How to Stop Your Diarrhea as Fast as Possible


“Now I’ve ended up in the hospital because my flare got worse again. I tried to restart the intro diet last weekend but I still have 20 bms per day when I eat. The Doctors tell me the only realistic option is to remove the colon.”

Another Flare email… this one from Tim, just a typical story we hear every single day.

“Enough is Enough!”

In a parking lot next to the highway in the middle of nowhere, with $240 of frozen grass-fed meat thawing in the back seat,  Jordan was intensely shouting at me.

“We need a better product to stop diarrhea as fast as possible,” he yelled.

We were getting emails every week from people dealing with wicked flares and after 3 years of helping people with diarrhea, we knew that just one simple email response was not going to help them.

We needed to create something to keep colons and help save lives…

To stop diarrhea as fast as possible…  

So anyone with a flare could have a blueprint to stop it and take control of their health again.

Some of the best ideas happen when you don’t expect it. On the side of the highway, after we spent the afternoon driving to pick up a month’s supply of grass-fed meat, we began to sketch out the 7-day program we now call Flare support.

But the Ideas Needed Refining

We started testing it out over 1 year ago… first with a group of 20 people.

10 of them saw at least 50% reduction in bowel movements per day. Some went from 10 to 2.

Others went from 12 to 5 per day.

Here’s some of the feedback we got:

“I felt like I wasn’t going to get through this alone (like I always do during a flare), but getting your emails every day made my day, really relaxed my tension and anxiety of not getting better. During the 7 days, the frequency and watery stools have cut back, energy increased, and I’m sleeping more sound.” – Kate

“I was having at least three BMs consisting of bloody, watery diarrhea, and sporadic pain, cramping, weakness and fatigue. Since starting Flare Support, my BMs have reduced to 1-2 per day, still watery, but not quite as much, and with very little to no blood, and no pain. I just feel better overall. I thought it was fabulous. Just as I was frustrated and wanting to give up on SCD life, it gave me the willpower to try again. I plan on continuing to apply the lessons I have learned and get even better in this next week. I would like more guidance on when to add in fruits, though.” – Lisa

“I felt really supported, and since I follow you guys, I felt like I trusted everything you were telling me. You guys rock! I love your wisdom, support, and advice. I would recommend to others highly! I definitely am feeling better. I think I need to do a few more days on the program – got cocky and overdid it on veggies, and slipped back a little. Stool is still not formed, but is much better.” – Ali

10 success stories was amazing, but it wasn’t good enough. We didn’t accept 50% success. We wanted to figure out why the other 10 people didn’t even do what we told them to and how we could make it even better.

So we broke it down like an engineer would. We asked lots of questions, figured out what worked and what didn’t.

And then we re-wrote the whole program! (Keeping the good stuff.)

It needed less moving parts, more supplement options, and daily videos to deliver the emotional support and show how to do some of the ‘Flare Tools.’

8 Months Ago, We Were Ready to Release It…

Last November we had all the videos shot, paid our video guy to edit them, wrote the PDF guides, and we were all ready to release it into the world – to help those who needed it most.

But everything felt wrong…

The motivation suddenly drained from our bodies.

We knew Flare Support had the potential to help 100’s, if not 1000’s of people struggling with Flares.

And it might help them avoid surgery, hospitalization, or even death.

But we didn’t release it. Something wasn’t right.

It sat there months and months… 98% DONE!

We continued to test it with our private 1-on-1 clients… but for some reason, it wasn’t time to release it yet.

The Diarrhea Breakthrough We Needed

Then a breakthrough happened. Two months ago, at Paleo f(X),  Jordan and I sat in our hotel room talking.

Both of us had experienced diarrhea in the past 7 days. We were driving our health into the ground…

We were consulting, writing the blog, working our day jobs, and flying to conferences.

Our health was falling apart right in front of us.

Somehow, Flare Support came up.

And in that moment, it was perfectly clear. We had made it worse. In our perfectionist nature, we tried in vain to cover every single issue – to explain every part of a flare in excruciating detail.

But it was painfully clear, at this moment, that anyone in a Flare just wants the diarrhea to stop.

Our Private Clients Let Us Know

The private clients that used the unreleased protocol were letting us know it was good, but still not good enough.

And this time we knew what to do.

We started from scratch.

Much of it had to go, it was over the top, too expensive, and not easy to understand.

(Especially if you’re stuck on the toilet).

We went back to KISS – Keep it simple stupids.

Flare Support – How to Stop Diarrhea in 7 Days

We knew how to stop diarrhea. We’ve been helping people do it for years.

It starts with removing inflammation triggers in 3 key areas of your life:

  • Food
  • Supplements
  • Lifestyle

Each one is 33% of the solution.

Recently, we released a series of videos on the most effective ways to push the ‘stop diarrhea button’ with these tools.

  1. Video 1: Identifying Your Inflammation Triggers
  2. Video 2: 4 Ways Food Triggers Diarrhea
  3. Video 3: What Hormones Have to Do With Diarrhea
  4. Video 4: The Most Important Diarrhea Trigger You’re Ignoring

These videos were based on some of the best stuff from the first revision of Flare Support.

They were meant to help you identify the “Flare Triggers” causing diarrhea in your life so you can change them.

And now it’s time for you to take the next step and start taking control of your flare in the next 7 days.

The Only Question Is…

Are you ready to choose health and stop your diarrhea in the next 7 days?

And if it doesn’t stop in 7 days, how would a 50% reduction feel?

Flare Support is ready for you now and its better than ever…

Tested and proven.

It’s a 7-day program to show you how to stop filling your bathtub with inflammation and start draining it – how to take control of a flare and prevent them from happening in the future.

The specific diet, lifestyle, and supplement changes you need to make right away.

Are you ready to take control?

No one should have to suffer through a diarrhea Flare Up.

Diarrhea shouldn’t be a daily part of life.

Here’s a way out:

Jordan and Steve

P.S. – We’ve got an ‘Early Bird’ special 50% OFF price until Friday 6/14 at Midnight EST. After that, the price will double. We’d love to see you inside the 7-day program we’ve been refining for the last 18 months. –>

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