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69 thoughts on “Recommended Products

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    I am looking for a high quality SCD calcium for my son.
    I don’t remember which form of calcium is most easily absorbed.
    Also, we need one that is kosher. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

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    Do you track what you eat using an app? I am struggling with finding the right one. I want one that I can track what I eat (without typing everything in) as well as have an option to output so I can take to a dr. apt. Does such a thing exist?

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    None of the headings have any info available, there are not any products shown, only headings. I’ve tried it in 3 different browsers. This page has a problem which is sad because I’d love to read it!

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    Jeanne Trespicio says:

    I have tried opening this resource page on Chrome and internet explorer and the titles i.e. “Books we Love”, etc. are not hyperlinks and nothing therefore to click on and nothing listed?? Can’t see any products.

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    I used the site for the supplements. FYI I tried clicking the list above (beginning with Books we love and ending with Kitchen Pro) and nothing comes up. Something is amiss, I fear.

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    Maria Cantillon Murphy says:


    I am looking for an SCD legal Vitamin K. I see you recommend the Life extension Vitamin K2 above. I’m confused because, the ingredients seem to list “carob color” which is illegal on SCD as far as I know.



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    You talk about using “recommended” probiotics in your information but I haven’t been able to find a list of these anywhere. Where should I look for this list at? Thanks so much!

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    Jennifer Reed says:

    Dear Jordan and/or Steve,

    It would be really great if you would add a sentence or three for each Product about why you recommend that particular brand (and/or formula). It’s relatively easy to find information about the merits of ingredients, but much harder to sift through the hundreds of choices of manufacturers, QUALITY of ingredients, and the synergies or lacks in specific formulas. If you have already settled on these products as your top choices – presumably after much research of your own – it would be SUPER helpful and hugely time-saving if you’d share WHY you chose these particular products above so many other options, particularly relative to the ever-present cost vs. quality question. Example: except for cost (and what’s the trade-off) why do you feature NOW brand MCT oil when Bulletproof’s brand is so widely acknowledged as the highest quality for ingestion by so many other leaders in the next-generation-online-health-resources world (do we have a name for this realm yet)?

    Thanks very much,
    Jennifer Reed

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    Rowena Calleja says:

    Hi I am interested in doing your diet. I am a 29 yeard old female. I have been trying anti candida diets for 2 long years. Currently was on the MEVY diet taking probiotics and enzymes and multi vitamins. I saw alot of improvment in my health but still im struggling with diarhoea. I tried glutamine which really helped and my leaky gut got so much better , and my thrush disappeared however I started having severe stomach pains and heartburn which led to oespahgitis. Now im down taking two panrazol a day and zantac. When I tried to stop them even for one day the sypmtoms came back the day after with such a vengeance I ended up at hospital being given intra venous rantonidine. Im lost at what to do next. Should I start your diet or should i wait till im off the proton pump inhibitors medication?

    • Avatar

      Hi Rowena, thanks for reaching out! We highly recommend consulting with your doctor about this, as we are unable to give medical advice. The SCD diet is designed to heal the gut and reduce inflammation with in the body. This is something that is beneficial for nearly everyone experiencing health issues, as many, if not all disease, begins in the gut.

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    I’m about to start the Tough Case Meal Plan. Is there a slow cooker that you recommend? Also, what size if I’m generally cooking just for myself? OR – is it legal to make the SCD soup without using a slow cooker? Thanks!

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    I am super excited to start this program! I have been doing paleo/primal for a couple years now and have lost significant weight and am feeling better, but still have many symptoms of inflammation. I think that salicylates are part of the problem! Thanks for laying out such a clear, concise plan to track symptoms and progress. Trying to figure it all out alone can be very overwhelming

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    jacqueline Mullally says:

    Hi, Another email asked about Iodine. Is it legal? I feel well on it! Took for breast cysts and it seems to be working. Read book ‘The Iodine Crisis’. I take it in liquid form: Lugols. Thanks for this site!!!

