chronic illness

Planting The Seeds of Health (Beating Chronic Illness)

2015 is the year of “Taking Action.” We’re going to be with you each step of the way this year… helping you take specific action steps to get symptom-free and beat chronic illness. Learning more information and researching is great, but action is what creates long lasting health. That’s why this year is all about […]

30 Experts Share Small Changes to Rescue Your Health

We hope by now you’ve watched the groundbreaking new film, Origins, featuring 24 of the brightest minds in human and environmental health who revealed the real reason we’re struggling with chronic illness – and how we can reclaim the health and vitality that once came to us naturally. (HINT: gut health is FINALLY featured as the […]

How to Find a Trusted Functional Medicine Practitioner

The first time I fired my Doctor, it felt so weird.  I trusted them with my health completely… After all they work FOR us. So why did it feel so wrong? In everything but my health, if someone doesn’t do a good job, I have no problem firing them… Like if I hired someone to […]