Who Needs Digestive Enzymes? (and How to Take Them)

Who needs digestive enzymes?

What brands are worth the money?

And how do you introduce them properly?

This Video on Digestive Enzymes Is Right for You If…

You’re someone dealing with:

  • Low grade inflammation
  • Intestinal damage
  • An “oily toilet” (you’ll know what that means)
  • Gas and bloating
  • Diarrhea/Constipation
  • And undigested food in your stools

In this video, I share 3 digestive enzyme brands we personally recommend and also how to properly introduce them to avoid ‘The Stomach Ache of Death.’

In good health,

– Jordan

P.S. – Disclaimer time… always consult your primary care physician before taking any supplements or medications. Remember, we’re not Doctors and don’t pretend to be… so this video is not (and should not be) considered medical advice 🙂

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