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Here’s Your Material on The Essential Functional Medicine Testing We Use…

There are 4 major functional lab tests that could easily reveal the ROOT causes of your health problems. The problem is: most people have never heard of them and worse yet, there are many unreliable lab companies out there. Don’t waste time and money on testing. In these 4 videos and 1-hour Q&A session, we cover the most important adrenal test, proper testing of your GI Tract, female Hormones, and testing your Liver Detox System.

Here’s Video 1: “Testing Adrenal Health and Why Hormones Matter for Gut Health”

Here’s Video 2: “Advanced GI Tract Stool Testing”

Here’s Video 3: “Testing Female Hormones (The Right Way)”

Here’s Video 4: “Testing Your Brain and Liver Function”

Here’s The Link to Download Your 1-hour Testing Q&A Recording (NOTE: You may need to ‘right click’ and select ‘save as’)

Click here to Download the Audio

– Jordan and Steve


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    Good Morning,
    I am a Health Practitioner who has thyroid problems.I was initially prescrible Cytomel which seemed to help.I have since changed to the generic brand which is Liothyronine 5mcg, intially taking 2 2x a day.Then my body felt as it did before but now the dosage was increased to 3 pills 2x a day.I now have side effects of edgey, irritable, body aching at the joints and I am still lethargic and chronically dry skin , gaining weight,craving sugar and more.I work a 50 hr week in for days with 3 doctors and a hygenist.
    Something is definitely wrong and my body is telling me.I need some guidance as I also have clients wih thyroid issues.
    I am thanking you in advance
    With best regards
    Taylor Smith

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      Hi Taylor, thanks for reaching out! We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with you!

      First off, you should always continue to take any medications your doctor recommends and consult with him/her regarding any changes to these medications.

      The SCD diet has an additive effect, as it is a separate layer of treatment beyond drugs. It stacks synergistically with drug treatments and also helps people taper off of them later.

      Jordan and Steve are not doctors and do not know your case history, so they cannot give you advice regarding your prescription drugs specifically. However, they would say if you are unhappy with your current prescription, then it might be a good idea to search out other medical opinions on the topic.

      With all of that said, we all encourage you take back control and power over your health and support you in having a tough and fair discussion with your doctor. Regardless of what you do, the diet will only help you recover!

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    I think the failure of videos 2 and 4 to play seem to be a Safari version 5.1.0 thing – this is the highest Safari which can be used on Mac OS 10.6.8. But they play fine on Google Chrome.

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    In your Video 4: “Testing Your Brain and Liver Function”, you mention the Metametrix text for organic acids but you don’t give a test number like you do on the other videos. When I look on the Metametrix website, I can’t tell which test you are referring to because they don’t list them by number. Could you please give the test number or the exact name of the test so I make sure to ask for the right one?


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