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    Hello Jordan and Steve,

    My name is Laura Drake and I am currently a physician assistant student starting my second and final year of training. I struggle to see patients every day who would benefit from the Specific Carbohydrate Lifestyle. They are prescribed medication after medication with multiple side effects. I have had Crohn’s disease since I was 13 years old and have done the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for the majority of that time. Your new input, such as digestive enzymes and Betain Hcl, has also greatly helped me. I feel that I need to turn this into my career upon graduation to help people with conditions similar to mine. I currently do not know how to go about doing this. I am not familiar with any practitioners who practice the Specific Carbohydrate Diet – in my years of experience Gastroenterologists are oblivious to the lifestyle. Do you have any ideas of how I could pursue this?

    Thank you,

    Laura Drake

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    I have a question about a supplement for SCD. I heard that Fish Oil is excellent to take, so I am looking into Norweigian Gold, First Omega – Ultra Concentrated Essential Omega-3.

    The ingredients are: Purified fish oils, fish gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, natural orange flavor, natural caramel color, lecithin, mixed vitamin E tocopherols, enteric coating.

    The label says: contains no gluten, yeast, sugar, salt, dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, artificial preservatives, or articifical ingredients. What do you guys think?

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    Sara Metzger says:

    Why are the Phase i. Week 1 Sample Menus from the E book different than the Week 1 menus of your Menus in the SCD Phased Menu Plan? One example is the Phased menu plan includes SCD Chicken soup for the first 2 weeks, while the Sample Menus don’t have any soup in the first week. There are other differences as well. Which one should I use?

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    Michael Hertz says:

    I read in your SCD Diet that sweet potatoes are not allowed — but when you wrote about increasing carbs, you said to put sweet potatoes in a smoothy! Which is it? Thanks.

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    Jordan’s short video on the two new functional medicine practitioners (“Watch My Personal Video to Meet Our New Functional Medicine Practitioners”) keeps stopping at 1:33. I was hoping to see the rest of it… Is there something off on your end, or is there a problem with my computer? In any event, are these M.D.s whose consultations will be covered by insurance companies in general?

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    Am seriously considering doing the one on one and hope my case isn’t too complicated. Lifelong IBS-D sufferer, 2.5 years ago had a very serious case of gastroenteritis lasting several months with subsequent diagnosis of microscopic colitis, H Pylori, SIBO and fructose malabsorption and revelation of 13 food sensitivities that I do my best to avoid. Have refused Entocort for the MC and havent been offered ATB for the H Pylori yet since I refused to treat the MC first. Have spent 2.5 years with alternative health care practitioners with almost no success. Have seen several GI docs who only want to give Entocort for the MC but are condescending and have no interest in finding the root cause. This “functional” bowel disorder leaves me pretty much in a state of malfunctioning all of the time. I’m wondering if doing the leaky gut program would be just as effective as signing up for the one on one? For the first time ever I am hopeful after finding this website. The info is wonderful and I look forward to moving forward in this healing journey.

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    it is a long shot but I keep trying. Been on the scd diet now for 3 weeks with all the supplements. My big thing is anxiety caused by loud tinnitus. Has anyone ever mentioned tinnitus improving or going away following your protcoll.
    other symptoms, like psorasis is getting but the never ending noise is very unsetteling. Any info you have would be wonderful!

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    I am very interested in your program. My son is 3yr post Whipple Surgery. He has a partial pancreas and is an insulin dependent diabetic with a partial small intestine obstruction due to the adhesions from the surgery and random pancreatitis flare ups. With all this going on do you think you can still help him ? We have exhausted all other avenues at this time and the only option left are opiads to relieve the pain. Thank you for all the help you have given to so many people.

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    The case review is $300. This buys a questionaire and 1 hour session with the practitioner.
    I assume the practitioner tells you what tests to get. Right?

    1. Do they tell you how to get the tests? For example, I’ve already checked my hmo about the 401h stool test. They don’t do the test. So if i need the test, how do I find out where to get the test? And who will interpret the test?

