Troubleshooting Your Digestion

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Are you sick and tired of banging your head against the wall trying to feel better on GAPS, SCD, or Paleo?

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This Troubleshooting digestion class will teach you how to tune into the subtle clues your body is already giving you, so you know exactly what changes to make next.

We call these little changes “tweaks” – and most people struggling on Paleo, GAPS, or SCD are only 2-3 tweaks away from feeling amazing…

And being able to make the right diet and supplement tweaks means you must understand what your body is trying to tell you. There’s tips we use everyday that, once you learn them – you’ll never look at symptoms the same. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses to see the secret code that was there all along.

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Look, we’ve been there, making mistake after mistake.  Carefully trying new foods or getting “stuck” eating the same five foods over and over again… or spending money on supplements that don’t even matter. All while desperately hoping to feel better.

Unfortunately, it took us a long time to realize that the answers we wanted were actually coming from inside of us.  They were right there the whole time telling us exactly what to do, but we weren’t listening!

It might sound funny but we couldn’t see it, the and the whole time we were frustrated thinking that natural diets might not work for us… 

No More!  In this Step-by-step troubleshooting package, you’ll be on your way to feeling better fast, like our friends that started testing this material last year:

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A Custom Diet and supplement protocol is the Secret to Feeling Great and We Can’t Wait to Teach You What Your Body Already Knows!

Troubleshooting digestion 101 contains-

  • How to quickly detect 10 different subtle clues from your body telling you exactly what to do next
  • What foods to take out right away if you’re constipated, and what to eat instead
  • How to overcome lack of energy, even if you’re getting enough to eat and still feel exhausted
  • What tweaks to make for leaky gut and fructose malabsorption
  • The specific foods most people try that actually irritates the gut… and often triggers painful setbacks
  • How to properly introduce probiotics, without getting nervous you made the wrong move
  • The exact supplement regimen we used to feel our best – and how to modify it for your body
  • How to SMASH THROUGH and permanently eliminate leaky gut and inflammation
  • The specific tests that will tell you exactly what supplements you need and when it’s time to try them

Learn how to Start Listening to the Subtle Clues Your Body is Giving You

Are you fed up with feeling sick, even though you’re eating a really restrictive diet? 

Your not alone.

Actually, you can move past this part of your life relatively fast and I believe you’ll be feeling really good soon. I know this because…

We’ve helped plenty of coaching clients using this material, and even a larger select group of “advanced” members last year… testing, refining, and getting better at the troubleshooting process.

They all learned and saw fast improvements.

Our goal is to get you past the frustrating “stuck phase” where people usually give up and INTO THE HEALING PHASE quickly.

Is that you? 

Are you forever stuck trying to get to your “food safe zone” but can’t break through?  Or maybe you caught a glimpse of what it’s like, but couldn’t stay there?

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Join us….

Here’s what we’ve put together for you:

The “Troubleshooting Your Digestion” Program

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Step 1: Tuning Into Your Body
You’ll learn how to use subtle clues to know exactly when to add or subtract foods… and the specific tweaks your body is begging for… this 76-minute class has everything you need to get your custom diet tweaks right.  It’s time to end the frustration of what to do next!

Step 2: The Top 6 supplements for Rapid-Healing
You’ll learn how to maximize your healing and feel-better faster using these proven supplement tweaks… it’s a little known fact, but a custom healing diet isn’t complete without a custom healing supplement plan.  It’s time to create that total package to support your body with this one-hour class.

Step 3: Beyond SCD – Break All The Rules!
In this session, we pull back the curtain and examine the unquestionable… and why breaking the rules might be the last step to feeling better than you’ve ever felt… we cover several hush-hush topics in this 96-minute class like: safe starches, LDN, and advanced probiotic supplementation.

Bonus Webcast: “How Subtle Clues Are Telling You Exactly What to Do”
In this 52-minute bonus webcast, we’ll show you how to stop ignoring the signs and symptoms revealing your next steps… and present 3 live “hot seat” case studies showing you exactly how we would troubleshoot digestive problems from three of our students.

Bonus Q & A: Over 4 hours of bonus troubleshooting sessions
When we gave these classes live to a small group of private members last year, we held over 4 hours of additional Q & A troubleshooting sessions… and we recorded them all for you to in “the troubleshooting vault.”


