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Hi, my name is Steven Wright, B.S., Health Engineer, Kalish Functional Medicine Practitioner, and co-founder of

After spending $300,000 on my own health challenges over the last 10 years, I’ve tried most of the cutting edge treatments in the world… and worked with some of the smartest renegade practitioners in health.

And I’ll be honest: I feel really angry that it took that long. 

That’s why it’s become my life’s work to document the newest, most cutting edge treatments that are saving lives all over the world.

I’ve been behind-the-scenes putting together a “Confidential Journal” packed full of these unconventional treatments that are both:

  1. Backed by LEGITIMATE scientific research
  2. Clinically Proven by the Renegades using them

Right now, my journal is up to 67 of these unconventional treatments and still growing (over 250 pages to date).

I’m finally ready to hand it over to you…

Especially if you’re someone who feels compelled to fix their health. 

If you’ve been trying to figure it out using diet and supplements.

And most especially, if you feel “stuck”.

Just one of these 67 ideas can easily be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for… 

So today, I have an important question for you:

Can I Give You 67 Breakthrough Treatments and Cures For Today’s Scariest Health Conditions?

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Depression
  • IBS
  • Inflammation
  • Burns
  • Gout
  • Heart Disease
  • Hot Flashes
  • Migrains
  • Crohn's
  • Brain Fog
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss
  • Alzheimer's
  • Chronic Pain
  • Parkinson's
  • Aging Skin
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • SIBO
  • Histamine
  • And More...

I’ll be blunt: despite devoting my life to documenting and researching the most cutting edge therapies in health, I’ve never shared many important drugs, pills, treatments, and exercises that have caused breakthroughs for me and many others over the last decade...


Because some of them have higher “risk profiles”…

Others are only for certain people who want the shortest path to killing fat cells, boosting brain cells, avoiding cancer, or preventing Alzheimer's.

And the “Lawyers” told me I shouldn’t… but I’m done with all that nonsense. 

You shouldn’t have to live in pain & you won’t because I know things that can help. 

Many of these 67 things I use every day in my life and recommend behind the scenes.

Things like:

5 Cancer Prevention Strategies You Need RIGHT NOW

Get Childlike Energy With “Rhythmic Cortisol Intervention”

Reset Your Immune System and Kill Cancer Cells Every 6-Months

Researchers Discover The Spice From This Flower Works Wonders on Depression (Backed By Clinical Trials)

The At-Home “Diversity Drink” That Resets Your Microbiome in Weeks

The Himalayan Mountain Tonic Famous For Improved Libido and Sexual Health

As you can see these are some very “potent” topics that most people shy away from.. In fact, some are being attacked by the FDA as we speak…

(Which means you should stock up now before they’re taken “off” the market).

But I believe everyone should have the right to take the risks if they want too.  

And that you should be able to choose.  

That’s why I’m letting you have all my secrets. 

Because the risks can be worth it… and the reversals and remissions can be life saving…

Like Katrina, a Once Powerful Women -- Who Was Stuck in Bed After a Horrible Car Accident… Angry and Depressed... Unable to Focus…

She was doing all the “right” things.

She was organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, and taking many supplements you’ve probably tried too.

But a year after the car crash she still couldn’t go back to work because of her concussion.

She couldn’t focus longer than 20 minutes on a screen. She’d gained 30 pounds and lost her self-worth.

Her whole life was on hold… just trying to heal 24-hours a day. I remember she told me, “I feel like I’m stuck in hell.”

That’s when I shared some of the most advanced brain treatments a few of the most trusted Renegades were using...

And week-by-week she started getting stronger.

10-weeks later, she was walking downtown in a stunning sundress.

Not afraid of daylight or overwhelming sights and sounds. Talking and walking with friends.

Or Beth, Who Wasn’t “Living” and Felt “Broken” Before She Had This Kind of Access...

Beth traveled to the Mayo Clinic and spent a week doing every test they could throw at her… to the tune of $42,000.

She didn’t know how she was going to pay off that bill.

And the worst part: she was still having diarrhea, fatigued, depressed and overweight…

All they could tell her was, “You have Crohn’s Disease and we don’t know what else to do, you’ll likely need surgery in the next 3-6 months.”

But after she reached out to me, I shared Breakthroughs #6, #11, and #12 from the library...

And more that I haven’t shared with you yet...

A few months later, her diarrhea stopped, her hair wasn’t falling out anymore, and the weight started melting off.

She was happy for the first time in years...

And she called me crying in gratitude.

That's why I want to share these same things (and more) in my Confidential Journal.


The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal

67 Off-the-Record, Forbidden, & Taboo Health Breakthroughs

The Lawyers said not to publish this…

And I’m still hesitant to give people access to it.

