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How One Mother’s Heartbreaking Health Scare Uncovered

Medicine’s Most
“Hushed Up” Secrets

46 of the World’s Greatest Health Renegades Reveal the Latest Breakthroughs from the Front Lines of Medicine

-- Everything from Alzheimer's, Heart Attack, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Digestive Disease, Autoimmunity, Addiction… and More

Hi, my name is Lynn Hogan.

Hi, my name is Lynn Hogan.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to share a personal story that not only saved my teenage daughter's life…

… but it also solved my lifelong battle with deep depression.

My daughter was 16 when she decided she didn’t want to live anymore and overdosed on pills…

I was absolutely devastated.

It was every parent’s worst nightmare.

As a Mother, I Felt Powerless to Help

After she got home from the hospital, things didn’t get better..

I laid awake at night afraid my little girl would try to take her life again.

Then one night, she stood in my doorway at 2am...

She was crying.

Her voice was distant.

“Mom, I can’t take it anymore...”

I jumped out of bed and held her.

“The dark thoughts… they say that I’m ugly, that I’m fat, that no one likes me… that I don’t deserve to live.”

Then she collapsed in my arms, sobbing.

What she told me next shook me to my core: the night she took the pills, she wanted to die rather than listen to those thoughts for one more day.

My eyes welled up with tears.

No one teaches you what to say when your child tells you they want to die.

My thoughts were racing. 

What do I do?

 So I told her the truth.  I told my daughter something I kept locked away since I was 14 years old.

 “I know it hurts baby… I know because… I have those thoughts too… I’ve secretly battled depression my whole life, but I’ve never told anyone, until now.

 That’s when she glared up at me...

So this is your fault...

You gave this to me!”

She stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

I was in shock.

Was this really my fault?

Did I really give her the same sickness that tormented me?

Until this moment, at 43 years old, I thought I could battle this disease in private and it wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

But now, as I looked in the mirror, I felt the weight of my daughters suicide attempt on my shoulders.

I almost didn’t recognize myself.

Despite quietly getting treatment for depression over the years, nothing had worked… and now it WAS actually hurting someone else… someone I loved more than anything in the world.

I had hit my breaking point. 

Depression Was Controlling My Life, And I Wasn’t There For My Daughter When She Needed Me Most

I wasn’t the Mom I should’ve been for her.

All the way up to her suicide attempt... I completely missed the signs.

I did the best I could, but I failed when I was needed most… it was hard to swallow.

I needed help.

Because now my daughter’s life was being destroyed by the same darkness that was inside of me.

My heart was being torn apart.

“What happened to my once sweet and happy baby girl? I was going to lose her forever!”

So we got to work...

We met with psychologists.
We tried new prescriptions.
We ate healthy food.
We tested brain supplements…
And we tried everything our Doctors told us to do.

I was hurting, but I had to do something about it.

I knew in that moment, if I didn’t find a way to fix this… I would end up losing my daughter.

I decided to fight back against this condition with everything I had.

I was going to do whatever it took to stop the depression… and those thoughts tormenting my daughter, for good.

But Nothing Worked…
(and My Daughter Still Blamed Me)

She was getting worse.  

Even after all these changes… the new psychologist told us she was in the danger zone and might need to be institutionalized for safety reasons.   

And I wasn’t doing any better...

I felt hopeless. And the more I lost hope, the worse my own depression got.

But then suddenly, quite unexpectedly, all of that changed. 

It happened after one of my close friends got into a car accident and suffered severe head trauma, which sounds strange... 

Her post concussion symptoms were so bad she couldn’t work and her family was struggling.  

But my friend, who doctors said would never be okay again, was practically normal a month later. 

When I asked her what happened, I thought maybe she got some new type of medical procedure done, or credit a miracle pill they discovered.

But she actually told me it was all thanks to an incredible man she called “The Health Maverick.”  

It was hard to believe.

But after meeting Steven, she started calling him a “Godsend.” 

Using the “off the record” information he shared with her, she was able to completely recover from her accident and still claims “Steven gave me my life back.

