Why 30 Days on the SCD Diet Will Give You Control of Your IBS

IBS is driven by some back seat drivers working in the background to make life miserable. It is primarily bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. An inflamed gut with an overgrowth of the bad guys is a recipe for disaster and leads to the symptoms labeled irritable bowel syndrome. You have to attack this thing two fold by first killing off the bacteria (ideally through starving them to death) and then cooling the inflammation down. What’s the best way to accomplish both of those tasks… the magic pill to take control of IBS? You guessed it, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Can Coconut Oil Really Help Me Heal My Gut?

Last week I added coconut oil into my bag of tricks. I am extremely excited to be able to start using the oil throughout all my cooking experiments, not only for the flavor, but for the incredible healing properties it provides. I bought Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because it is the most pure and effective at doing what it does best. The oil also withstands heat very well and doesn't become rancid like olive oil does when it gets overheated. I picked up The Real Foods Trading Company FunFresh brand Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for around $14. They state that their oil is unrefined, unbleached, un-deodorized, un-hydrogenated, and processed without solvents (all very good things). The most exciting thing about introducing coconut oil is the lauric acid that it contains, which is only found more concentrated elsewhere in breast milk!