Get Your Best Sleep Bundle

Improve Your Sleep and HRV Numbers – Guaranteed!

  • Up to 50% increase in Deep Sleep numbers with Unique gut molecule
  • Easily wind down from your day with special stomach safe Magnesium
  • Adaptogenic herbs lower Cortisol and deeply relax your Adrenal Glands
  • Feel more rested, watch HRV numbers increase week-over-week
  • Extra Glycine supports waking up more refreshed and energized
  • Introducing the Sleep Bundle: Backed by science and real world results…

Our Sleep Bundle addresses several gut specific, often overlooked issues that you can track on your favorite fitness tracker. Watch your daily and weekly HRV numbers improve. Watch you deep sleep and even REM numbers possibly improve. If they don’t get better, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back!

Most people will start winding down to sleep faster, seeing better numbers, and feeling more refreshed by the end of 7-days.

Get Your Best Sleep Bundle Includes: 1 Magnesium-HP, 1 BeSerene Daily, and 1 Tributyrin-X

Estimated Delivery: Jun 9 – Jun 13
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GMP certified with Professional grade ingredients


Love it or we’ll refund you

You Can Do Everything Right And Still Suck at Sleep 

The uncomfortable truth is: you can have perfect “sleep hygiene” and still suck at sleeping.  I know because people used to see my sleep tracking numbers and tell me I was one of the worst sleepers they’d ever seen, even though I did “everything right”.  

Even my wife Shay, who is a “good sleeper,” didn’t realize how much better her sleep and rest numbers could get once she got all the right sleep support nutrients. 

In fact, she’s part of the reason this bundle exists today. 

When her deep sleep numbers doubled and her HRV went up, it mirrored my large increase in sleep quality.  That’s when we knew we had to get this out to people.  

How To Take The Holistic Sleep Stack

We know from decades of experience that every single person is different.  We strive to make getting results as easy for you as possible.  Which is why we have health coaches ready to pick up the phone during business hours to help you out with any questions you might have.

That being said, the majority of the people can just use the regular dosage below:

Regular Level (85% of people):

– Take 2 Magnesium-HP, 2 BeSerene Daily, 1 Tributyrin-X approximately 60 minutes before sleep time.

Tough Case Level 1 (12% of people):

– Take 3 Magnesium-HP, 3 BeSerene Daily, 1 Tributyrin-X approximately 60 minutes before sleep time.

Tough Case Level 2 (3% of people):

– Take 4 Magnesium-HP, 4 BeSerene Daily, 2 Tributyrin-X approximately 60 minutes before sleep time.

Note: Shay takes the regular level.  Steven takes Tough Case level 1.  And in rare cases, some people will need to step up to tough case level 2.