SCD Recipes

SCD Legal recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Sweet & Savory: Zesty Broccoli Dip with Simple Crackers

Cheryl sent us one to review ahead of time and I must say she has some really cool and innovative recipes in it. It is true to its name, you are not going to find entrée recipes, instead this cookbook contains tons of ideas dedicated to family parities, snacking and feel good foods. I think the book fills a really cool niche in the SCD world. It won’t be for everyone but it has a place in my kitchen. Jordan and I are happy to see more and more products pop up in the SCD world. Congrats to Cheryl! We asked her to put together a recipe out of the book for the blog readers and below is what she sent in. (Note: We don’t have any financial interest in her cookbook just in promoting more growth in SCD)

The Art of Cooking and Eating Artichoke

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is really not that restrictive (another SCD myth), there are hundreds of foods allowed on SCD and when combined can create hundreds of thousands of combination. Usually the limiting factor is one’s experience or comfort level in the kitchen. Guided by a reader of our book and a bit of Googling I decided to take on the prickly artichoke. Prior to this I had never had a real artichoke (cooked from scratch) that I’m aware of. At first when Nia started telling me how to do it, I was thoroughly confused and all the steps seemed really unnecessary.