Solving Leaky Gut Mild Case Package


The 60-Day Mild Case Supplement Package




The Solving Leaky Gut Mild Case Supplement Video is Included for Your Reference
Here’s what’s in the 60-Day Package and how can it help you:

As Dr. Tom O’Bryan mentions in the video, we need to use a pleiotropic approach (multiple ways) to turn around your current health issues and begin restoring the health of your gut. The Mild Case supplement package was carefully chosen to help turn off inflammation, stop oxidative damage, support hormones, heal the gut cells, reboot the gut flora and include extra nutrients you might be lacking because of being sick.

1) Numedica Pan Rx Digestive Enzymes – 2 Bottles Included
2) Gluten Sensitivity Packs – 2 Bottles Included
3) GI Restore Powder – 2 Bottles Included
4) Micellized Vitamin D3 – 2 Bottles Included
5) PRP Balance Spray – 2 Bottles Included
6) GS Tri-Flora Probiotics – 2 Bottles Included

What if I don’t tolerate dairy?

Dr. Tom has been using this approach for years with some of the most sensitive people struggling with autoimmune disease and chronic illness. During that time, he’s worked with a lot of people that couldn’t tolerate dairy, but they did tolerate the PRP Spray and Colostrum powder. Of course, nothing is 100%, but the tolerance of these two products has been very successful.

The Right Digestive Enzymes
The number one supplement that can help your digestion right now is high-quality digestive enzymes. We’ve personally tried all the major brands and have gotten the feedback of 1000’s of other people on what works best for digesting food and firming up stools. The best digestive enzymes on the market right now are the Pan-Rx enzymes.

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The Gluten Sensitivity Packs
Each Gluten Sensitivity Support Pack contains five powerful nutritional formulas that work synergistically to inhibit the synthesis of lipids that signal inflammation in joints, muscle and connective tissues. A daily dose pack promotes optimal joint health and improved immune system response, as well as helping to inhibit the shift from acute inflammation to chronic inflammation.

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The GI Restore Powder
The GI Restore Powder is all natural, whole colostrum with immunoglobulins, proline-rich polypeptides, and natural growth factors. Colostrum has been shown to reduce gut permeability by reducing inflammation, protecting against irritation from toxins and promoting epithelial growth and repair.

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Micellized Vitamin D3
Your body has vitamin D receptors on every cell. And while it’s called a vitamin, it’s really much more powerful than that. The GS Micellized D3 Liquid is all natural vitamin D3, provided in a water-soluble, micellized form. Micellization greatly increases vitamin D3 absorption, over typical emulsified forms.

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The PRP Balance Spray
GS PRP Balance Spray is supplemental proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) extracted from fresh colostrum. PRPs have been shown to have immune modulating effects ramping up the immune system in periods of immune stress and down regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines when gluten and other allergens are present.

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GS Tri-Flora Probiotics
GS-Flora Balance contains Saccharomyces boulardii, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. These organisms work in two ways to boost intestinal health. Saccharomyces adheres to pathogens while Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria adhere to epithelial cells and reinforce the intestinal barrier. The three bacterial strains in this formula are proven to be resistant to gastric acidity and bile salts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the package include enough supplements for 60-days?

Yes, the protocol is designed to be followed for 60-days, so your package will include at least 60-days worth of supplements so you’re covered for the entire length of the protocol. In some cases, you will have a few days of supplements leftover due to unavoidable bottle quantities.

2. What is the return policy if I order supplements?

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