    2. Does the practitioner interpret the test and give you a plan as part of the $300?


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    Am I in the wrong program? I am looking for help with Hashimoto’s and food sensitivities. I do not have the cramping and constant diarrhea described by others. I work very hard to keep my glycemic index low and am very confused by the phases of the SCD diet. As I read the description of the SCD Intro stage, I should eat cooked carrots and drink apple cider and grape juice — all three of those items have a high glycemic index. Are you saying they are okay for someone who is craving them, or are you suggesting that everyone consume them as part of the process in order to decrease our sensitivities to other foods? My understanding of Hashimoto’s is that I should stay away from many foods forever — is your SCD program suitable as-is for someone dealing with Hashimoto’s or should I be looking at a different chart to see how you modify the SCD program for Hashimoto’s?

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    Hi, you guys give me hope!! But I need to know, do you really think you can help someone without a colon, instead the small intestine is fashioned into a J-pouch. A loved one is going through absolute suffering dealing with constant diarrhea, fistulas and abscesses for two years. No one has been able to help him. Please let me know if you can help. I want him to buy the 60 day Heal your gut or 1 on 1 consults. He has lost too much weight, I am crying as I write this, thinking of my sweet dad.

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    Are you aware of any schools or programs to study functional medicine/holistic nutrition in the Chicago area? If there are none close to Chicago, do you know of any on-line programs to receive this training? Are you familiar with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition…might this be a good program to start with?

    Where did you both receive your training? Thank you for all the valuable information you have to share…I have been learning a lot!

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      I am wondering the same thing! I have been looking for Bachelor’s Degree programs specifically. I see a lot of certificate or Masters programs, but not a lot of Bachelor’s Degree programs.

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    Hi, I have Crohn’s disease and have had for 16 years. I had 25cms of bowel removed in 2010 and have been recently told I have several ulcers returning. I am also lactose and fructose intolerant. I take 2mgms of questran lite every morning to stop me from having too many BM’s. With a young family I find it difficult to put myself first and make meals that I can eat and end up eating my kids leftovers. I would like to start your programme but not sure exactly where to start. Would like to hear from you thanks Carolyn

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    Hi I’m a nutrition and wellness coach and own a gym in Australia (primal performance jn kincumber) and we are running a 6 week challenge starting Monday. I’m planning on talking about leaky gut, but would love to use a link to your website or Facebook and possibly the free webinar if available? Please let me know if this is ok? Thanks, Clare

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    I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am going to do your leaky gut protocol. I want to know if low dose naltrexone plays a positive role with helping with intestinal permeability.
    Would be interested to know specifically for leaky gut/intestinal permeability help outside of autoimmune disorders which I have been prescribing to patients and started taking myself.
    Thanks for any info you have.

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    Two questions: 1. Is this the same coaching program that you are offering via the webinar on May 13, 2014? That one had “special rates” through 5/19/14?
    2. Are any of the functional medicine Practitioners experienced in endurance athletic events and in my case diagnosed Hashimotos and gluten intolerant? Ben Greenfield on the Underground Wellness thyroid summit had some very interesting information on that particular lifestyle driver, so would the functional medicine practitioner again have interest/experience in that area?

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    I’ve been considering contacting you for some time Steve, Jordan. I do have some questions I couldn’t find answers to from others questions to you.

    Can the functional doctors prescribe Rx’s ? Mine is a difficult case almost certainly due to sibo. I once fixed it w/diet many years ago w/the SCD diet but ‘fell off and now almost everything taken orally gives me problems , mostly gas etc , I have IBS-C even after sub total colectomy.

    Do you think I would be a candidate for your services ? Thank you.

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    Hi. I’d like to become a client and purchase a New Case Review. Would I be working with Jordan and Steve or a functional Medicine Practitioner? Thanks!

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    I have suffered from ulcertive colitis for many years, and bought your package, did not feel it is apply to me much. Can we have a quick talk. I have tried everything, but nothing worked. Litao

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the stream of useful info you. Greatly appreciated!

    I wonder if you would be able to assist someone in South Africa? Testing might be tricky – our postal system is not the most reliable in the world!

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    Hi guys, I have a question for you, though it is not necessarily related to any of the content on your website. Is there an email address that I can use to send you a quick email? I really appreciate the work you do, I’ve benefited greatly from it!

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    Do you have a list of the docs you work with and their bios? I’d like to know who I will be working with before signing up. Also, can I pick which person seems like the best match for me?

