Learn Exactly How Autoimmune Disease Develops


What if your immune system has your best interests at heart at all times? How might that change the view of autoimmune diseases?

I believe it’s true that your immune system is doing the best job it can, even in times of disease.

I believe our bodies have an innate knowledge that depending on the inputs we feed into our system it will produce certain outcomes. And from this perspective I think autoimmune disease begins to make perfect sense.

When the incoming variables of food, water, air, stresses, thoughts, movement and chemicals begin to fall into the negative for too long, negative consequences begin. And in some of us (who knows maybe one day we’ll know it’s all of us) autoimmune disease is the outcome of these inputs getting too far away from optimal.

Could We All Be a Little Autoimmune?

It’s an interesting point of view to take a look at. And I think today’s videos might shed a bigger light on how this might be proven at some point in the future.

The amazing thing about the immune system is that when we change the inputs to more positive the outputs do change. Unfortunately, the commonly held modern medicine belief is that in autoimmune diseases that system is inherently broken and now we must suppress it.

Of course the 1000’s of stories and reports of this not being true sure seem to point to a new way forward with autoimmune issues, which is one of the big points of this week’s content.

Lesson 7:  How a Leaky Gut Jump-Starts Autoimmunity and Massive Inflammation

There’s a lot of information about how leaky gut syndrome begins the cascade to autoimmune disease. But there’s a real lack of information describing how this happens in detail. If leaky gut is the first big issue in the dominoes of disease to fall, then a firm understanding of how the process happens is a must for anyone trying to avoid or overcome autoimmune diseases.

Get the rest of Sarah’s mind-blowing interview here.

Lesson 8: What Food Sensitivities Are Telling You about Infertility Problems

Food sensitivities are one of the most misunderstood health issues in today’s world. Doctors of modern and alternative medicine just don’t seem to get the way in which they develop. Luckily, Dr. Tom O’Bryan breaks it down in this video using a simple-to-understand analogy for all of us and then ties it back to fertility issues.

Find out more about overcoming food sensitivities in Dr. Tom’s full talk here.

Lesson 9: The Exact Process of How Autoimmune Disease Starts

Have you ever wondered at which point autoimmune disease begins? What steps must go wrong before it’s diagnosable? I often think about this, as it goes back to my points above that we may all be a little autoimmune… then some of us get full-blown autoimmune disease. Sarah Ballantyne goes deep into explaining the whole process and what is malfunctioning in the immune system.

Get the rest of Sarah’s autoimmune disease presentation here.

Today’s Action Step

“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” ~Elie Wiesel

I know you have to be at least a LITTLE like me, or maybe you’re a lot like me. I’m referring to my desire to share impactful information with my loved ones.

Sometimes, truth be told, I get diarrhea of the mouth with information. I stand on soap boxes and share my thoughts even when I’m not asked. It’s led to some awkward family conversations over the years no doubt about that ;). Luckily, my conversational skills have improved since those early days.

Here’s the deal, there’s a respectful and thoughtful way to share health information with those who need it and may not have directly asked you for help yet. And with the holidays approaching today’s a great chance to work this muscle.

Instead of preaching, invading space or arguing we can reach out to those in our lives with a short, heartfelt message and an article.

For example, try something like this:

“Hey Mom, I remembered you mentioned that health issue a few months ago. I love you and I’ve thought about that conversation often since then. I saw this today and I think it’s a great, short introduction that might help you. If you’re interested check it out here ->”

…Vs. an example NOT likely to work:

“Hey Mom, I noticed that you’re tired all the time. I’m worried about you. When you’re tired like this, it means you have some hormone issues happening and we need to get those fixed. I want you to grow old with health and be around. Please read this and let’s talk about it ->”

Can you see the difference? One is very “ME” and “YOU’RE WRONG” focused. The other is caring and not blaming. So, I want you to give it a shot today!

Today’s exercise is to share, in a format much like I showed you above, one of the 9 lessons we’ve shared with at least 2 people close to you. Then, report back in the comments what happened. Did they respond? Did they blow you off? Either way, let’s chat about it below.


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