Travel Anywhere, Eat Out, and Have a Confident Social Life on SCD, GAPS, or Paleo

Learn How to Travel Anywhere, Eat Out, and Enjoy a Normal Social Life with Confidence

Discover how to take last-minute road trips, hop on cross-country flights, and enjoy late-night bar trips… without getting sick!

Dear Real Food Eater,

If you’re only eating certain foods or have a special diet, you know how important this new way of eating is to your health. But it can be downright scary to travel and keep a regular social life if you’re worried about getting sick or falling back into old, unhealthy habits.

Are you ready to see your friends more & easily travel anywhere? 

Stop putting it off – you can do it just like we do…

We’ve worked consulting jobs, moved our families 4,000 miles, traveled for weeks on end, camped without electricity, had fun in Vegas, and even helped clients travel overseas… all while following a strict Paleo/SCD/GAPS diet.

I’m not sure what you want to do, but I want you to know it’s possible…

How do you travel near or far and have a normal social life… even if you’ve never been able to because you’re eating a real food diet?

Are you…

  • Trying to get healthy staying cooped up in the house? Research shows a normal social life is critical to getting healthy.
  • Finally starting to feel better, but living in fear of your friends invitations or the next family vacation?
  • Tired of working so hard to get healthy but never having any fun?
  • Petrified by the thought of getting sick when you’re traveling?
  • Overwhelmed by the thought of cross-country flights or extended vacations?
  • Or ever had friends stop calling because you turn them down now-a-days?

And the list goes on…

And before we took cross-country road trips, traveled for business, spent weeks on the beach or at the ski resort, we struggled too. In the beginning, we spent a ton of extra money and lost sleep worrying about getting sick traveling. Not only that, but we spent a lot of time staying trapped in the house, avoiding friends and family, and turning down fun invitations because we didn’t think we’d ever be able to do normal stuff again.

Through trial and error, we figured it out – how to eat in a way that never makes us sick, how to use technology to our advantage, and how to pack “just right.”

Your life doesn’t have to feel this way…

Even though this new diet made us feel better, we still felt alone and “weird” – feeling like we couldn’t have a normal life…

Now, we’re social butterflies, flying to Vegas for a long weekend, driving across the country in 5 days, going to the bar with friends, and eating with family at restaurants…

Knowing how to go have fun and still feel great will change your life.

What if we could teach you how to travel anywhere, eat out, and have a fulfilling social life the exact same way we do it?

You can live each day like it’s your last and still feel great!

We’ve put together a very special package of materials to help you reclaim your social life, travel anywhere, and live a normal lifestyle that won’t make you sick or trigger setbacks…

Here’s what we’ve put together for you:

  • 1-Hour “Become a Social Butterfly” Class – Watch this 60-minute class to find out how we fly cross-country, camp for weeks, take road trips, choose the right restaurants, go to the bar with friends, and more… you’ll also get a full downloadable class transcript and worksheet too.
  • Bonus Guide “Trip Planning 101” – Find out how we save time, money, and hassle while planning any trip.
  • Bonus Guide “Foods to Pack When Traveling… and Not Get Sick” – Go right along with us as we pack for flights, camping, road trips, and more… see how we do it without having to worry about the next meal ruining our trip.
  • Bonus Guide “Eat Out Anywhere and Feel Great” – Discover how to ask the right questions and make the right choices to eat out last minute at most restaurants, without spending the next few days recovering. It even includes the exact scripts we use with waiters and restaurant managers.
  • Bonus Guide “Last Minute Travel Guide” – Tired of not being spontaneous? Work or business meetings throwing you off? Use this bonus guide to plan for last-minute travel and never worry about forgetting something, or getting stuck eating the wrong meal somewhere, ever again…

This program will give you the same step-by-step formula we use to travel anywhere, have a great social life, and live a normal, happy life…

You deserve to get out of the house, have fun, and relax on sandy beaches – let’s get started right now!

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– Jordan and Steve