The Fascinating Connection Between Prilosec, Acne and Rheumatoid Arthritis

interstellar constillation

Our bodies are made up of cells, which are made up of biomolecules consisting of things like mitochondria, nucleus and other organelles.

A couple levels deeper, we find out these are made of atoms. And atoms are made up of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons. These subatomic particles fascinatingly cannot be destroyed or created, which leaves us with some particularly interesting connections…

Like we might be made up of atoms from other dead humans, or trees or who knows…

Like we might be all connected at some very deep universal level…

Connections in the body aren’t nearly as hard to wrap your head around.

At first glance, it might seem unlikely that stomach issues, skin issues and inflammatory joint autoimmune diseases are related. But if you’ve been following us for any length of time, then it’s likely not a surprise.

And if you can begin to see the interconnectedness of the symptoms, I bet you won’t be surprised to see the same kind of changes help all of them.

Heartburn, Prilosec and H. Pylori

Heartburn can feel like you are dying from the inside out. It can land you in the hospital when it’s this strong. I have a few friends who thought they were on their way out, only to be reassured it was just heartburn and some Prilosec (or other acid suppressing strategy) would clear up the pain for them.

And sure enough, when they took the drug the pain stayed away.

This model of medicine makes me want to tear my hair out and punch puppies (not really I love dogs). But it’s so frustrating. Why don’t doctors care about why the acid is getting up into the esophagus? Why do they assume it’s high acid (it’s typically not)? Why don’t they tell patients about the long list of scary side effects that PPI’s have? Why don’t they offer other alternatives to PPIs and let the patient choose?

This acid reflux, GERD, heartburn problem that America is dealing with is one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s criminal how doctors hand out acid suppressing drugs like candy at a parade. And  in most cases, they fail to mention that the FDA never approved them for use longer than 8 weeks.

If you are struggling with these issues, I want you to know there are people like me who used to have them, millions of us, who no longer have acid issues and we didn’t use medications.

We did try things like changing our diet, getting tested for H. pylori, avoiding foods we know trigger it, lowering our stress and using supplements to increase stomach acid.

It’s actually really simple and easily done, if you commit to it like these 2 amazing ladies…

Yael_SLG Pic

“I used to live on Prilosec and found that a week into the SLG diet I did not need it anymore and have been off of it ever since” – Yael B., Solving Leaky Gut customer

Knight_SLG Pic

“Once I started taking the digestive enzymes (I have H. pylori), all my gurgling went away! Amazing!! I am  now digesting my food (who knew)” – Lisa K., Solving Leaky Gut customer

Both of these were shared inside the SLG facebook community. And, with their permission, I wanted to show you what’s possible with a product like Solving Leaky Gut.

In case you didn’t know, H. pylori is a nasty bacteria that invades the stomach and shuts down stomach acid production, which in turn causes food to ferment in the stomach. This creates extra gas that pushes acid up into the esophagus where it burns like hell. This is one of the most common root causes behind acid reflux and heartburn. But it’s rarely investigated and treated.

The awesome thing is when you try a program like this, that’s built to address all of the issues related to Acid Reflux and Heartburn, you don’t have to hope that your doctor understands this stuff. Instead, you can get educated, start helping yourself and then get his/her support later after you’ve essentially taken care of the problem yourself.

Acne and Creating Glowing Skin

I struggled with acne for over 10 years of my life. I tried it all – a ton of dermatologist-prescribed antibiotics, Proactive and organic homemade ideas. None of them really worked. In fact, I believe I have my dermatologist to blame for how bad my gut health got, because she prescribed years of antibiotics without regard for what they might be doing to me.

What I’m trying to say is I know the deep, intense pain of looking in the mirror and really wishing that your face looked different. And I know the sadness and anger that’s felt waking up on picture days and showing up on dates and vacations with giant inflamed bumps on your nose.

I don’t want you or anyone else to have to go through the negative self-talk, through the actual pain and the shame of this condition. And you don’t have to. Acne is a lot like stomach problems;  it’s treated by modern medicine like there’s nothing to really do. But yet there’s so many of us who once had painful, cystic acne and now have glowing skin, like these people…

Poulson_SLG Pic

“Yes, all my acne went away! It was wonderful!!!! I also started using a mix of apple cider vinegar and water spray on my face along with oil cleansing. I have NEVER in my life had such nice skin. If I ever have anything with dairy, I will get a zit quickly, so I always know I got dosed accidentally. I think ingestion of healthy oils helps my skin as well.” – Carrie N., Solving Leaky Gut customer

Woodburn James_SLG Pic

“Yes. My second son’s acne cleared up and then we were able to narrow it down to corn as the major  cause.” – Cynthia J., Solving Leaky Gut customer

Xaveriss_SLG Testimonial Pic

“When I gave up the gluten, my acne vanished. Just one of the celebration moments! I am saving up for the program and can’t wait to see what happens! Feel like I’m going to be going to Disneyland! My dream is to walk up the stairs without my legs seizing up and running out of breath. I have had great improvements for sure, just want to know what it will feel like. Haven’t been able to walk up stairs since I was nine! Been a few decades for sure! LOL. Oh and riding up a hill on my bike, all the way to the top!” – Teyjah X., Solving Leaky Gut customer

All three of these success stories are following the same formula and it’s working regardless of age and gender.