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    Do you have any experience or information about rope worms? I’ve heard about them recently and think that there but information is hard to come by. Especially something that I would consider reliable.

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    Hi, I’m wondering if you are familiar with rope worm. Is this one of the ‘parasites’ that you work to detect and get rid of? I’ve heard its relatively new but creates chronic, awful symptoms.

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    I am working hard on addressing the health of all the members in my family (husband, 4 small children ages 2-8, and myself). We all have similar issues and are all following GAPS. We need more help, though, and I was wondering if there is a way to do a family consultation or work something out along those lines. The reasons I would like to do this are first, because we all share common issues, so I feel it would be most effective to deal with them at the same time, and secondly because it would be very difficult financially to spend $1800 for an individual initial consultation for each family member, plus testing, plus follow-ups. And, I just don’t think I would need a whole hour for each individual. I would like your help, can we work something out? Thank you for your good work on this – so many of us need help with our health.

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    jonny brennan says:

    Hi, I want to come to you guys for help soon but have a question I’m eager to know the answer to before I take my first HCL. I was diagnosed with h-pylori and have been on a PPI lansoprazole for 4 years. I hate my doctors who think I’m strange for talking about being ill and they say there’s nothing wrong with me. I had a traumatic event happen nearly 3 years ago too and my GP blames everything on that, 4 hospitals worth of gastroenterologists have come up with nothing after lots of tests including 3 endoscopys. I can’t believe they are ignorant of the links between PPIs and malabsorption that I’m obviously suffering from. For the past 2 and a half years I have been weak as hell and seriously fatigued to the point of being house bound for spells, I got so skinny that my knee buckled underneath me and crashed into a hard surface at work and I’ve been off work ever since with the knee problem and the fatigue. I burp all day long, had mushy stools while on the PPI, get a bit of heartburn and am bloated. I’ve had triple therapy to eradicate the HP 5 months ago and a very painful biopsy in my stomach that hasn’t healed after a 3 months to confirm eradication. I gave up lansoprazole as soon as I found out that it was the cause of all this 2.5 months ago and substituted it for zinc carnosine, DGL, pro-biotics, aloe vera juice and L-glutamine, plus I went to a herbalist who gives me herbal meds to take (dunno if they help). I ordered the Assist Full Spectrum enzyme and Digest Force HCL-200MG from the Poliquin group last night before I discovered your site. So I was wondering will having the HCL in my stomach hinder the healing of my triple biopsy scars that are taking their time, or accelerate it, and what do you think of the brands I bought in relation to my problem?

    Thanks a lot, I’m very glad to have found a site that may help me regain my strength and finally get the benefits from the all the crazy food I’ve been buying 🙂 I appreciate any feedback.


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    If you have Sibo, I was tested and I do and I am taking xifaxan and I am on the scd diet should I be taking probiotics (I am taking Enzmatic acidophilus pearls at bedtime) or is the acidophilus contributing to more unwanted bacteria in the small intestine.

    Can you email me the answer thank you James

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    sharon lucas says:

    Hello Steve & Jordan,

    I just wanted to stop by and offer up something I came across that seems to fit very well with the work you do to help others. I apologize if you are already familiar with this doctor. His name is Dr. David Perlmutter and he is a world re-known neurologist. He recently wrote another book (Grain Brain) a New York best seller! It is remarkable! He explains the science of what we eat, what happens to our brains and bodies eating the wrong foods, gluten, etc. A great deal of what he explains, ties in with the SCD lifestyle. His book and other materials would be well worth exploring if you haven’t already.

    Thank you both again for all your great work!

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    Nelia Michie says:

    Hi there

    With reference to Elaine’s (and your) yoghurt recipe: Instead of dairy, is water kefir recommended?


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    Larry Probert says:

    Hello, I have been on the diet very strictly for three weeks. It seems all foods treat me the same. I had no difference in my condition at the end of three weeks except that I was literally starving myself. It was way too much meat for someone who hardly ate meat to begin with. Very low calorie content and it was impossible to eat enough with the food. Now when I say I was starving….I am not kidding. I lost more weight and could hardly get up. SO…I had to begin adding brown rice and goat milk with protein powders to get myself a bit of strength. I want to do the testing. I want to join the clinic. I don’t know when the clinic will be opened, but I am in too bad a shape to wait too long. How can I begin the testing and how do I find the costs? Thank You for all you guys are doing. Larry.