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65 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Your Digestion

  1. Avatar

    Hi! Good day!
    I’m 45 yrs old with kids from Philippines. Do you have dealers here in our country?
    Can you help my problem of GERD I’m suffering this for long time ago but it now getting worst. Currently, I have GERD, heartburn and hard to belch. I felt it almost everyday. I drink before PPI but I have allergies to it, that’s why I stopped. Currently, I drink Gaviscon liquid and Vocinti. The relief was less 24 hrs. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared.

    Hope you can help me to totally disappear this digestive trouble.

  2. Avatar

    I had my shoulder injected about a week ago, and following that injection with cortisone I have extreme stomach inflammation. Even when I take my thyroid medication in the morning, I soon after feel the inflammation in my stomach. I have hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and Factor VII Deficiency (cannot take any anti inflammatory medication). I just don’t know what to do, and I am horribly scared to see any mainstream doctor. I also have leaky gut/SIBO and I have been working at it with no real results. I am committed now to not cheat on gluten, but the inflammation part worries me terribly. Please help.

  3. Avatar

    Is This Troubleshooting Digestion Guide included in the Solving leaky gut Program (or at least something similar)? Does it make sense to buy both? I have trouble with “feeling” what is happening. Well, i feel it, but i just do not know what it means.

    • Avatar

      HI John – great question. Our Solving Leaky Gut program is the most updated and contains a customized quiz to help you understand exactly what’s going on inside your body:) It also contains supplement protocols for you to follow based on the quiz results. We’d recommend SLG at this point:)

  4. Avatar

    Technical issue – Tried to sigs up for your March 1st Webinar for Leaky Gut. I enter in my First Name then my e-mail
    and Register Now. I am then redirected to a new page with a message – ” Your e-mail is not registered for this event. Please login in . I entered my name again with e-mail – Same Message.

    Please Advise – would love to attend the Webinar
    Thanks- Andrew

  5. Avatar
    Natalie C Zilli says:

    Hi Jordan and Steve,

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis four years ago and have tried many things to get the disease under control and improving. Some things worked for a time, but not in the long term. I am now experiencing worsening symptoms and hit the breaking point when I was up for four hours last night do to extreme pain and swelling in both of my ankles. The pain and swelling is unexplainable and I fear it is related to the UC in some way. I have been looking more into SCD/GAPS and starting to implement parts of it, but I feel I need more direction. I listened to your webinar that you did with WellnessMama last week, so I was looking into the Solving Leaky Gut Program. However, I also notice you have many other programs/products on your website and I feel a little lost. I’m not sure which one would be best for me or a combination? I’m interested in doing all the hard work it takes to heal (possibly be cured) from UC. I am 22 and it is my goal to regain my health before my husband and I start trying to have children in several years. Any advice would be helpful. I see you both have worked to make the products very user friendly and exactly what people like I need. I just need to know which one would benefit me most because I can’t buy them all!

    • Avatar

      Hi Natalie, thanks for reaching out! We do suggest our Solving leaky gut program, as it is SCD compliant but a bit more comprehensive. It includes a customized quiz as well as supplement suggestions to heal the gut as well, which is what you will need with this condition. We suggest giving it a try and please do let us know if you need any assistance along the way or help purchasing the program. Please email us at

  6. Avatar

    there have been several questions on here regarding weight loss and what to do. You have not answered anybof those questions…but you certainly want to sell your book!

  7. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I’m happy i was able to find some logical answers to why my GF diet is not getting me anywhere. Have been diagnosed with celiac since last august and all i was told is go 100% gluten free. I was replacing everything by gf products, but my iron level is too low and i still have all the symptoms.

    Your approach makes sense and i’m ready to start the SCD, but I have a few questions:
    – How long is each phase to kill bad bacteria/help the gut to start healing? I’m travelling in a month and wanted to know if I can start on the SCD right away and by then i’m able to get some foods back into my system.
    – Do you have a customized package for the book,travel tips and meal plan? How long to receive to start on the program? I’m in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    – Do i have to get a crock pot for the chicken or can i use stove top on low heat?
    – Does gluten stick to stainless steel pots as well?
    – If i fast all day and only drink water would this kill the bad bacteria?
    – Should i take probiotics, Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes while following the diet to heel faster?

    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to find where to start.

    • Avatar

      Hi Reham,

      We’re glad to hear that you’re starting the diet. That’s a huge first step!

