Ditch Your SCD Training Wheels by Creating a Food Safe Zone

What happens when the foundation is missing? Those little things we often dismiss as not important…

For example, what if you tried to ride a bike without honing your skills on training wheels first?

You’d go down hard and fast in less than 10 seconds, which is exactly the reason we all started on training wheels.

I still remember cruising around with those squeaky wheels keeping me alive. Every screech was a reminder that my basic biking skills weren’t good enough yet.

Then, the big day finally came when my Dad unbolted them and I never looked back… freedom baby.

All the greatest skills and procedures utilize foundational skills. These simple steps form the support structure for more complex skills. We don’t live in a bubble; real life is stressful and always changing. Getting the simple steps right is the most important step for success.

This is the biggest pitfall for a person who “jumps head first” into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet without any training wheels.

The foundation is missing.

The Foundation is Emotional

Food runs through every part of our society. Then, mix in disease and disorders that affect our happiness and it’s easy to see that SCD can be tough.

Creating a “food safe zone” gives you:

  • A deep trust in a solid foundation of foods to fall back on when you can’t afford to be sick
  • The unshakable confidence to weather any storm, like stressful jobs to trans-Atlantic flights
  • Remove the fear of introducing new foods by creating a rock-solid environment to test ANYTHING

Food, disease, and stress each affect us differently and having a “food safe zone” that you know makes you feel good is crucial to SCD success.

What is a “Food Safe Zone”?

In simple terms, it’s a group of easy to digest foods that make you feel good when you eat them. It’s typically made up of:

  • Any cooked non-processed meats
  • 5-8 different cooked vegetables
  • 1-3 different cooked fruits

Together, these foods form the foundation of SCD healing allowing for medication changes, supplement tweaks and trying new foods with confidence.

Each person’s “food safe zone” is uniquely suited for their body.

Create Your “Food Safe Zone” in 5 Steps

A “food safe zone” can be created anytime during your healing. To start one now follow these 5-steps:

  1. Cut out the four common triggers during this phase (No dairy, egg, nuts and eat low fruit)
  2. Pick one vegetable, one fruit and rotate your meats to get started (pears or apples, carrots or squash)
  3. Add one new vegetable or fruit every four days
  4. Add two vegetables for every one fruit (2:1 ratio)
  5. Track daily calories in 5 minutes a day using a free program like www.fitday.com for the first month

This is your personal bubble to protect your healing from everyday life and unforeseen problems that arise during recovery from digestive problems. Each safe zone is easily tailored to accommodate any number of dietary restrictions or special circumstances.

If you want even more help creating your food safe zone, including step-by-step instructions, our book SCD Lifestyle—Surviving to Thriving will hold your hand every step of the way.

Click here to learn more: http://scdlifestylebook.com/

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