Specific Carbohydrate Diet Friends Spotlight: Susan “The SCD Girl”

This week we are very lucky to have interviewed Susan… “The SCD Girl”. Her blog details her life beating Rheumatoid Arthritis and helping to curb her son's symptoms of Autism, all using the SCD diet. She is a real person, and writes like a real person, and that’s my favorite part about her and her life. Check out her amazing story and get to know someone that has had an incredible journey.

Mrs. Ed from Mrs. Ed’s Research and Recipes

This week we are pleased to spotlight Tracee (Mrs. Ed) who runs a blog called Mrs Ed’s Research and Recipes. Her blog details her amazing journey in motherhood which she sums up saying, “We are a household dealing with autism, food allergies, Celiacs disease, Crohn's disease, chronic constipation, severely picky eating and snoring...” Her story inspires me anytime I feel like giving up…

The SCD Diet and Poop: It’s Time to Talk About It

As with all things in life, it is extremely important to have something to measure yourself against to find out where you are in relation to where you want to be. Poop is no exception. In fact, poop is something everyone is always so scared and embarrassed to talk about… but it is the number one indicator of how well our bodies are functioning inside. So Let’s Talk About Poop