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    Hi, my son was a AAA hockey player, very fit and a great student when after a hockey game he developed a diarrhea that turned into a 10 week long nightmare. He hasn’t been to school or played sports since, complaining of abdominal pain that never goes away, it gets worse but never stops. He has developed hives, aches, tingling and is still feeling unwell and battling constant abdominal pain. The performed an endoscopy/colonoscopy and discovered he had eosinophillic esophagitis and his eosinophils in his blood were elevated as well as his anitbody to gluten. The scopes revealled damage to the villi but not enough to say it was Celiac Disease. Through this whole painful process my son has never been able to get any relief from his abdominal pain and all his symptoms point to an parasitic infection. Now the GI has presribed depression meds and telling us he needs to return to school…I totally agree! but how do we find out what this abdominal pain is??? and treat it? Please help…we are from Canada and desperate to get him back to his life!

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    I was recently diagnosed with SIBO with methane gas I have had IBS-C for 30 yrs. I am on an herbal protocol neem,alicin,berberine,oil of oregano, a probiotic and the scd/fodmap diet that DR Siebaker recommends. A week in and I feel horrible. Today even ration eggplant and zucchini puree and a small piece of salmon caused horrible nausea and burping 45 mins later. I was vegan for 5 yrs before starting the diet and now constipation is unbelievable…I had been managing well for the past 5 yrs on the vegan diet and magnesium supplements, until January when the burping and discomfort began.
    I read Norm Robillards book and am curious wheat you think of it. Also wanting to know if a pro kinetic (erythromycin) that my NP wants to add is a good idea. I paid for the talk the other day but wasn’t able to hear it and am waiting for when the transcript is available. I think you’re website and interview are great …can’t wait to see some results

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    I am looking for a doctor in the Dallas/North Dallas/suburbs that can help me with the things you are talking about. I have been following the SCD diet for around 2 years and have made good improvements but I want to take it to the next level. Do you recommend any GI doctors in this area?



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    Hey guys! It’s been about 3 years and I’m feeling great, loving the scd recipes and lifestyle. It’s also been 3 years since I had a colonoscopy, when I first got sick. I thought it was time to get another one. I’d like to see how I’ve improved and healed internally. My doc wants to use a blue dye along with a blue light to give a better view. I’m a little concerned about the dye. Do you know anything about it? Should I just stick w/the blue light? I am concerned that, even though he says it’s not absorbed by the body, if it has any residual side effects that I should be concerned about. I’m scheduled for next week (April 2, 2014) and hope to hear back from you before then! Thanks from one of your biggest fans, Nia.

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    I pasted this on facebook also. I have an idea for you!!! By they way Hi Steve and Jordan, I have been following your work for over a year now. Thank you thank you. Although I have often thought about 1 on 1 consulting I am concerned about the fees. I have seen so many doctors for the past 15 years, I am hesitant, but curious. and still need guidance. Also, I am living overseas so getting some tests done would be a problem. My doctor said no one in this country has Celiac Disease….so there is not any help here for me. I just tried an on-line cleanse. This was my first cleanse and also my first experience with an on-line private facebook group. It went well. What I noticed is that as we proceeded through the cleanse most people posted questions and got answers from others who had similar experiences. We were being guided by the Herbalist Health coach, but we learned so much from each other. Since your time is precious and you can only help so many clients per day I was thinking it would be great to do small group healing. Is that possible? Set up a small group live chat, facebook group, and clients with similar diseases and at a similar stage in healing. (for example people like me with Celiac Disease, 2 years diagnosed, villi regrowth confirmed but still feeling tired and in pain and no guidance in the country I live in;) Using group healing you could guide the group, help more people and the group could support each other since we would all be at a similar stages in healing and have common issues. I have heard of group acupuncture, never tried it, but I think this could work. Just and idea let me know what you think????

