The SCD Diet and Your Teeth? Yes, Let Your Dentist Know!

When I started the SCD Diet, I just happened to have my regular teeth cleaning scheduled right around 2 months in. I practice relatively good oral hygiene and floss regularly, so I was shocked when my dental hygienist was interrogating me about the excessive plaque build up on my teeth. She had the impression I was barely brushing!

We finally came to a realization together, when she asked if I had changed my eating habits at all recently and I explained the SCD Diet to her.

As it turns out, the process of chewing crunchy, hard foods actually helps to clean and remove plaque from your teeth.

The beginning stages of the SCD Diet call for all “crunchy” fruits and veggies to be peeled, cooked, and pureed into a very digestible sauce. Unfortunately, that cooking and pureeing process removes the food’s natural ability to help clean your teeth and leaves behind excess amounts of plaque. Keep that in mind as you move through the phases of the SCD Diet.

It is important to floss after every meal (if possible), and, depending on your financial situation, schedule 3-month cleanings to help prevent excessive plaque build up in your mouth… until you advance to raw fruits and veggies in phase 5.

Key point: Explain the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to your dentist, so that they can help you properly care for your teeth… until you advance into the phases of the diet with foods that naturally clean your teeth while chewing.

Below, is an article explaining what foods naturally clean your teeth during the chewing process. Until now, it was something that I took for granted and didn’t even realize was going on!

Bottom Line: Your dentist is another doctor that you will need to bring into your SCD Diet support group.

Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth


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