What Is Your Most Valuable Asset? (Hint: It’s Not Your Money, House, or Car)

Asset: as defined by Wikipedia, is anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value.

If I asked you to list off all your assets and liabilities my bet is it would go something like this:

House Cell Phone
401(k) Cable / Satellite
Car Electric Bill
Job (Money) Credit Card Debt

If you lost your job today could you turn to someone close to you for support until you got back on your feet?

If your house burned to the ground… is there a shelter nearby that will take you in?

If the stock market crashed (oh wait it did) and you lost all your retirement savings could you still work to rebuild your losses over time?

I bet you could because you’re a survivor! We are all survivors. It would seem, then, that such precious and valuable assets, although very painful if lost, are recoverable.

What about your health? Which side of the chart above does it fall on? Is it an asset that creates more value in your life? Or is it a liability that costs you missed time from work, ER bills, and constant prescription co-pays? In other words…

Your Health Is a Multiplier, Either Good or Bad

Which Side Does It Fall On?

What if your digestion was at a point in which you couldn’t absorb your food, you couldn’t control when you used the bathroom, or you don’t have the energy to get out of bed? When life happens, are you still able to rebuild a family, buy a house, get a new job and give back to your community?

If not, then I implore you to start investing in your multiplier (health) today! Make it your number one priority investment. The returns are nothing short of a miracle in many cases.

How do you invest in your health? Every bite you take is a small investment, like an automatic deposit in your checking account, so make sure you’re depositing nourishing and healthy foods.

I recommend the SCD-style of investment. Commit to 30 days and see what kind of returns you get. It is the best health investment plan I know of designed to naturally fix your digestion and restore your health.

If you want to learn more about how to start the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, with every step laid out for you, click here to download a free guide showing you every step of the way.

Remember, Poor Digestion = Poor Health = A Negative Multiplier in every area of your life, so take action today!


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