Why Does Prednisone Stop Diarrhea?


Ever wonder why most people with a diarrhea flare up get a prescription for Prednisone?

It’s not because diarrhea is caused by low Prednisone in the body… The biggest reason is because many times, it works.

And during a flare up of diarrhea, medical professionals know the patient is on a very slippery slope. Hospitalization and surgery are usually right around the corner.

We get emails every day from people struggling on Prednisone… especially those that can’t taper off of it. In fact, while preparing today’s video, I did a search in our inbox and found 1,789 emails tagged with “Prednisone” since 2009.

And here’s why that scares me the most…

The Short-Term Risks of Prednisone Are Not Small

Neither are the long-term risks and what it’s doing to your bones. But it’s hard to feel this pain as you pop the pill that might provide quick relief.

But what about those who’ve taken it and ended up 40lbs heavier and with a “moon” face? They’ll tell you all about the damage it can do in a matter of weeks. And these are just the “outer” side effects of the drug. The full list of scary risks can be found here.

Now, most people don’t love Prednisone, those that I’ve talked to would be very happy to never use it again. And so that’s why I think we should use it in a different way. Let’s use Prednisone to ask better questions – to get better answers that don’t come with side effects and still get us the desired outcome of less diarrhea and inflammation.

Here’s a list I’ve been focused on for several years:

  1. What is it about Prednisone that usually works so well for a Diarrhea flare?
  2. How does Prednisone work in the body?
  3. What natural alternatives could replace Prednisone in the short-term?
  4. Could Prednisone’s ability to turn off diarrhea clue us in as to how to fix the diarrhea so it never comes back?
  5. Why does its diarrhea stopping ability seem to decrease each time a person takes it?

I’m sure you could think of other great questions. And the best part is, asking these questions will help us come up with better answers. Like the ones I’m discussing in today’s flare triggers video.

In This Video, I Discuss a Commonly Overlooked Trigger of Diarrhea: Hormones

And I talk all about the possible answers to the questions above…

About why prednisone works and how we might be able to replace it naturally.

Watch today’s Diarrhea Flare Trigger Video here:


Here’s the direct video link for your viewing pleasure:


Remember, each of these diarrhea triggers we’re telling you about could be the very reason you’re still having diarrhea. Or you could have more than one creating the perfect storm.

Either way… take action and try to eliminate one trigger this week.


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