      Each phase of the diet takes a different amount of time for each person as we’re all individuals, but we recommend being fully prepared and starting as soon as you’re ready. We offer the meal plans and troubleshooting your digestion for a slight discount if you purchase the eBook first. All of the products are available online only. The book explains the answers to your other questions. Let us know how it goes! We’re pulling for you =)

  8. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve,
    I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 10 years ago and went of a strict gluten free diet, over the years I still suffered many reactions which I would blame on gluten even though I was not sure how I has ingested it in the first place. 2013 saw a worsening of my symptoms to the point where I couldn’t work and I felt so scared and frustrated as I didn’t know what was wrong and nothing worked it just made it worse. My mum suggested the SCD lifestyle website as a friends daughter is on the diet and it really helps her, I was desperate at the time so started reading, it was as if someone turned on the light, I had some new direction on what I could do to be free of symptoms. I am currently on Day 51 of the diet and have gone from extreme pain, bloating with days of constipation and then days of diahorrea to only 3-4 bm’s a day and no bloating or pain. It has been truly one of the hardest things I have done in terms of dealing with the cravings, the detox, feelings of isolation and exclusion as well as emotional outbursts/crying all the time and feeling very down, but I stuck to it religiously almost obsessively as I don’t want to be sick anymore. I am suffering from moderate depression as diagnosed by my doctor, she fully supports my decision to follow an SCD lifestyle and is helping me with my depression, I feel very lucky to have such a supportive doctor and husband who is on the diet with me and says he feels a lot better eating this way. I still feel very low on energy but having no bloating or pain is marvelous. I have yet to introduce dairy and yoghurt as have been very senstive to dairy in the past but I know the next step is to get yoghurt into my diet but am not sure how it would go with cow’s milk and goat’s milk is not that easy to find here in New Zealand I would have to do some research and hunt it down somewhere near where I live. Would it be advisable for me to make almond milk yoghurt first before cow or goat? I am starting on trying almond milk today and if it all goes well with this introduction should I just proceed and make almond milk yoghurt first? I just wanted to say that the SCD has really opened my eyes to the reality I was really sick and that I could start taking my life back as the quality of my life was so badly affected by my symptoms I had almost lost hope. I know it will be hard at times but I am determined to make it work for me, thank you for your book and all the advice and emails especially during the first month which was the hardest part for me especially it being over the holiday period which involves so many social events involving food. Things are improving and I now feel able to talk about it more and search for the right tweaks to get me to feeling really good which I haven’t felt in years.
    Thank you again for all the help and support,
    Leonie Fisher – Auckland, New Zealand

  9. Avatar

    Another thing to add I have lost a lot of weight since May of 2012 I weighed 135 and now I weigh 110 lbs. I been trying to gain weight. I take multi vitamins, digestive enzyme from Core Health Products, I also tame robotics with prebiotics. Vitamin C and Sterol Complex. I don’t know what else I’m not doing to improve.

  10. Avatar

    I have been dealing with chronic constipation and have been to numerous doctors, had many tests fRom blood work, xrays, ct scans etc. I have cut out dairy, gluten, soy. Things seemed to be doing well for a minute but it seems like the symptoms keep coming back. The doctors say I have IBS and I don’t know how they can tell. My blood work is normal. I want to know what else can I do to get better. I get a lot of gas, bloating, vaginal white discharge, feeling tired and confused. I am very frustrated at this point because I haven’t found a doctor to do more tests to my stool or whatever else they need to look for. I just want this to stop and I want my life back. Please help! !

    • Avatar

      Hi Trina,
      The research I have currently been doing is on Candida.
      Learn all you can about this feisty little fungus and make sure you are not in ‘overgrowth’.
      IBS is just a term used by doctors, to describe symptoms. This doesn’t mean to say you ‘have’ anything, it is just your current state. All can change 🙂
      All the best 🙂
      Ex-Crohn’s disease patient of 40+ years, now completely gone since 2000.

  11. Avatar

    Hi, just a quick question. I’m reallly skinny as it is, and I’m afraid to start with the intro diet because I’m afraid of losing more weight. Is there anything that I can include to bump up the carbs a bit, and still keep to the diet?

  12. Avatar

    I read the “grocery store mistake” that talks about “natural flavorings” in meats. So, I’m wondering about the thanksgiving turkey I buy this year. The ones I see in the store DO say “natural flavorings. Am I correct in thinking that I need to find an organic one that doesn’t have that?

