Stacey’s Leaky Gut Success Story (IBS and Weight GONE!)

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Have you seen the show American Ninja Warrior?

These women and men are doing things that are mind blowing! Watch this short clip or this one.

As humans, we are fascinated by athletes, celebrities and others who do the seemingly impossible.

But this phenomenon extends beyond events, into our everyday lives.


Because most of us are just waiting for someone to show us what’s possible.

That’s what shows like American Ninja Warrior do. They stir something deep inside of us that proves to us what’s possible.

I know you know someone who…

… has lost 20 or 30 plus pounds.

… got that high-ranking job that should have been impossible.

… got out of massive debt.

Or like our guest poster, Stacey, who resolve their complex and painful health issues, which is just as amazing as any of the feats on American Ninja Warrior.

It takes dedication, courage, and determination to figure out your health issues and get rid of them. There’s no easy button. It’s one of two choices (1) hard work or (2) a lifetime of worsening symptoms, pills and doctor bills.

I so appreciate you Stacey for opening your heart and life for all of us to be inspired by. And I hope that you the reader are inspired to be next — next to tell your story, next to start the hard work and next to learn what it’s like to get your energy and health back.

Will you be next (free NEW webinar here)?

[Enter Stacey]

Hello Jordan & Steve,

I wanted to say THANK YOU for creating a program that is so easy to follow, is showing amazing results and has definitely had a very positive change on my life!

I Am What You Would Call a “Tough Case”

And I hope by sharing my story, others who are suffering with similar symptoms to mine, may finally find relief too through your program.

I am a 43-year-old Type A personality and have had IBS for 15 years, which I have for the most part been able to keep well under control through diet. In January 2015 (after a bout of minor food poisoning), I started getting chronic diarrhoea (the sudden, all throughout the day – ruin my quality of life kind!). I saw 2 doctors and a specialist and had numerous tests done that ruled out the obvious – bacterial infections, parasites, cancer, Crohn’s, colitis, Celiac disease, diverticulosis, etc. I had numerous blood tests to check my liver, kidneys, thyroid, glucose, etc, and again everything came back normal. With the exception of my unexplained, chronic and explosive diarrhoea, I was perfectly healthy. Although I was happy to learn there was nothing seriously wrong or life threatening, I left my doctor’s office puzzled, frustrated and feeling quite hopeless.

I ‘Thought’ I Was Eating Healthy

I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs and I don’t even take medication for anything, so I was pretty frustrated because I was in chronic pain and discomfort, I was constantly exhausted and my quality of life was going down the toilet (literally!).

Since I have had IBS and been lactose intolerant for 15 years, I have always been fairly careful about what I eat, but little did I know all the whole grains and quinoa I was eating were making me worse!

The night before my last colonoscopy, I watched Jordan and Steve’s 2 hour webinar about Intestinal Permeability and Leaky Gut Syndrome. I learned so much during that webinar! I checked off about 18 of 20 symptoms described and was 99% convinced I had Leaky Gut Syndrome. When my colonoscopy results came back stating that everything was normal, I KNEW I definitely had Leaky Gut Syndrome!

Time to Start Solving My Leaky Gut

I started your program on June 26, 2015.  It is now September 29th, so I have been on your program for about 90 days now and I feel FANTASTIC!! I have lost 18.5 pounds and have gone from the first notch on my belt to the 6th – that is 5 inches! I look great, I feel so much more energetic, my diarrhoea is fully under control, I have no more gut pain – and an unexpected bonus is that I no longer have any joint pain either. I had no idea how much inflammation I really had in my body, until I realized how much better I feel now that it is gone (or at least greatly reduced). I am fully adjusted to my new food and eating lifestyle and am actually enjoying experimenting with new and simple recipes.

My family and friends have been amazed at my progress and have all been very supportive. I have been able to educate them on the benefits of a few small changes in their kitchen cupboards and adjustments in their diets – they have all thrown out their industrial seed oils and have switched to coconut, almond and olive oils and many have decided to give up grains too.

I Am So Happy to Be on the Road to Recovery!

It probably sounds weird, but I have been telling a lot of people about my leaky gut and have been surprised at how many people wanted to know more because they think they might be suffering or know someone suffering from the same thing. Knowledge is power and it is great to share and help others!

I realize everyone is different, but for anyone wondering how long it might take to see results – for me, I noticed within 3 weeks I started feeling a lot better, my severe diarrhoea had improved significantly and I had lost 9 pounds… which I was really happy about because I had been struggling to lose weight for 3 or 4 years (little did I know the real cause behind this!). I don’t crave sugar anymore, I don’t miss the grains or nightshades at all and it almost feels sacrilegious to say this – but I don’t even miss my daily Mochas (I was an addict!). I feel full and satisfied, never hungry and I am even thinking clearer (less brain fog). I have so much more energy now, I even started taking up hiking again because now I can!

I hope my story will inspire others – who have been suffering in pain and with similar symptoms to my situation – to give your program a try.

Note About My Picture: I used to avoid having my photo taken, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a full body ‘before’ picture. But here is a photo that was taken just 2 days ago (with my cool, homemade survival hiking stick). I celebrated my 18.5 pound weight loss with a nice little hike!

Best regards,

Stacey Taylor

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