Step-by-Step Constipation Strategies

If you want to skip ahead, we hosted a 2.5-hour event on constipation and strategies to beat it once and for all, so you can safely begin pooping again.

If you can’t poop… pretty much all you can think about is pooping. It’s really annoying. I’ve been there.

If you’re reliant on enemas, laxatives, or coffee to poop, I’m here to tell you that’s not normal and it’s not healthy.

You are constipated.

If you have to push, strain, and fight for every bowel movement, that’s a big red flag something is wrong.

You are constipated.

If your poops are hard, small, or painful when they come out…

You are constipated.

And if it hasn’t already gotten worse, it’s probably going to. How bad? Here’s my personal experience.

Hemorrhoids are Certainly Not Sexy (and Definitely Painful)

How do I know? I’ve battled with them. I used to be VERY constipated.

Then, I’d have diarrhea for a day. Then, more constipation. It made me feel off, full, and lethargic, so I’d sit on the toilet and push and push and try to force it out.

Then, one day I went to flush and the toilet bowl was completely blood red.

My heart fluttered and started racing. I was 16. I was embarrassed and confused.

I had an anal fissure.

I was too scared and ashamed to tell anyone or get it checked out.

If only I had known that I was constipated.

If only someone had told me what a proper poop was, about the Bristol Stool chart, and the idea that you shouldn’t spend 15, 20, 40 minutes on the toilet.

I thought it was normal to read a whole magazine in the bathroom.

And when I hadn’t pooped in days and it started getting uncomfortable, I wish someone had told me NOT to push, NOT to strain and NOT to force it out.

I Wish Someone Told Me Constipation Was a Massive Warning Sign

I could have saved 8 years of my health completely falling apart.

I hated my acne, farting, lack of energy, and exercise induced asthma. And it was all related to this constipation.

I know because it’s all gone now.

Most people think constipation is annoying because it makes you…

  • Look fatter than you are
  • Feel full and yucky
  • And waste hours on the toilet

Little do they know that it dramatically raises your chances of serious medical conditions like…

  • Anal Fissures
  • Hemorrhoids
  • And Megacolon

The worst part?

It’s typically a symptom of much larger problems happening in the body. The reality is that the gut is directly tied to the rest of the body. If you’re constipated to any degree, I can almost guarantee that you have other health complaints.

Your body isn’t working properly.

And while you might not be too concerned with the constipation, you should be.

If you figure out the root cause, it will typically unlock healing in all the other complaints you are having.

Introducing: The 2.5 Hour Getting Rid of Constipation Event

Constipation can be really tricky. And more than a few practitioners that I hoped would help me failed. Why? Because constipation typically requires short-term AND long-term strategies.

Not only that, but so many people we’ve worked with find short-term relief from things like coffee enemas… but they don’t realize how dependence can make things worse in the long-term.

That’s why focusing on short-term and long-term strategies together, along with healing the root causes of constipation, are the most important steps. And I want to share them with you.

On This 2.5-Hour Constipation Event, You’ll Learn:

  • Why enemas are a really bad idea… unless it’s an emergency
  • How most laxatives become addictive
  • Short-term strategies for pooping ASAP (that are safe)
  • Short-term pooping strategies that have been tested on 1000’s of people
  • The Vitamin C flush… and how to use it
  • 4-steps to a proper poop (so you can track your health going forward)
  • The long-term strategies that can free you from constipation
  • How constipation is tied to SIBO
  • Other GI infections that can directly or indirectly cause constipation
  • Why your hormones are so important for fixing constipation
  • How food can cause constipation (and sometimes relieve it)
  • The truth about Prunes for constipation
  • The dangerous constipation-toxicity cycle in the body
  • How Constipation is related to skin problems, low energy, and depression/anxiety
  • Why taking fiber for constipation might put you in the emergency room

If you couldn’t attend live, we’ve recorded the call and transcribed it for you, so you’ll have the info you need to take action as soon as possible.

Grab access to the Constipation event materials today:

– Jordan

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