SCD Diet Tips

SCD Diet OCD: Are You Chasing the Elusive “Perfect Poop”?

Recently we were talking about the Bristol Stool Chart and we were discussing our recent poops (everyone’s favorite topic). The topic came up that, with the Bristol Stool chart, there really isn’t one defined end point. Depending on which expert or doctor you talk with you get a range or different answers about what the “perfect poop” is.

SCD Diet Eating: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digestion Right Now

Since leaving the Standard American Diet (SAD) my health has improved in just about every area possible. But when I first started the SCD diet I brought quite a few bad habits that the SAD taught me that limited my healing. Here are 3 simple things I learned that improved my digestion as soon as I implemented them. If you implement these three positive habits you can improve your digestion right now.

Troubleshooting the SCD Diet: How to Pinpoint the Foods Stopping You from SCD Success

I was stuck in an SCD holding pattern for months... and I couldn't figure out what to do to improve and move forward. I learned the hard way how to pinpoint foods that were causing me problems and stopping me from SCD success. After I figured out the basic process I needed to go through to get rid of foods causing a problem, my health advanced quickly and things haven't slowed down since.