  13. Avatar

    Hi there, this is a question for Steve. In your story I noticed you said that there was a big difference when you cut out gelatin in the first week / intro diet. I have recently started taking gelatin (collagen hydrosalate) in small amounts (1-2 tsp a day) because I thought it would be helpful and healing (I don’t have time right now to make lots of bone broth) but it’s been a month and things aren’t great and I wonder if it’s the gelatin. I was also ingesting more fats so I cut back a bit there to see if that helped, it did a bit but something is still off with a little -> a lot more bloating and constipation than usual. What made you eliminate gelatin in the early days and why would it be a problem if bone broth is not? I know a processed supplement cannot replace a whole food but I just don’t understand why it would be such a problem, if it is the problem, and can’t seem to find the answer anywhere online. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

    • Steven Wright

      I test everything. No food is scared for me so I was reacting to something and just stopped eating it for 4 days and Boom things got better. We’ve seen around 30-50% of ppl react to gelatin in the beginning. Typically people also need enzymes and HCL so look into that.

  14. Avatar
    Vincent Gimmelli says:

    What would be a good probiotic for me to take since I am suffering with IBS-C? Also, the probiotic that you would recommend, can I only take that probiotic if I am following SCD diet strictly or can I still take it without following the SCD diet strictly? Just curious.

  15. Avatar

    The more I read from your ebook the more I realize that some things I hadn’t considered may be at play. Is it possible some prescription medications contain enough illegal ingredients to affect our gut? I am still taking quite a few prescription medications that I don’t think I can go off of yet, but what about the over the counter things? My doctor has me taking DSS and Miralax daily to prevent constipation induced splenic flexure attacks. Can you recommend anything else?

  16. Avatar

    Hey guys, I’m wondering what your opinion is about taking UC meds and the effectiveness of the SCD diet? I’ve been trying the diet for the second time, my flare is getting worse by the day, wondering if it could be my meds bringing me down? They are tapering me off prednisone, I’m taking Uceris once daily, saw a naturpath last week that has me on some new supplements as well. I’m trying to be as strict as I can, but the cramping and other lovely symptoms that go along with it seem to be getting worse? I was hoping the diet would fix things a lot sooner. I’ve purchased your books and have followed the diet once before with little improvment as well.

  17. Avatar

    does the SCD diet cure collagenous colitis?
    My inflammation is related to change of the structure of second lever of the color mucus.
    Does the diet only manage symptoms or it can be cured. If yes. how long i would need to stay on the diet to get healed?

  18. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve,
    I started SCD diet two weeks ago. I introduce one vegetable at a time to diet. I don’t use any spices, except a bit of sea salt, so the food is almost tasteless. When can I add the spices and a vinegar? Do they have to be tried one by one, like vegetables?

  19. Avatar
    Julie Paterson says:

    Hi Jordan and Steve,
    I’ve been a follower of your site for quite some time now. I’ve been doing the SCD for 2.5 years now and I have never cheated. In fact I’m so strict that I’ve only gone out to eat maybe 10 times in the 2.5 years. When I started the diet, I began with Elaine’s book and went very slow. I had amazing results. I have ulcerative colitis which was mild at first. Within 1 month, I had no more gas or bloating that I dealt with my entire life! I was living a pretty normal life for about 1.5 years on the diet but the bleeding never stopped. I always had a little bit of blood. Suddenly the symptoms worsened this year and I was diagnosed with pancolitis. I attribute this to a doctor prescribing high dose ibuprofen for eye inflammation, which can actually worsen colitis (I didn’t know this until I was hospitalized for a colitis flare). Ever since then, I can’t get out of the flare. I went back to the SCD basics and have been avoiding the four horsemen but the bleeding just keeps getting worse and worse. I’m only eating meats, fish, a few well cooked pureed vegetables, taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes. I am no longer toilet bound (thanks to the strict SCD) but the bleeding is worse. Have you ever heard of people bleeding more and then it settling down? Should I just continue on the strict SCD, adding cooked veggies slowly and the bleeding should stop? Its been about 1 month now. Thanks for all you hard work by the way. I love getting your emails with the new posts!! Julie

  20. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve, I’ve had my celiac diagnosis a year. I’m an extremely healthy 56 yr. old with perfect weight. I’ve been 100% faithful to the “regular” celiac diet and also must keep a Diabetes II diet with Metformin 500 4x a day. Since it’s been a year, I only just recently noticed more normal colon and gut activity. I still cannot eat anything that has much fat in it, and have an occasional unexplained episode that I don’t know where the contamination came from.
    I prefer to not begin your start up diet because I’m allergic to egg whites (but sometimes I eat well cooked organic eggs). I have Diabetes II and don’t usually have juices because of the fast sugar in it (I can do the soup though).
    I’m living overseas and cannot get that juice anyway. If you could recommend any fruit besides banana (not allergic, but sensitive) can I substitute that?
    Is your book on kindle?

