SCD Diet Tips

Spotlight: Erin from NoMoreCrohns

In our spotlight this week we are extremely pleased to introduce Erin from On top of beat Crohn's, being a mom, running one of the best SCD sites, she also published a year of bi-monthly SCD magazines called I Want to Thrive! She is an inspiration for us all!

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Friends Spotlight: Kat from Kat’s Food Blog

Our spotlight this week is one we have secretly been crossing our fingers for since we started this effort. We have the distinct pleasure of having Kat Garson from "Kat's Food Blog"! I know that both of us have spent a good chunk of our SCD lives reading everything she puts up, so this really is a cool deal for us. Kat took the time to share some of her incredible insights and blew our minds.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Friends Spotlight: Susan “The SCD Girl”

This week we are very lucky to have interviewed Susan… “The SCD Girl”. Her blog details her life beating Rheumatoid Arthritis and helping to curb her son's symptoms of Autism, all using the SCD diet. She is a real person, and writes like a real person, and that’s my favorite part about her and her life. Check out her amazing story and get to know someone that has had an incredible journey.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start the SCD Diet

Hand writing the answers to these questions is better than typing, but better yet leave your answers in the comments section below so you can return in 6 months and update them. 1: How healthy do I feel during an average day? Describe in detail, your physical qualities including pains, annoyances and pleasures, then describe […]