Natural Digestive Healing Interrogates Us

Have you ever wanted to get all up in the face of an author? Try and figure out what their motivation was behind their work? I have - so I know some of you must wonder about us...Well our friend Matt actually requested it, so we felt obliged to comply. In fact the interview ended up being a ton of fun mostly because we talked about our favorite topics: food, poop and our stories. :)

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Friends Spotlight: Kat from Kat’s Food Blog

Our spotlight this week is one we have secretly been crossing our fingers for since we started this effort. We have the distinct pleasure of having Kat Garson from "Kat's Food Blog"! I know that both of us have spent a good chunk of our SCD lives reading everything she puts up, so this really is a cool deal for us. Kat took the time to share some of her incredible insights and blew our minds.