Cheryl Cravino Beats Up Crohn’s

Our Specific Carbohydrate Diet friend of the week is Cheryl Cravino who has beat up her Crohn's and is now medication and symptom free. Her story is one that I can relate to and I think others as well. Not receiving the care we need from traditional medicine a chance meeting offers an alternative that almost everyone refuses to accept. Diet matters. Now Cheryl is returning the favor by telling her story.

Mrs. Ed from Mrs. Ed’s Research and Recipes

This week we are pleased to spotlight Tracee (Mrs. Ed) who runs a blog called Mrs Ed’s Research and Recipes. Her blog details her amazing journey in motherhood which she sums up saying, “We are a household dealing with autism, food allergies, Celiacs disease, Crohn's disease, chronic constipation, severely picky eating and snoring...” Her story inspires me anytime I feel like giving up…