Your Leaky Gut Package Is Ready

Here’s Your Material on Overcoming Leaky Gut

If you have digestive problems, you probably have leaky gut. In these 4 videos and 1-hour Q&A session, we cover the most important aspects of how to overcome leaky gut. These are the same strategies we’re using with our private 1-on-1 clients to help them put a stop to this problem once and for all.

Here’s Video 1: “What is leaky gut and how to test for it”

Here’s Video 2: “What Causes Leaky Gut?”

NOTE: I apologize for my comment at 5:53 about “Tylenol” – in which I meant to say Aspirin. Aspirin is, by definition, the NSAID I was referring to, while acetaminophen (the main ingredient contained in the name brand Tylenol) is not generally classified as an NSAID because of its weak anti-inflammatory effects. However I will add that new research is coming out everyday regarding the problematic effects of acetaminophen in and of itself.

Here’s Video 3: “The Protocol for Reversing Leaky Gut”

Here’s Video 4: “Keeping your gut sealed shut forever”

Here’s The Link to Download Your 1-hour Leaky Gut Q&A Recording

– Jordan and Steve