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Specific Carbohydrate Diet Friends Spotlight: Arden Eats

This week we are pleased to spotlight Arden D. who runs a blog called Ardeneats. Her blog is an amazing resource for How-to cooking videos and offers many life lessons that are hard earned on SCD. I’ve watched and used many of her videos and I think you should check them out too. I want to highlight two of my favorite posts that I think are of extremely high value for all SCD’ers.

Steve’s SCD Diet Healing Journal: Week 24 – The Kale Chip Fail!

Last week I made a heck of a run at making kale chips. I've never ate kale before and after seeing several bloggers making kale chips I had to give it a go. First up the good news is kale and I are friends, no digestion issues whatsoever. Now for the bad news, kale chips are apparently my cooking Achilles heal. The first go round ended up with most of the "chips" being half burnt or completely burnt. The next round I swore the chips were done, no browning and hard when they were pulled out of the oven. But, a couple hours later they were soggy leaves of salt!

Can Coconut Oil Really Help Me Heal My Gut?

Last week I added coconut oil into my bag of tricks. I am extremely excited to be able to start using the oil throughout all my cooking experiments, not only for the flavor, but for the incredible healing properties it provides. I bought Organic Virgin Coconut Oil because it is the most pure and effective at doing what it does best. The oil also withstands heat very well and doesn't become rancid like olive oil does when it gets overheated. I picked up The Real Foods Trading Company FunFresh brand Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for around $14. They state that their oil is unrefined, unbleached, un-deodorized, un-hydrogenated, and processed without solvents (all very good things). The most exciting thing about introducing coconut oil is the lauric acid that it contains, which is only found more concentrated elsewhere in breast milk!

SCD Legal Orange Chicken on a Hot Summer Night!

After my post last week, Steve had the idea to mess around with some citrus fruits on chicken to see how it would taste. So last weekend I picked up some Otto’s chicken thighs and a couple organic oranges and gave it a shot. All in all it turned out pretty well. The orange flavor is much more subtle in the chicken than the lemon, but it has a sweeter taste to it, giving the chicken a nice moist citrus kick that made it a good hot summer night treat. Here’s how I made it: