My 3 Favorite Cookout Recipes for The Grill

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As I’m writing this… it’s 95 degrees in Montana.

Perfect time for a cookout!

Not only that, but cookout holidays like The 4th of July are right around the corner.

Are you ready for the cookouts?

Will you have a great time, eat well, and feel great?

Because Cookouts Have the Potential to Make Us Sick

In this post, I’m going to cover a few important mindset tips for attending cookouts this summer, but also share my 3 favorite recipes for the grill, in case you want to impress your friends and family with a cookout of your own…

Last year, Steve had a great psychology post about the mindset of the cookout and how to make sure you’re successful.

Here’s a summary of a few important points to remember this summer:

Step 1.  Get your head right

This step is critical if you’re heading to a cookout hosted by friends and family. Getting your head in the right place is the #1 thing to do. Think about things like: Are you happy that your health is even allowing you attend the party? That you don’t have to worry about your digestive problems as much anymore? You can spend time with people who love you? Start by being thankful for these things and don’t worry about the choices of others.

Know that this year, the choices you make about your food at the cookouts will make you feel great and support your health.

Step 2.  Come prepared

I’m sure you’ve heard “Fail to plan, plan to fail” right?

What are you going to do when someone hands you an ice cold beer? A margarita? A burger with a bun? A hotdog? If you haven’t already thought about putting it back in the cooler going inside and getting yourself a glass of what you brought, then you’re probably in trouble.

Instead, make your mind up ahead of time for any situations like this. It’s not rude, don’t even entertain the thoughts. This is how you honor your body. And make sure you bring the food and drink that will support you in having a fun time and feeling good. (More on this below, when I share my 3 favorite recipes)…

Step 3.  Make your own incredible recipes on the grill

What better way to avoid getting sick and having a great time than hosting your own cookout… or showing up and cooking amazing food for your friends and family?

That’s my usual choice.

And today, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite recipes by the original authors themselves.

3 Cookout Recipes for the Grill

These three recipes are just plain AMAZING!

They are hands down, my favorite recipes for the grill going into this year’s cookout season. There’s nothing better than making an entirely SCD Legal or Paleo meal and watching as your family and friends rave… not aware you’ve removed everything “they can’t live without.”

Tee hee…

Without further ado, here’s my favorite 3 Paleo/SCD recipes for the grill.

1. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition’s Perfectly Grilled Steak

Cooking a great-tasting grass-fed steak is an art. No doubt about that. Steve has continued to tell me that the grill is the easiest place to make sure it tastes great… but these 4 simple steps from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition make it simple. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Here’s the URL:


2. Grilled Wild Salmon from Real Food Forager

I love grilled wild caught salmon. Plus, it’s super fast! Honestly, there’s nothing worse than an overcooked salmon fillet and Real Food Forager lays it out with a step-by-step recipe that can help. NOTE: I prefer to use coconut oil in this case.

Here’s the URL:


3. Nom Nom Paleo’s Phenomenal Grilled Green Chicken

When I was growing up… burgers and grilled chicken were at every cookout. It took me a long time to figure out how to properly cook grilled chicken without worrying about it being undercooked… and in fact usually overcooking it. Nom Nom Paleo shares a recipe for one of the most INCREDIBLE marinades I’ve had for grilled chicken. Enjoy!

Here’s the URL:


Summer Parties and Social Events Still Making You Nervous?

We totally get it. Having a normal social life was something I never thought possible after I started SCD. Whether it’s taking business trips, going to happy hour, or enjoying family parties… these social events used to make me so nervous I’d have digestive problems just from worrying!

Let alone the whole “cheating” thing…

I’m living and breathing proof it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not… you can travel, hang out with friends, and enjoy family parties more than ever now that you’re choosing health.

We created our best tips, tricks and lessons as we’ve crisscrossed the country and created a new social life over the last 5 years. We’ve put them together for you in our  Social Butterfly Class. If your social life is a source of frustration for you, this course could give you your life back.

Check it out here >>> living a normal life again.

Have fun at your cookouts this summer and share your favorite grilling recipes.

– Jordan

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