  21. Avatar

    I just recently purchased your ebook. So very helpful. Thank you so much. I would like to start the SCD diet but have noticed it is very protein heavy. I love protein but for the past two weeks my symptoms have gotten much worse and whenever I eat animal proteins (chicken or beef, normally roasted or broiled no spices or oil added) it feels like it just sits in my chest and takes easily eight hours for the feeling to go away. I am taking digestive enzymes (pancreatin) and Klair Therbiotic Probiotics. I am quite concerned. Can you please help? I’m worried I can’t start the SCD diet until I can get hold of the situation as the diet plan is protein heavy.

  22. Avatar

    Hi, can you name the product name of 2 probiotics (from Gi pro health & Klaire labs) that you mentioned on beverly Meyer’s podcast please? I went on their website but they offer loads and im not entirely sure which ones are the best.


  23. Avatar
    eva wheatley says:

    My daughter has UC and your website has been such a great help to get her on the road to healing. You introduced us to SCD. I have downloaded everything you offer for free ( I am a senior who is retired) as well as ordering some of your e-books when on sale. As she is showing great improvement on the SCD and your info I wanted to give back to others, so I joined our local chapter of the CCFC ( Crohn’s and colitis foundation of Canada) I approached them for help when my daughter was hospitalized for a major flare where she was offered one of 2 choices. Surgery or biologicals for life. I found out very quickly that the CCFC is an organization whose only mandate is to “raise funds for research” . Over a period of time I was able to convince my local chapter that there is a great need and obligation to offer members more than what the GI’s were prescribing. I hope to share our SCD journey and to inform members of your educational web site. I have taken on the role of president and coordinator of eduction and support. It is a daunting task but there are so many who are suffering with no where to turn.
    I have asked the organization if they would be able to purchase the 9 hr trouble shooting program but as a volunteer group whose fundraising has to go to research they turned me down. I have made notes from the free videos in this program but would really like to get the whole story. Will this download be put on sale in the future?
    Thanks for your help, Eva

  24. Avatar

    Hi guys,
    I’m totally confused about how to deal with and get rid off candida first? According to the reading I’ve done pretty much everyone who is sick has a candida overgrowth, however I can’t seem to find a lot of information as to how to remove this? My husband and I have done an introductory diet and are now eating a full diet plan. However we still have white tongues. I’ve recently taken out raw honey and any type of fruit (even if low sugar) but am just a bit frustrated and feel like I’m flying blind. What exactly do we need to eliminate candida and for how long. And how long before our to tongues turn back to a healthy pink colour. We’re feeling a little defeated at the moment without absolute time goals? I’ve originally gone on it to heal a supposed lactose intolerance. Thanks for your help and expertise!

  25. Avatar
    Laurie Peterson says:

    I’ve been perusing your site for a few months and I have a question. I’ve been on the Specific Carb Diet for two months after having an onset of some severe symptoms last fall. I’ve had a urinalysis recently which was positive for ketonuria. I am not a diabetic that I know of and the doctor thought it was probably from SC diet. She knew nothing about the diet. I’m wondering if you have any knowledge or experience with this.
    I’d really appreciate any information you can give me because I’m seeing an internest in a few weeks and I’d like to be well informed before my appt.
    Thank you,


  26. Avatar

    Hi guys!
    First of all, thank you for your scd book on introducing the diet- amazing! I have been on the Intro Diet for 6 months now- it took me longer than most people I suppose. I took it slow, after a couple relapses in beginning. Many of my symptoms have disappeared, however I’m still dealing with being quite bloated from SIBO and sometimes still have fatigue and muscle weakness.. I’m taking scd legal enzymes, HCL, etc. and just started the yogurt. I haven’t even gotten to raw veggies yet! Suggestions???