Change your diet, fix your gut health and re-think your topical application strategy.

See, our skin is basically a reflection of our gut health. If you’re having skin issues of any kind – acne, psoriasis, dry skin, etc. – it’s actually a gut health issue. The digestive walls are like your inside skin – when they are working properly, digesting and absorbing your nutrients, when they are free of infections and when the gut microbiome is in harmony with the walls, health and skin are glowing.

Again, this is another example of a very fixable set of conditions that basically follow the same framework. Address diet, supplements, gut health, hormones and infections, and 99% of the time the issues quickly go away.

If you’re having skin problems, I can’t urge you enough to get started on the Solving Leaky Gut program.

Resistant Rheumatoid Arthritis

Each year, more and more autoimmune diseases are classified, but we’ve known about Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time and it’s one of the most debilitating chronic diseases.

The modern medicine system likes to use powerful steroids, drugs that turn off the immune system and basically encourage patients to just deal with it. That’s pathetic and unacceptable to me, especially with all the new research on how autoimmune conditions develop. At this time, researchers basically agree that environmental triggers and gut health are the 2 triggers that turn on these nasty conditions…

Yet the conversations haven’t shifted to what kind of job do you have? Do you work with chemicals? What kind of diet do you eat? What’s your stress level? – and all the other important environmental factors in a human’s life.

Hopefully, sometime soon, the conversation will shift to talking about the gut-health connection and doing more tests to check for infections and intestinal permeability. At least that’s my hope. I feel like it’s possible this change will be coming soon. And then people like Emily won’t have to suffer for NINE YEARS! It breaks my heart and strengthens my resolve to read things like this…

Navarette_SLG Pic

“Just wanted to share how blessed I am to have found this program. I am on day three of my supplements on the tough case protocol and have not felt better in almost 9 yrs! Energy level is coming back. I’ve noticed my skin is not as dry. Been sleeping better than I have been in honestly four years. Keeping up with my kids better than I used to. My joints aren’t as achy and stiff as they used to be. Just wanted to say I am so thankful for this program after having dealt with rheumatoid arthritis for almost 9 years to have some relief is nothing other than a miracle. Wanted this to be an encouragement to those of you that are having trouble or feel like you’re getting stuck, stick to the program, stick to what you’re doing, don’t give up. Before I started this program I was dealing with anxiety and brain fog. Have faith in your body and have faith in this program. On my way to a better me!:)” – Emily N., Solving Leaky Gut customer

Sabol_SLG Testimonial Pic

“I am truly thankful for the SLG diet. Thanks for the info!” – Sue S., Solving Leaky Gut customer

I’m inspired by Emily for not giving up for 9 years. And I’m upset that it took something like the Solving Leaky Gut protocols to actually give her relief.

The ideas in the program aren’t magic – they aren’t secret.

This is the first time, I’m aware of, for these to be shown together at the same time, explained and updated to reflect current clinical evidence and science. But it’s very unnerving to me that it took some engineers to do this.

Do You See the 2 Connections?

There are 2 connections that heartburn, acne and Rheumatoid Arthritis share. One is core and one is subtle – do you see them?

The core connection is digestive health.

I’m hoping I made that very clear in this article. The health of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine are critical to getting rid of all of these conditions.

But the subtle connection is where the story gets interesting and scary.

Many people with skin issues experience acid reflux from time-to-time. Many people with Rheumatoid Arthritis report skin issues. And it’s not uncommon to have heartburn, acne and RA together at the same time.


Well, stomach acid and leaky gut is the short answer.

If your stomach acid is wrong, the rest of the digestive system will be working less efficiently (or barely at all), you’ll significantly increase the chance of getting a GI infection, and all that undigested/fermented food that you ate will cause damage in the small and large intestines.

That damage and those infections are a HUGE CAUSE of leaky gut syndrome.

When you have leaky gut, your chances of having acne, autoimmune and other inflammatory conditions is sky high. See, leaky gut means uninvited foreign particles are getting into your bloodstream, which causes your immune system to go crazy trying to kill and get rid of them.

This causes local and systemic inflammation levels to rise, which we all know is a really bad thing (especially when it comes to disease and aging).

If heartburn is your only issue, fix it soon. I’ve talked to a lot of people who started with heartburn or acne early in their lives and then 3-10 years later they told me about the advancement of autoimmune issues. It’s a scary story that has repeated itself too many times for me not to tell you I think there’s a progression of health issues here.

And I hope you stop them before they get too complicated and advanced.

How You Can Get Help for These Conditions

The good news is if you are currently struggling with any of these health issues, there are people, like those you’ve read about today, overcoming them. The better news is that they hang out together, share stories, inspiration and ideas. The best news is that you can join them, be like them, and it all starts with a free presentation:

How to Overcome Autoimmunity (And Leaky Gut)

Thousands of people are enjoying much better health because of that presentation and I hope you are added to the list soon.

The takeaway here is that inflammatory and autoimmune conditions are not a life sentence – they do not have to annoy, cripple or destroy your life. There are proven ways to get rid of the pain and move on with your life.

And it starts with new information and ideas like what we share here for free.


P.S. – Autoimmunity of any kind… is not a life sentence. You are not broken.

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