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    I’m a UC patient on Medicare with Kaiser Permanente in California. Do they even have practitioners which can deal with these issues? I do have a doctor but her normal treatment is to blast stubborn cases with steroids. And if I can correct the bacteria ratio in my gut with food why not nuke them first with antibiotics and then start the diet? Thank you

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    Do you have a recommendation for a practitioner that works with children? My son is almost 3 years old and I’m desperately needing to find a practitioner to help him. I’m 99% sure he has SIBO and I really need help from a practitioner because diet alone is not working. I would be so appreciative if you can provide me with any direction. I’m willing to work via skype or even travel to another state if necessary. Thank you SO much for your time!!!!

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    Having spent years on dead-end roads I wanted to share the reason for the despair around my version of ibs, etc. so that before I make the effort to find $250 I could get your feedback. I can’t take most supplements, nor can I digest any protein beyond a bean or legume. I lost fruit 30 years ago as well as ALL sweet vegetables, all seeds, nuts and cheese, milk and meat and fish. I have none of the symptoms you mention – diarheaa, etc. BUT i can’t EAT many things and when I try them the alcohol in the gut reaction and the resulting energetic decline and suicidal thoughts are enough to keep me eating what “seems to work” but didn’t help in the long run. Am I going to be able to TAKE or DO any of the diet guidelines? I can survive on my whole grain and vegetable diet but I’d rather live than survive so I’m willing to try your FM approach and your SCD diet but I know I won’t be able to eat most of the things in it until something changes in my gut , and how to change it without creating more damage?! help. thanks for any comment or suggestion. I”m on medicaid so I could get tests thru that and then figure out how to the FM consultations.

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    Hey guys,
    I have joined the waiting list, but i want to work/ have one to one sessions with you guys Jordan and Steve. As i would prefer to have appointments with you and not someone else, when would that be possible? and how long are we looking now on the waiting list? as i would really love to get stared asap.

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    I purchased you SCD book and it said if you had a question to contact you at My yahoo is saying this address is invalid. So this is my question…
    I am trying to prepare for the SCD intro. I am addicted to sugar and try and stay away from it as much as possible. I can eat a fruit or so a day but I don’t do it often. I stick to berries or apples when I do. I don’t know if the Welch’s grape juice would bother me or not, but just a little scared to try it. Do most people do well with it in my situation? Can you please advice of the best way for me to go forward with the intro. My plans were to start tomorrow.
    Is there another address I should be sending this to?

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    I have been looking at your website, listening to podcasts, and watching the latest webinar and have never heard anyone mention what I have – collagenous colitis, also called microscopic colitis. Does your program work for this? I am 67 years old, with this diagnosis for 3 years, and I also have T1D for 37 years, gastroparesis, and hypothyroid.

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    Can we consume products with cellulose in them when we are on the SCD diet? Some prepared foods have that ingredient.

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    Hey Steve and Jordan!
    I without a doubt am suffering from Leaky Gut and it’s symptoms.
    I was wondering however if either of you have heard of post-workout IBS (or something along those lines?)
    It’s generally after a higher intensity workout, but not always and not after every workout. It actually feels like extreme menstrual cramping and sometimes nausea with relief after either passing gas or having a BM. It only comes on once the workout has stopped or I take an extra long break, but it’s immediately after. The attacks can last from 5-15 mins. Sometimes they can leave my lower abdominal area quite sore for up to a day after. Doing lower abdominal exercises may trigger in some cases, but I don’t often do those and can still have the attacks. Not sure if this has to do with blood flow away from the intestines/bowels while exercising and/or if it’s digestive related.

    Thanks for any insight you may have and for the amazing work you both do.

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    Hello– I see you haven’t responded to any posts in months. Is this page valid? Also, I am confused – do you have functional medicine MDs you are working with and can therefore take appointments in a timely manner from hitting the pay button – and what is that time frame – or are you searching for them? Or are you searching for them still? And so how long could the gap be between sending you funds and actually having a consult and getting started? Please advise.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      We’re in the process of hiring them right now. If you join the waiting list we will notify you as soon as we have appointments opening back up. We’re shooting for the next few weeks.

