SCD Diet Tips

How to Naturally Stop Your Diarrhea in 30 Days Using the SCD Diet

It only took my body 7 days to stop the diarrhea that had kept me trapped to the confines of my bathroom for all those lonely weekend nights. I had naturally stopped my diarrhea in 7 days using the SCD Diet... which made the next 23 days of my commitment wayyy easier! In fact, I am almost at two years now and I have never looked back... I don't count the days down anymore, I just keep counting up with how many days since I have been healthy. Here's what I want you to do. Commit to trying to the SCD Diet for 30 days and you will commit to naturally stopping your diarrhea in 30 days using the SCD Diet... they are interchangeable with one another. Do the following three steps to get started and you won't ever look back...

Why 30 Days on the SCD Diet Will Give You Control of Your IBS

IBS is driven by some back seat drivers working in the background to make life miserable. It is primarily bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. An inflamed gut with an overgrowth of the bad guys is a recipe for disaster and leads to the symptoms labeled irritable bowel syndrome. You have to attack this thing two fold by first killing off the bacteria (ideally through starving them to death) and then cooling the inflammation down. What’s the best way to accomplish both of those tasks… the magic pill to take control of IBS? You guessed it, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

SCD Food Cravings: Are You Crazy or Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

In the past I’ve done all the above and more. During my time on the SCD diet I swear there were times when I was literally addicted to some foods. Sometimes I would snack on one of these simple pleasures for weeks and then suddenly when I looked at my grocery bills I would get a huge slap in the face. I ate a pound of honey a week for the last four weeks, how about a whole box of raisins in 2 days?!? Yikes.

The Top Three Ways to Manage the SCD Diet at Work

I was really shy when I first started the diet and hid the fact that I was eating the SCD diet... but over time I learned a few things that made it easier to get by and now I have no trouble sticking to the diet and following a normal work life. In fact, sometimes people at work even pull me aside because they want to learn more about how I got to be so healthy. Here are the top three ways to manage the SCD diet at work.

The SCD Secret to Success: How to Properly Introduce New Foods

During the first six months on the diet I was so afraid of going backwards that I very rarely took the initiative to try something new. I just kept eating the same boring meals over and over again and relished my new found health... turns out that gets old after a while. Since then I have experimented with adding new foods more often, like pieces of a puzzle, in order to make some really incredible SCD legal meals. But in the beginning, it was a very rocky road that took me off course in a matter of a few hours. I wanted to share my SCD secret to success and show you what I found was the best way to properly introduce new foods to make sure I know how my body feels about it.