He Knew About Treatments
My Doctor Didn’t…

… All Because of The “Hushed Up”
Side of Medicine I Never Knew Existed

Another friend had Crohn’s Disease and was facing surgery to remove part of her damaged intestines.

3-months after talking with Steven, the surgery was cancelled.

Of course, I asked her to tell me everything he shared...

But they both said the same thing, “I’m sorry, I can’t. You’ll have to talk with Steven.

I was skeptical.

 What was this guy’s story? 

I had to find out, so I kept digging.

Turns out this guy my friends called, “The Health Maverick”...

He wasn’t actually a Doctor…

(And it’s a good thing too, because that’s what led him to this information in the first place).

His name is Steven Wright, B.S., Health Author, Kalish Method Practitioner, and co-founder of both and The Practitioner Liberation Project.

He used to work as an engineer at one of the most powerful consulting firms in the world

But then he got sick and his career unraveled.

Apparently he spent something like $300,000 of his own money to get better, and during that process, tried some of the most cutting edge treatments in the world.

And now he’s linked to some of the most elusive Doctors in the medical field...

I had to know more.

By Fighting Through His Own Health Scare,
He Discovered Something About the
Hushed Up” Side of Medicine…

Or at least that’s what I assumed after reading more of his story.

But I couldn’t find anything else about the “off the record” stuff he was sharing with my friends.

I was still skeptical, but I wasn’t giving up.

I had to ask Steven about my depression…

I had to find out what he knows (that my Doctor didn’t)... 

To see if he could save my daughter from her suicidal thoughts…

… before my worst nightmare came true.

And I knew I might get the chance at one of my friend's upcoming dinner parties. 

She invited him as a thank you for everything he did for her.

So I waited...

Until the day finally came.

I couldn’t sleep the night before. I had to ask him about my daughter. 

So after dinner, he was finally alone for a moment, and I moved in...

So you’re The Health Maverick… I have to ask you something personal, what do you know about suicidal depression?

He looked uncomfortable.  It wasn’t something he wanted to talk about at a Dinner Party.

But after a few minutes of pouring my heart out (and fighting back tears) something shifted in his eyes.

He invited me to coffee the next morning.

When Nothing Else Worked, The “Hushed Up” Breakthrough He Shared Saved My Daughter's Life...

The next morning we met in the back of a small cafe.  

And before “The Health Maverick” would tell me anything, he asked me a triggering question…

“You asked me about Suicidal Depression… the statistics that go along with that diagnosis aren’t good.  It’s almost like you have a medical gun pointed at your head… and if you don’t do something about it, it’s going to go off sooner than later.”

At first I was defiant… but I saw the truth in his eyes.

He was right. 

I did have a medical gun pointed at my head and if I didn’t do something about it, I might lose my daughter forever.

I felt angry.  

No... I was pissed!

All that anger and frustration of wasting time doing everything the Doctors told us came flooding over me.

My eyes narrowed and I spoke the truth, “I’ll do whatever the hell it takes to save my daughter…”

Then… he just smiled… and said:

“Ok, then we can talk.” 

That was the beginning of many conversations together.

He started by explaining more of his story…

About how nothing the conventional Doctors told him worked either…

And how desperate he felt.

Then, he painstakingly hired and befriended many of the top researchers and practitioners in the world… but not the regular Doctors… he went through back channels to find the Practitioners who were pushing the boundaries of medicine.

He only wanted to meet the ones that were taking risks...

The ones actually saving lives... deemed unsaveable.

The ones on the front lines of medicine, who didn’t care about fame or fortune...

The ones who weren’t bought by the drug companies… 

He lovingly called these Practitioners “The Renegades.

And what they were doing was saving lives.

By Building His “Inner Circle of Renegades”, He Uncovered The Protocols Saving Lives on The Front Lines of Medicine…

Steven told me about some of the renegades he’d gotten to know over the years…

Like the Doctor from Washington who used to be a monk, but was now using cutting edge hormone protocols to help women stay young into their 60’s.

Or the Acupuncturist from Texas that was using experimental oxygen therapy to reverse the damage from concussions and other brain injuries.

