ulcerative colitis

Christina From Organically Autoimmune

This week I just can't wait any longer to roll out our spotlight... Christina from Organically Autoimmune. Christina is doing something I wish I would have done and documenting her SCD healing journey every step of the way, and it is incredible! If you haven't checked out her site you it is a must read for anyone on the diet or even if you are still considering it. She has committed to 365 days on the SCD Diet (awesome by the way) and she is sharing every detail along the way.

What’s Stopping You From Starting the SCD Diet?

We have been trying to help people get started on the diet for a while now. We are so passionate about it because we know it works... it's worked for us and worked for quite a few people that email us every day.The question is, will it work for you? We strongly believe the answer is yes...But the real question is: are you going to try starting the SCD Diet?

Matt from Natural Digestive Healing

This week we are pleased to spotlight Matt Robinson who runs a blog called Digestive Healing. His blog details his incredible journey taking control of his UC without medication, starting with the SCD Diet. Matt is really interesting because he was an incredible endurance athlete before his UC diagnosis and continues to compete while following the SCD Diet, which inspires me when I get tired from chasing my 2 year old son around the house...

The SCD Diet and Poop: It’s Time to Talk About It

As with all things in life, it is extremely important to have something to measure yourself against to find out where you are in relation to where you want to be. Poop is no exception. In fact, poop is something everyone is always so scared and embarrassed to talk about… but it is the number one indicator of how well our bodies are functioning inside. So Let’s Talk About Poop