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    I see some Now products here. I am always reading blogs and various websites about scd foods and recipes. I saw this on one of the Q & A with Elaine Gottschall’s answers:

    “Fructose or glucose sweeteners (with saccharin, etc) are not really monosaccharides as I have explained before; they are a mixture of many sugars. If you can find pure dextrose it appears that when the name dextrose (actually another name for glucose) appears on something, it may very well be a monosaccharide. However, I cannot keep up with what companies are doing and I am even not sure of this.”

    The Now brand has (and I have ordered) Pure Dextrose. The label clearly says it is 100% pure and is a monosaccharide. What I would like to know is the quote above accurate? Did Elaine really say this? Is pure dextrose legal? I read in many other places that dextrose is not legal but as best I can tell it is legal if it is pure. Right?

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    Lara Messersmith-Glavin says:

    Hi –
    I want to repeat Madeline’s question about coconut aminos. I have been on strict SCD for a year and a half and would love to include coconut aminos, but two different NDs have told me *absolutely not,* due to the coconut sap being essentially the same as refined sugar. Can you help me understand why it’s included here?

    I can’t test things for individual tolerance, as I was unable to achieve any kind of relief from SCD alone and so am on both the diet and remicade. I continue the diet in the hopes that it will heal my gut while the medication keeps my symptoms at bay.


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    Hi guys, I have celiac or NCGS. I never got tested since I had went on a gluten free diet already, but for me the test wasnt needed as sick as I get when I accidentally came across it. Since then however, I have developed numerous other intolerances and can now only eat foods in 100 percent natural state. I havn’t had or been able to have (even if I wanted to) any grains at all, eggs (esp egg whites), dairy, nuts or any beans.With each of those I would either get a one to three day immune reaction or in its simplest form,extreme stomache cramping, acid and dizziness.I am pretty sure this points to leaky gut and low stomache acid so I have decided to give SCD a try. Its not too far off of how I have been eating but obviously I have been missing something.

    Ill do whatever it takes to get better but I am on day three and my symptoms are crazy burning in the stomache so much Im wondering if I have an ulcer and still tons of dizziness. I also have indigestion, constant burping and heartburn after almost anything, even the broth at times and couldnt even handle the grape juice. I dont know what in the world is going on with my stomache. I feel like its a ball of fire inside me.

    I got some betaine hcl with pepsin and mastic gum. Ive also been trying to build up my natural flora with kefir and SCD yogurt and Im afraid that the mastic gum might harm my good bacteria. Do you think I should be concerned about this or is there a particular way I should take it maybe apart from the kefir or yogurt? Does the mastic gum have any use for me if I dont have an ulcer and h pylori? It seems like its made me feel better already and Ive only taken that with the betaine and pepsin. Sorry this was so long but thanks in advance for any help. I just dont trust standard medical treatments anymore and know acid reducers and antibiotics would definately only make me worse.

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    Hi Jordan and Steve, I’ve followed you guys for a while and appreciate all your work. I have your e-books and have even talked to you at one point over the phone. I have lymphocytic colitis and followed SCD/GAPS/Paleo for several years and was doing quite well… I just got married, however, and the stress of wedding planning the past 7 months, plus job-related stress, has probably set me back a bit.

    I suspect I have some hormonal imbalances, too, and would like to get the gut and hormones really optimizes while we begin a “pre-conception” super diet a la WAPF. 🙂 I’m also wondering if I will EVER have the right balance of gut flora, despite doing all I’m doing, so I’m considering fecal transplant. I do have an idea for a potential donor…

    So, my questions are: 1) Being a couple of dudes, how experienced are you in the female hormone arena? 🙂 And 2), if I did want to try the fecal transplant thing, would you be able to help me through that process and in getting stool tests on the donor?

    Thanks guys!

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    Hi Jordan and Steve,
    my husband has celiac, is the multi-vitamin ‘Wellman®’ “free gluten-manufactured in England” legal?. can he take one bell after the main meal?
    Thank YOU in advace.

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    Do you have a recommended cleanse? I’m still just not up to par. I thought maybe a cleanse combined with an elimination diet style reintroduction might just be the thing to do.

  19. Avatar

    Good morning guys! I haven’t officially started the diet but I have switched to grass fed beed, organic chicken, been drinking the chicken broth for breakfast with the Welch’s jello. I feel so much better with unheard amounts of energy just in the past 3 days of switching!!! Your books leave me with the confidence that I can be successful now! (Tried and quit before healing 3 years ago) I wanted to wait till after my Dr appt tomorrow to begin because I remember the fatigue and other negatives from the Intor Diet and wanted to be at my best for the appt. I am unsure about how to approach my new GI Specialist with the info of the SCD Diet. Any pointers? I was hoping to read about it but seemed to have missed it in the books. Thanks in advance for getting back with me. I need a bit more hand-holding to get through this visit!

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    Hi guys, I have UC which has been in a flare for about a year now. I noticed that the digestive enzymes you have listed here are from pure encapsulation. How do these differ from the digestive enzymes that are offered by GI pro health? I just noticed a price difference and was wondering if the more expensive ones are worth the extra cost. Also, I am on prednisone right now, and because I am small framed, my bone density test showed that I am low. I am supposed to be taking calcium, but the ones I was taking I just noticed they have corn starch in them. do you know of any scd approved calcium supplements I can take? I didn’t notice any on the GI pro health site. Oh, and one more question. I have leaky gut so I am currently avoiding all four horsemen. Because of that, I need some good probiotics. I am thinking of starting the Scdophilus 3+, but I noticed in another post that you said to start off with one cap a day and slowly increase the dose. I was just wondering what you mean by slowly? Increase every 2 or 4 days, or more like every week? And I was just curious why we need to start off slowly. Will I have gut problems if I start off with a higher dose? I would also like to take something to help with the leaky gut, but I’m not sure which of the three listed products above you recommend for that. I don’t usually get any kind of GERD or heartburn, just lower intestine issues with diarrhea.

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    I see that you have removed Pepzin GI from your Resources page. I was just about to order some…what are your current thoughts on this product? I have long standing IBS with C.
    Thanks guys! You two are doing a tremendous job!!

    best to you,

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    I see coconut aminos on here. I’ve been dying to try them, but after noticing that “coconut sap” was an ingredient, I have been afraid to try, as some say that it may be basically sugar to our bodies. Any insight? Is it really SCD legal?

      • Avatar

        Hi Jordan and Steve,
        I am also wondering about coconut aminos – as the people before said it’s from coconut sap. Do you know about coconut sap? Is it molecularly like a simple sugar? I would really like to know the answer to this question as you do recommend it on your site and quite frankly my son loves it when we brown his stews in it.

  23. Avatar

    I have Crohns Disease. Since I have been diagnosed in September 2012, I have given up nuts, cruciferous, leafy green veggies and fermented veggies (they irritate my gut). I am extremely constipated and it triggers pain in my abdomen. I have a deep feeling that my diet lacks of Magnesium. I used to take a supplement called Fibroplex plus (Metagenics), but I don’t know if that would be appropriate now. What kind of Magnesium would you recommend ? Should it be Magnesium Glycinate (I can see this is the brand you recommend above)

  24. Avatar

    Hi Steve! Wondering if you can tell me more about the Freeda SCD vitamins, and if you know about their quality in general, since I have been taking them(not the SCD one yet, but others). Also, on a separate topic, do you have any opinions on the low FODMAP diet? My doctor told me about it and it is very different from SCD. I use SCD as a guideline, but I cannot eat dairy and do eat soy.

  25. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve,
    I’ve been doing pretty well restarting the SCD after being off of it for 10 years. I’m still feeling fatigued, though my digestive symptoms have dramatically improved. I went to see a naturopath, thinking it would be helpful. She recommended Metagenics. I don’t know why, but I worry about the new supplements that are being pushed as much as I worry about standard drugs. Was wondering if you had heard much about this company.
    Love, love, love your blog. It has helped me so much!

