The Top 3 Lies We Tell Ourselves About the SCD Diet

How many are you guilty of right now?

1: “I tried the SCD diet and it didn’t work… except I still had chocolate, Coke®, and ice cream every once in a while.”

This can also be worded as, “I just have this cheat once a day and it’s not enough to make a difference.”

People justify everything imaginable – including having pizza once a month while trying to heal a digestive disease, because “I just can’t live without it.” The reality is that those same people don’t want to live with their digestive disease either. They miss work because they are sick, they can’t take good care of their kids, and their lives are frequently spent inside the house – very close to a bathroom.

I get frustrated when people tell me that they want to take control of their health, but the words don’t mean anything. In the background, the disease still controls them and they can’t stop eating the toxic foods that brought the disease out in the first place. Why? Because it feels good to drink the pop? Maybe. Maybe the sugar high feels good for 5 minutes, but the next three hours of hell just can’t be worth it. They want help “healing” and “getting off the meds” even though they still can’t handle cutting out the pop for 30 days to watch the diet work.

Solution: If you aren’t willing to give the diet 30 days to really work, then you aren’t ready to take control of your health. “Practice change” for a while. Eat SCD legal a few days a week, maybe three days in a row, and think about how much better you feel during that time. Then, when you are ready to own your body and take control of your health – download our free guide and start the diet for real.

2: “The SCD Diet is only for stay at home Moms… I don’t have time for this.”

How much time do these people waste in a day feeling bad? What if they could spend that same amount of time making food for a few days and not feel bad? Would they still do it?

The answer is probably not. These are the people that are not at an emotional breaking point and ready to start feeling better. Human beings can do incredible things when they are forced to make a change. Think about it, humans can take care of little babies and nurture them into healthy young adults. They can work 2 jobs just to keep the lights on, but very sick people can’t make the time to make food that is going to stop the terrible symptoms that control their lives?

Solution: People that are not ready to take control of their health won’t. Are you ready? The simple idea here is that change takes work, but just one little step to get started. That first step is actually just making a decision – the decision to take control of your health. Can you finally make that decision, instead of constantly letting your disease decide things for you… like when you can leave the house, how far you can travel, and if you can go to that movie you have been wanting to see? Make a decision for yourself, decide to take control.

3: “Nothing is working, I am never going to get better.”

We have been trained to have negative thoughts since we were kids. Think about it, how many times did your parents build your boundaries? How many times did they say, “No, don’t do that. No, put that down. No, don’t do this.” We have all learned our boundaries growing up – we are given a box to function within that is “acceptable.”

The SCD diet has the same thing. There is a box around it, with rigid dos and don’ts. That might be why many people like it, but it’s also why many people struggle with it and get intimidated. Is the glass really half empty? Is the diet really going to make me better? What if it doesn’t work?

What if it does? What if it works and you never have to carry toilet paper around in your purse anymore “just in case?” What if it works and you don’t have to take steroids anymore? What if six months from now you are the “old you” and you laugh thinking back to how sick you were?

Solution: The SCD diet is not a box. It’s not the same for everyone. There are some boundaries, but you have to learn how the diet works best for your body. You have to spend the time “tweaking” the SCD diet to find out the custom fit for your body. It’s not cookie cutter, it’s not simple. It’s not one size fits all. However, it is going to work – but only if you work with your body to form fit it to heal your particular gut.

It’s going to take some work, but when you get there it’s just plain awesome! If you need some more help “tweaking” the SCD Diet and building a custom diet that is going to heal your gut, then check out our eBook “SCD Lifestyle – Surviving to Thriving,” which shows you how to introduce a foundation of foods to build your healing upon, and allows you to find the custom version of the SCD Diet for your body.

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