Special Promotions

Special Presentation: “The Gut-Brain-Hormone Axis: Unlocking Stomach Problems”

If you want to skip ahead, we gave a presentation on new strategies to unravel your stomach problems. Did you know that over 55 million Americans deal with debilitating stomach problems every year? Things like: cramping constipation diarrhea bloating gas …with very little relief available to them from traditional medicine? If you’ve been in and…

Why Paleo FX Rekindled My Commitment to Health

I used to have a million reasons why I shouldn’t attend a health conference like Paleo FX. I’m going to try and articulate what Paleo FX 2013 did for me that trumps every money, time and sad story I could tell myself about not going (which I did for several years).

Conferences like this pour gasoline on the “commitment fire” burning deep inside the attendees, and it’s the one thing above all else that seems to last when I get home.