There were 46 renegades in all… and I was blown away.

Steven was friends with practitioners and researchers from all over the world who were working on treatments I’d never heard of.

And that’s when he told me about the only one that mattered to me that day.  

The renegade psychiatrist from Colorado, who was using a 1970’s off label treatment for suicidal depression in his private clinic and getting life-saving results.

He slid a piece of paper across the table.

“Read this…” he said.

It was a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology...

The highlighted headline read, 

Rapid resolution of Suicidal Behavior and Depression With Single Treatment… Even After 6 Months of Follow-up. 

And the treatment?

It was so simple, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

In fact, the treatment on that piece of paper ended up saving my daughter’s life a few months later.. and curing my lifelong depression once and for all…

(In less than 8 weeks, I’ll tell you more about it in a moment).

I was furious.

I’d spent so much time and money, and seen so many specialists… and they never mentioned anything about it.

Why didn’t I hear about this?

He didn’t mince words…

There’s a dark side of medicine… and unfortunately, they keep things like this hushed up.”

That’s when he started explaining the truth.

Why You Don’t Have Access To The Treatments and Remedies The “Renegades” Are Using

What Steven shared with me next still makes my skin crawl.

When my daughter's life was at risk… and my own health suffered for nearly 20 years… I did what most of us do.

I trusted my Doctors.

I trusted the healthcare system in the United States of America was one of the best in the world.

Most of all, I trusted they would take care of us… that they would help.  That they had our best interests at heart.

And when they didn’t, I almost couldn’t believe it.

So when Steven pulled back the curtain, everything started to make sense.

He told me the dark side of health boils down to two things:

Tainted Time and Dirty Money.

First, he explained something he called “The Research Paper Trail.

Turns out Americans spend over $450 Billion on Prescription Drugs every year.

And to put it simply, most of the research dollars are oriented to finding a drug for your problem… not an actual solution.

If there’s no profitable drug to patent at the end of the study, then there’s no reason to do the research in the first place.

As an example:  after $62.4 million of taxpayer dollars were spent researching a new hepatitis C drug called “Sofosbuvir,” it was purchased by the drug company Gilead and priced at $84,000 for a 12-week treatment that costs less than $100 to produce…

And after raking in over $70 Billion in profits from hep C medicine, they haven’t spent a dime supporting promising new research of a preventative vaccine that desperately needs funding…

Because why would they?

And the sad truth is: this research paper trail leaves everything in the hands of the Renegades to do it themselves.

Turns out, the most promising breakthroughs that are happening in the clinics of the Renegades.  

They do their own testing, not funded by the Government or by drug companies… but funded by their hearts desire to actually heal people.  

And when something starts working, it spreads by word of mouth between other healers that want results for their patients.

Then something funny happens… 3-5 years after these Renegades find something that’s working, that’s when official studies do start to happen (if they get done at all).

And even if these therapies do get researched, on average it takes 20 years before they will be approved for treatment of certain conditions and supported by the insurance companies… 

And that’s when your Doctor will finally hear about it. 

“So Your Doctor Won’t Know About These Treatments for Another 20 Years…
Can You Afford to Wait That Long?”

That’s what really hit me.  

I felt sick.

My daughter could die at any moment and the Doctors I trusted were using treatments and solutions considered revolutionary 2 decades ago... 

Literally… statistically speaking, I would’ve had to wait another 20 years for my Doctor to prescribe the treatment Steven shared with me on that sheet of paper.

Tainted time… that none of us can afford.

And little did I know, there are Renegades all over the U.S. that had better answers… but people like me don’t have access to them.

And the research being done on their cutting edge treatments...

It was buried. 

That’s why Steven is such a Godsend, because he’s the guy connecting the Renegades and their work with people like me who desperately need it.

And I was beginning to understand why he was so careful about only sharing it with people who were willing to do “whatever it took.”

Because there’s a whole lot of people out there that don’t want this information to get out there.

If fact, you might be surprised to know that many of the Renegades work is fully backed by research studies… but you just haven’t heard about it.