      In good health,


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    pauline ndlovu says:

    Hi Steve and Jordan

    I have been suffering from medical issues from the time i was 13yrs old and am now 28yrs old, i have had enough.i have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and that includes celiac disease in my list of other issues. i would love to have your specialists look at my case.i have already suffered a miscarriage and dont want this condition to take over my life.i have 3 occassions where i have nearly been killed from wrong diagnosis and assumption of symptoms. i dont have a credit card to make payment how would i be able to make payment i live in Zimbabwe.And if you can please tell me an estimate of how much i need to raise so i can save up forthe payment.I just want to live my life as normal as possible and to atleast wake up some days with no pain.

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    I have UC & have been on the scd diet since mid August with good results. I am getting over a bad cold/sore throat and have noticed that I have experienced a flare. Since nothing has changed in my diet, can I assume that my being sick has caused this sudden flare? Has anyone else experienced this when they get sick?

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    Do you feel you can work with a 60 year old male, diagnosed last November with erosive esophagitis, including lesions on the upper esophagus and inflamed epiglottis, ongoing need to drink water to get food to go down smoothly 4 months after diagnosis, ongoing throat inflammation (seen just last week in a followup throat scope) and after beginning a prescription in November for acid control, and dealing with unwelcomed related weight loss of over 25 pounds, which I can’t seem to gain back because many of the foods most often listed to help gain healthy weight, is also listed as being inappropriate for a low-acid diet.

    I’m fed up and right now, quite scared. I am scheduled for a repeat throat MRI soon.A November 2013 CT scan showed a small mass in my throat, on the left side, which is the side on which I had also started out with incredibly painful headaches and other issues. All tests ruled out stroke, brain tumours, etc., and final diagnosis of headaches issues was viral meningitis or viral neuritis.
    Then an MRI did not see what the CT saw, but report noted that a swallowing issue might have been the reason it didn’t show on the MRI. So a subsequent biopsy was done in the area shown on the CT scan. Biopsy was negative for malignancy. I was told these throat issues “could take months or up to a year” to resolve. (I had almost no voice at all from late October to late November; voice is normal now).

    Now I am dealing with trying to maintain al low acid and healthy diet, but also concerned about weight loss. I’m also taking multivitamins, extra B6 and B12, and the following supplements recommended by a nutritionist (Udo’s Oil, Respiractin, BCAA branched chain amino acids, a Glutamine formula, and twice a day I use Manuka honey 16+, for throat irritation. Still taking 40 mg of acid control prescription Pantoprazole.

    Do you feel qualified and ready to deal with these issues?

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    Can you please suggest a book for a child that has gluten sensitivity but still has behavioral problems in school-impulsive, aggressive.
    Can you please suggest a book for a person that had colon cancer and the colon resected and then had everything reconnected. But now she is still having many problems.
    I wasn’t sure if Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet would address these problems
    I loved hearing Jordan on Marc David’s Conference!

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    I’ve been off gluten for about a year and a half. Had rectal cancer 9 years ago and afterward years of off and on diarrhea, then later terrible diarrhea. Went off gluten and it was gone in two days, never to return. Now I’m basically on a SCD diet, real rigid this week, high in good fat content, no grain, lower carbs, protein but not overdoing it. Now I’m getting major night sweats. Could that be part of the die-off? I’m 76 years old.

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    Have you worked with anyone with SIBO stemming from a total gastrectomy? That’s a very specific case, I know. If you’ve worked with anyone with either of these that would be helpful to know as well.


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    Thank you for your article on dubious lab tests. Different context, but I had urine organic acid tests done two months apart by Metamatrix Labs. The results were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Stuff that was dramatically out of range one test was well within range, or even on the other end of the spectrum, on the other. No changes for me in between in terms of diet, meds, supplements, anything. Scary that treatment decisions are being made on the basis of this testing.

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    I am in desperate need of help with Parasites, Chronic Lyme, Co-infections and severe heavy metal toxicity. Are you gentlemen confident in your (labs) ability to successfully test for these conditions? As you may well know, many of the current Lyme tests available to doctors are remarkably inaccurate and quite expensive. I am having some success in treating parasites but without an exact knowledge of taxonomy of what I’m fighting, It’s nearly impossible to be thorough in treatment. I am looking forward to working with you both.
    Dan C.

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    I am interested in the diet and the work you are doing, but I am wondering if the SCD has any success with patients diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis?

