The SCD Lifestyle Podcast 19: Learn to Conquer SCD Like a Mad Scientist

What is it about mad scientists that makes them so captivating? Unrelenting, explosive brain power. They live on the edge of crazy so we don't have to. And every once-in-a-while they learn things that help all of us. In today's SCD mailbag we answer more of your questions and share what we've learned experimenting like mad scientists.

Steve’s SCD Healing Journal: Week 12 – Standing Outside the Fire!

In the last week I think I’ve really turned a corner. Not a physical corner but a mental corner. Understanding that I’m not alone, and that I’m not the first person to act this way or have these problems really helps. It’s one of those realizations that should be simple and yet it was extremely hard for me. It is really easy for me to get stuck inside my head and start thinking that my experience is some how blazing a trail. This is a trail that many people have gone down before and so while we are all unique we also not that unique.

The SCD Diet and Alcohol: Part III – The SCD Guide to Liquors

In Part II we discussed SCD legal wine which is made through the process of fermentation. In this guide will examine SCD legal liquors which are drinkable liquids containing ethanol made by distilling fruits, grains or vegetables. If you missed Part I make sure you go back and re-read it to have a better understanding of how any alcohol affects your digestive system.

The SCD Diet and Alcohol: Part II… SCD Legal Wine Guide

In Part I of this series we discussed alcohol’s effects on our digestive systems and I gave a listing of legal and Illegal alcohol types. Of the types of legal alcohols they can be broken down into wines and liquors. In this post we will learn all about wines and how someone on the SCD diet can identify which wines to drink to minimize damage to the digestive system.