Announcing: The Month of Fixing Leaky Gut


It’s a Stick Up! – Leaky Gut is taking over SCD Lifestyle for the next 2 weeks… and we’re so excited!

It’s all new free material to help you and your loved ones learn about leaky gut, who has it, how to fix it, what it does to your body… and more.

It Starts With The Leaky Gut Quiz

The main star of the show this week is the new leaky gut quiz…

It takes about 3 minutes and once you’re done, you’ll get a custom analysis of your top leaky gut risk factors, as well as a 60-minute interview with one of the world’s leading experts on your #1 problem.

Imagine being able to spend an hour asking one of the top experts in the world about your biggest health complaint… experts like Chris Kresser, Dr. Kalish, and Dr. Tom O’Bryan on topics like acne, hormones, depression, healing the gut, autoimmunity, and more.

All completely free to you – well you can.

Go here and take the 3 minute quiz.

What’s About to Happen…

Over the next 2 weeks, Jordan and I are on a mission to spread the word about leaky gut.  But not just talk about it…

Our goal for you: By the end of the next 2 weeks, you’ll know more about leaky gut than 99% of the Doctors in the world!

Don’t think it’s possible?  Well, think again.  If you’re willing to go through the next few weeks together with us, you’ll know everything you need to know about leaky gut… and what to do about it.

It starts with the free leaky gut quiz you can take right now.

What’s coming next?

After the quiz, you’ll get more articles, free live presentations, and of course – the public release of our new Solving Leaky Gut program for those who need a customized step-by-step approach to healing their leaky gut.

Can’t wait to see how this changes your life.

– Steve

PS – The leaky gut quiz is free and gives you a custom analysis of your risk factors.  Plus, you’ll get an expert interview based on your #1 health complaint.  Click here to take the quiz now.

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