Which is another reason why you haven’t heard about it until now.

It contains the remarkably powerful ideas that are used by the 46 Renegades in my Inner Circle of health practitioners.

But if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to heal… then you’re the right kind of person for this information.

Here’s Some of What’s Inside The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal:

  • The 1000% oxygen booster (you can do from home)

  • An herbal plant as strong as opiates for pain (everyone needs this pain reliever on hand)

  • The hyperventilation trick that turns off autoimmunity

  • The weird “jawline” treatment that lowers inflammation and boosts brainpower

  • Get back childlike energy with this rhythmic cortisol intervention

  • How to kill fat cells so they won’t come back

  • Smart supplements creativity and intelligence

  • 5 Cancer prevention strategies most women need to be doing every day

  • Keep your mind and brain sharp (no matter your genetics)

  • An eyelash drug side effect that fixes the bags under your eyes

  • My private sleep cocktail for even the worst insomnia

  • The strongest Cold and Flu protocol that will cut days off your recovery

  • 3 Ways to Get Rid of Histamine and Calm Allergies

  • A sexual shame and trauma release method to upgrade your hormone health

  • The only Adrenal Reset Protocol I recommend (works like a charm)

  • An old CIA mind-control drug that can be used for severe depression and anxiety

  • Breast implants: which ones no woman should ever put in their body

  • The life-saving 3-D scan anyone with a root canal needs IMMEDIATELY

  • Cutting edge autoimmune treatment with this Amazonian frog poison

  • Renegade neurofeedback training that makes you less sensitive and more powerful

  • 4 questions that can transform any challenge into a life breakthrough

  • The best soft tissue work to release locked up physical pain (even if it’s been there years)

  • How to use magnets to move blood, nutrients, and speed recovery

  • And many more...


The Maverick Healing Top 13 Gut Infections Manual

Close-up of microorganism

80% of the people with health problems have some type of gut infection…

Parasites… bacteria… viruses… and more.

That’s why I wanted to include our “go-to” Gut Infections Manual for you.

For years I struggled with gut infections, but then I discovered how easy it is to use herbs, teas, and other supplements to kill these infections with a simple protocol.

And which ones are actually best killed with the right kind of prescription drugs.

That’s why I created an entire manual for you with easy-to-follow steps to get rid of the top 10 bad bugs that could be inside you.

Imagine 30-days from now, you’ve finally got rid of these microscopic invaders keeping you sick for years…

You always “had a feeling” that might be the case…

But now you feel like a completely different person without that thing inside you anymore.

While also knowing that now you can go to the next level of health, simply because this infection isn’t holding you back anymore.

That’s why it’s included this guide as a bonus for you.

This Book Can Save You Money on Every Future Appointment You Get to Cancel...

The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal normally retails for $197.

And at that price, it’s a bargain.

I spent over $300,000 myself. 

Most of the Renegades would charge you $1,000 to just talk about them.  

(and that’s if you knew who to call).

But since you’re part of our Gut Health community I’m going to make this available to you at a special price.

You won’t have to pay $197 for this information.

When you add The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal to your order today, you can get it for only $67.00.

Only $1.00 per breakthrough idea.

And this is one time payment, no recurring fees… and you’ll have access to this information forever.

That’s less than $0.19 cents per day if you use these ideas over the next year… even less if you do what most people do… and have years of breakthroughs to work on.

Not to mention this book will pay for itself if you can prevent just one more appointment… or worse yet… another visit to a specialist that refers you to someone else, and doesn’t help you one bit.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Order “The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal”

You can view The Confidential Journal any electronic device, and once inside you’ll get:

  • Powerful, Non-toxic Anti-Aging and Beauty Secrets
  • Unstudied, Yet Powerful Autoimmune breakthroughs
  • Protocols For Even The Most Impossible Conditions
  • Cancer Prevention Strategies (Heart Disease As Well)
  • Depression Breakthroughs
  • 67 Off-the-Record Shortcuts (in Total)
  • FREE BONUS: The Maverick Healing Top 13 Gut Infections Manual

Also, you’re protected by our Money Back Guarantee.

Even After You Read The Whole Thing -- You’re Protected By a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe in giving everyone a great experience. So if you’re not happy with this confidential journal for any reason within 6-months of your purchase, simply email us or call us and we’ll quickly refund you 100% of your money back, with no hassles or hard feelings…

So here’s what you need to know right now:

If you’re ready to get access to 67 more breakthrough treatments, cures, and remissions for many of today’s scariest health conditions...

Then scroll down on this page and simply click “Order Now” and enter your credit card information on our secure servers and The Maverick Healing Confidential Journal will be electronically delivered to you instantly inside the customer portal.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


67 Off-the-Record, Forbidden, & Taboo Health Breakthroughs