Digestive Disease Upon Second Glance

Jordan and I have talked with 1000’s of people suffering from digestive disease in the last couple years. The majority suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s but a rising number of IBS, celiac, diverticulitis, Candida, fructose problems, undiagnosed stomach pains and many more are reaching out to us. We often reflect and brainstorm on the conversations hoping to figure out a universal solution to all digestive related problems.

Inflaming Fats: How to Avoid The Great Nut Mistake

So what I'd like to give you today is more of the actual course itself - so we've dug through the course and found a segment that we think will be very very helpful for you regardless of what point you're at on this "healing road” that we're all traveling along together. And what I think you're going to like about this video is that we pull back the curtain on the evil “inflaming fats” that can hold you back from healing your gut for good… and yes, that includes nuts and nut flours. So in this segment of The Advanced Course we’ll show you a pretty cool little method that I REALLY think will help you start healing immediately: the simple way to eat nuts and nut flours that can help you avoid triggering HIGH INFLAMMATION and the crushing setbacks that come with it. It's super easy, too... so you should be able to implement this TODAY and avoid “The Great Nut Mistake” that causes many people to crash and burn. I hope you enjoy it

The Anatomy of a Cheat – and The 4 Simple Steps to Recover

So if you've ever been at a family party or standing in front of the fridge late at night and found it impossible NOT to give in to those POWERFUL FORCES… you’ll probably like this video. We’re going to walk you through “The Anatomy of a Cheat” so you can understand what’s REALLY GOING ON. And we’ll also show you the 4 simple steps to recover from a cheat so you can get back to healing and stop hating yourself.

Two Tweaks to Dominate Your Digestion

In today’s bonus video, "How to Dominate Your Digestion” you’ll learn all about how your digestion works, the master signal that makes or breaks the entire process, and how two supplement tweaks can straighten things back out.

Natural Digestive Healing Interrogates Us

Have you ever wanted to get all up in the face of an author? Try and figure out what their motivation was behind their work? I have - so I know some of you must wonder about us...Well our friend Matt actually requested it, so we felt obliged to comply. In fact the interview ended up being a ton of fun mostly because we talked about our favorite topics: food, poop and our stories. :)

When You Just Want to Stay in Bed… (Podcast 24)

We just don't have time to be sick! We have to suck it up and go to work, or put a smile on our face and be a parent. We have to carry on with life with this HUGE "black cloud" over us. I haven't felt that bad in a long time... and sometimes I forget what those days were like. The thing is, we want that for you too. And in today's podcast we answer more of your questions to help you get there as quickly as possible.

Choosing the Easiest Path (Podcast 22)

When you wake up tomorrow morning you get to decide who's in charge of your health. You get to make choices about what food goes in your mouth - and whether or not you're going to have control over how you feel. Will you be in control? Or will your health keep deciding for you?