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Roseann, thanks for all the kind words! I haven’t heard much about Metagenics, but you might talk to your Doctor about getting some blood work to see how well your hormones and adrenal function are doing. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve seen that with gut health being damaged, there’s usually a hormone problem lingering in there too.

      Let us know how it goes,


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    Do you have any recommendations on a multi-vitamin? I know Freeda has SCD multi-vitamins, but my doc (who fully supports my SCD) doesn’t want me to take that one because it has Folic Acid. The one he recommends, however, is Pure Encapsulations multi t/d and it has “corn dextrose fermentation” in it. Is that legal? I know corn and dextrose are not, but does the fermentation process make them legal? Thanks for the help, love the blog and the Intro Diet help!

    • Steven Wright

      @Adam – Great question, I like the GI Pro Health Multivitamin which is SCD legal and the Pure Encapsulations 950 Multi’s. The fermentation makes it okay. Freeda multi-vitamin is filled with substandard ingredients that might actually hurt your health. Your doctor is right.

    • Avatar

      All food additives are legal. The question isn’t whether something is legal but whether something is healthy or unhealthy. Dextrose is refined sugar which is harmful to your health and if it comes from corn its probably genetically modified unless the corn is certified organic or certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

  27. Avatar

    I was wondering if you guys could do a podcast and give us a rundown of all of these recommendations. There are so many listed here and no specific info, so its a little overwhelming. I’m most interested in the “complete support for healing” section and was wondering if you guys take all these?

        • Avatar

          Have you heard of Weston A Price? He’s a dentist who traveled the world searching for good teeth because he wanted to know why everyone in America had awful teeth. He took amazing notes and photographs as he studied many indigenous groups of people who all had amazing teeth, bone structure and health. He found a common substance that linked them but couldn’t identify it, so he called it factor x. Well Chris Masterjohn and several other people have connected the dots and believe factor x is actually vitamin K2. It’s extremely important for many aspects of good health and very likely that most of us don’t get enough. Check out this wealth of knowledge on it.

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    I noticed that there was a response to the mastic gum question, but a question still remains… say it is not for everyone. How do you distinguish between who can take it and who shouldn’t? You say you have seen it help people – Is this just trial and error, or are there certain common characteristics among people who mastic gum works well for?

    • Steven Wright

      @Shannon – fair enough 🙂 It can be powerful so I want people to respect it. We’ve seen it work specifically for cases of gastritis and GERD / Heartburn in which people were initially sensitive to HCL even thought they know they have low acid levels. It would probably be a good idea to try if you have ulcers but I don’t have any experience to report on.

      As for your trial and error question, take each piece of info you learn and stack them up for or against the benefits of a treatment – this helps you to make a decision to act one way or the other. Please understand that even prescription drugs of all kinds are really trial and error. Know one knows the outcome of any treatment with certainty, we can only use patterns, trends and science to eliminate risk and choose things that have worked for others like us.

      • Avatar

        Although I have never had my HCL levels, tested, I believe I happen to be one of those people. I have GERD, probably Candida, and have at times found undigested food in my stool, all which leads me to believe I have low stomach acid.

        Should I continue to take HCL while I experiment with Mastic Gum or simply take the mastic gum? Can you take mastic AND DGL together?

        Thanks in advance.


    • Steven Wright

      @ Brian and Maureen – All gums are illegal on SCD you are both correct. Mastic gum is a medicinal compound and not a food or additive. It is a supplement that has been very successful in history healing gut problems and we’ve seen it help several of our clients. It’s not for everyone, nor should it be taken just because you saw it here or somewhere else. But this site is about healing and if something works we are going to let people know about it.

      We still advocate the strict avoidance of all other gums in all food products and supplements. Thanks for your concern.

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