Troubleshooting System Download

Here’s Your Troubleshooting System Material…

Below you’ll find links to each of the 6 products included in this Troubleshooting System. We’re so grateful to support your health and well being!

Click each on the “steps” to open a new page containing all the material for each product. Please note: the “Makeover Your Morning Course” link in Step 6 will take you to an additional registration page that will give you full access to the private members area… enjoy 🙂

Step 1: Here’s your 24-weeks of Grain Free SCD Meal Plans

–> Get Your Meal Plans Here

Step 2: Here’s your Over 9 Hours of Digestive Troubleshooting Video + Audio

–> Get Your Digestive Troubleshooting Class Here

Step 3: Here’s your 4 Videos on Essential Supplements for Digestion, Inflammation, and Leaky Gut

–> Get Your Supplement Videos Here

Step 4: Here’s your 3.5 Hours of Material from our Travel, Restaurant, and Social life Package

–> Get Your Social Life and Travel Material Here

Step 5: Here’s your 4 In-depth Videos on Essential Functional Medicine Lab Testing

–> Get Your Testing Videos Here

Step 6: Here’s Make Over Your Morning – The Holistic Stress Relief Course

–> Create Your Login For Makeover Your Morning Here

In Good Health,

– Jordan and Steve


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