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The SCD Lifestyle Solution Podcast #11: Creating Your Food Safe Zone

Creating a food safe zone is the quickest way to stop the symptoms of your digestive disease and start healing on the SCD diet. It's such an important part of starting the diet properly that we decided to dedicate an entire podcast just on this one topic. Many of the people that are struggling to get results on the diet give up because they didn't do this key step in the beginning.

How to Naturally Stop Your Diarrhea in 30 Days Using the SCD Diet

It only took my body 7 days to stop the diarrhea that had kept me trapped to the confines of my bathroom for all those lonely weekend nights. I had naturally stopped my diarrhea in 7 days using the SCD Diet... which made the next 23 days of my commitment wayyy easier! In fact, I am almost at two years now and I have never looked back... I don't count the days down anymore, I just keep counting up with how many days since I have been healthy. Here's what I want you to do. Commit to trying to the SCD Diet for 30 days and you will commit to naturally stopping your diarrhea in 30 days using the SCD Diet... they are interchangeable with one another. Do the following three steps to get started and you won't ever look back...