, when she too was passing larvae over 2 feet long. So if your parasite and ova tests come back negative, I would suggest that this result may be meaningless. The western world is so complacent about these particular forms of parasitic infection, it does not know how to screen for them. And eggs are extremely difficult to detect and require multiple tests throughout the life cycle of the parasite to catch it in the egg stage since this is the only stage they are trained to look for. Simply crazy! Please understand my experience is not isolated. Many other parents of autistic children have had the same experience getting their children’s parasites identified and treated, because the labs do such a poor job screening for them. Regardless of how large, the labs are not looking for them, because they don’t believe they are there.

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      I have had the same experience. I eliminated LONG ascaris roundworms and to finally prove to my family who didn’t understand what I was going through, took pictures and even bottled up a really long fat one with its guts sticking out. My aunt took it who is an M.D. and sent it out to a “lab”. It remarkably came back “negative”, and that just invalidated any issues that I was having, and it confirmed their initial inkling that I have Hypochondria, while I continued to struggle. Testing is completely useless.

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    is it okay to go ahead and treat for parasites, candida etc without doing the tests?
    I ask as I don’t have the means to take the tests or work with a practitioner. Do we need a practitioner to follow along with your suggestions? I get that this would not be ideal but sometimes one just has to take their health into their own hands… Just trying to work out whether it’s worth purchasing if one is going it alone. Cheers.

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    I have been learning from you both for a little while. Thank You! I have a couple questions. How often have you seen the protocols work to the extent that the person would be able to go to a full real food diet? As in the gut was healed and the infection was gone forever. I am especially thinking of SIBO, but interested in the other infections as well.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Linnea, that is no problem at all. It’s OK if you can’t attend live. Simply purchase a seat now and within 1-week after the call you will receive the full audio recording and transcript, as well as the handouts.

      In good health,


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    I would love to be able to get in on this call, and I understand your need to make a living, but that said unfortunately after spending thousands of dollars on attempting to regain my health (and failing in the process), I just don’t have the means to spend any more.

    In my dream world, a call like this would be free (heck, in my dream world I would never have gotten sick in the first place), so the most people possible could be reached and helped, whether or not they had the means to afford consultations with natural practitioners…something that is really quite a luxury for many struggling to just get by.

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      I know how you feel Rae. I too have been working to get well. I mean literally working to make money to pay the multitudes of people saying they have the answer to my symptoms… but with no results. How do we know that this would be any different?!

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    I’m going to be out of the country on that date! 🙁 I’ve been treated with SIBO twice recently and I think it’s coming back. I’m on day 14 of the diet, did great for first 10 days, then down hill from there… Not sure if it was the pears or sausage…..
    Anyway, my question is: is there any way to purchase this event and then to access all the information when I get back on April 25?
    Thank you!

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    What if I can’t attend at that time due to my families busy schedule? Also can you have more than one limiting factor? I feel like I have gut dysbiosis, an over active pancreas and an under active liver.

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    I have been ill for 8 year’s with suspected Parasite infection that will not show up on regular tests, even PCR. Can I order tests myself without referral ?
    Just want to get better..

    Thank You :-).

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    Justine Miorada says:

    I am in Australia, so timing may be difficult for me. Forgive me if I havent read correctly, but if I book and pay, can I access the transcript etc post when you have done it. Sorry to appear vague! I think is my missing link that I need!

    Take care,

    Kind regards,


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