  27. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve,

    I stared the SCD about a month and a half ago after reading your book and also Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I also downloaded your meal plans which I did not follow because I thought I would try my own meal plan first. Well I’m back to square one and frustrated and am now determined to go by your 6 week meal plan. Just not sure if I should start the mild or tough case. I’m not even sure I do ok with eggs and Dairy anymore. I have Celiac and Microscopic Colitis and the colitis is out of control. I am having sometimes up to 12 bowel movements a day of diarrhea. I take Imodium when I have to go away or to a function only because after just a small meal or even liquids sends me running to the bathroom. So my question is should I download your “Trouble shooting program” or first do the 6 week meal plan. Again, I have been on the scd for well over a month with no relief from bowels but a tremendous difference in my allergies. No more runny nose, watery eyes and dry skin so I’m happy about that.

  28. Avatar

    i cannot gain weight. i am tiny to begin with and the fastest matbolism on the planet. i am soooo tiny. any suggestions on how to gain weight with food. thanx.

    • Avatar

      I struggled with the same thing. I was able to gain 20 pounds back by eating 1 cup of raw cashew butter a day, not doing any cardio exercise, and keeping track of my caloric intake and my carb intake on I was able to go from 91 pounds to 113 in 3 months. Aim to consume 4,000+ calories/day. Keep increasing number each week. Scd legal foods I found helpful to gain weight: nut butters, olive oil, coconut oil, butternut squash, apples, avocado. Hope this helps!

  29. Avatar

    Greetings. I work for a naturopath who is a colleague of Alison Siebecker. We are currently treating many patients with the SCD diet and will be ordering your book next week. I am also on the diet and so trying to figure out all the logistics for myself and our patients. Feeling confused about the phases – how long we should stay on each one, how to determine when to go forward. Is much of this in the book? Any insight? Of course we would love to do the troubleshooting program – not sure that is affordable right now. Please advise and thank you for all you are doing to help us all.

  30. Avatar
    Vince Gimmelli says:

    I have a question, what kind of bread is allowed on the scd diet? I have been having gluten free bread, is that ok to have? Just having a hard time as to what to have for breakfast that is satisfying.

    • Steven Wright

      @Vince – The best breakfast is some pasture raised eggs and quality bacon. Through in some fermented foods and that’s a dream breakfast. Gluten-free breads from the store almost always contain starch or sugar of some kind. You could make your own from almond or coconut flour if you like.

  31. Avatar
    Peter Stevens says:

    Do I need a Facebook page to participate in the Troubleshooting Program – I ask because I have been VERY resistant to starting one.
    Additionally aside from the Troubleshooting are there important benefits re SCDLifestyle progress to having a Facebook page

  32. Avatar

    Hi Guys!

    I bought your ebook last week and I am on Page 145. I love how you address the mental aspect of the diet and I honestly think you guys are going to be SO VERY Helpful on my way to healing! However, I have to admit that I am a little overwhelmed with all the options you have. I know it is because you have a lot of knowlege to share, but I don’t know where to start.

    Here is my brief situation:
    After I had my second child, I started not to feel well at all. I had bad joint pains, inflamation in my eyes, canker sores, hair falling out, and psorasis. I saw several dr and they all said that nothing was wrong. However, when I went to a holistic prationer they said I was dealing with “the most severe case of leaky gut he has ever seen”. I thought this was strange, because my stomach never really botghered me! I usually went to the bathroom one time per day every morning and that was really it. He said that the leaky gut was causing all of the inflamation. He also tested my stool and found that I had two different parasites. I have been gluten free fo the past 9 months and felt no different. I have been taking tons of suppliments and still not feeling any better. I have now realized that I NEED TO DO MORE WORK and REALLY CHANGE MY DIET TO HEAL MY GUT…which is how I found out about your website/book. I am totally ready to do the work! I just want to make sure I understand everything before I get started. So knowing that I am dealing with Leaky gut (and not IBS/Chrones, Celiac) is there a specfic direction you would point me in? Also, there is so much cooking in the book….wouldn’t it just be a lot easier to steam everything in 20 min? Just woundering if there was a specific reason that you don’t “steam”. I am going to go do some more reading of your book now;) I am so excited I found you guys!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    Lindsay Gopin

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      I have been browsing through your site and am keen on purchasing the book, but when I go through the book part of the site there is no actual option to buy it. Please let me know where I can get it from. Thanks,


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        Apel Mjausson says:

        I had that problem too, @Eugene. The button didn’t show up in Chrome on the Mac. Try another browser. It’s big and yellow, so you can’t miss it if it’s actually there.

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