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    My brother is in the hospital for the 2nd time. He had already been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitits, but this time (in ICU), they’ve decided he needs to have his colon removed. He is single and doesn’t really understand about diet. I am very into Nutrition myself and tried to share some information with him, but he won’t listen to me. Right now he’s very weak and scared. However, they won’t release him from the hospital unless they find him a place to stay (half-way house type thing) while awaiting surgery. I KNOW you can help him if he’ll follow your protocol. Bur he’s going to need a lot of assistance. He lives in Slidell, LA. Do you have someone local there that can help him?
    He has only his phone, no computer with him, and not sure what internet access. Please let me know if this is possible via email and provide me with a phone number that I can call and give mine and his numbers for communication. THANK YOU!

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    Hey Guys! Alex here from Sweden. Thanks for doing all this!
    i have some questions before i start this journey.
    I was diagnozed with Ulcerous Colitis in 2010. By mid 2011 I was hospitalised for 1 month and they tried all the steroids and Remicade on me with no success. After 1 month I had to have a total colectomy and remove my colon due to a life threatning flareup with high fever and severe bleedings. However they left the last 30cm or so of my colon/rectum. In 2012 i had a second surgery and had a ileorectal anastomosis so i was rid of the ostomy bag.
    Unfortunately this remaining 30cm part is still sick and is still giving me hell and at the moment i cannot function without steroids and asacol tablets. The doctors say that my next option is to have another 2 surgeries and have a J-pouch made. Just the thought of 2 more surgeries makes me cry, and Im really scared of the risks that follows these surgeries and the possibly malefunctions of the J-pouch. I feel desperate now to find other ways and im willing to try the SCD in hope it could manage my disease.
    Now my question is. Would there be anything in particular i should think about while on this diet in my condition considering most of my colon is gone? Should i eat more salt than is normally recommended for example? The only recommendation ive gotten from the doctors is to consume more salt and fluids than an average person.
    Im also not 100% sure what kind of vitamins etc i might have harder to absorb without a colon. B12?
    Maybe someone else out there with simular experience or situation?
    Sorry about the essay! =)

    All the best

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    Judith Watson says:

    Hi, I’ve looking for supplements that are compatible with scd, and have found one called Premier Research Labs that I think work. Please check it out and give you recommendations. Best, Judith

  57. Avatar

    I am a vegetarian and I do not eat any dairy. I can not eat the gelation so is there another diet plan that will her me. I’ve been to ER 3 times and also stayed in hospital for 5 days. I had a very bad case of colitis. I now have diverticulitis. Is the any thing you know that would help me. I’m also on a gluten free diet. Please is there any way this could help. Desperate. Thank you Debbie

  58. Avatar

    Hello, my husband has been diagnosed with lyme disease. Every doctor we went to ignored the problem, wanted more money before “helping”, or tried to put us on pharmaceuticals. The last 3 years has been real tough. As for my husband, his childhood years of suffering was just statting out. We haven’t found a doctor who will listen to our needs. Now that we are broke and there’s no moey coming in from anywhere other than us selling our posessions on craigslist, we are extremely selective on what we buy. We are currently on the Gerson Therapy. We have done it for almost 2 months and haven’t seen the slightest improvement. We believe my husband is infested with parasites and more. I suppose, I’m looking for reassurance that we aren’t spending our last dime to get us no where. I hope what you say is true since it is so hard to find truth in the medical field. Do you know much about lyme disease? Thank you!

  59. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan
    I finally learned after years of health issues I have celiac disease. My 10 yr old daughter has severe celiac as well. I am having kidney problems related to the disease due to the fact I cannot appropriately breakdown protein-as well as severe abdominal and leg edema.
    I have cut out ALL grains as well as potatoes, dairy, soy, coffee, never drink sodas, cannot digest nuts either.
    Do either of you think you can be of help to me and my daughter? Not only does she have physical health issues from gluten, but any cross contamination effects her neurologically.

  60. Avatar

    I ended up with diagnosis of candida 2 years ago, tested. Was given diflucon, it totally got rid of psoriasis which was great but left me with hair loss and damage to nail beds. Having a gout condition made the diet difficult, not enough food to keep me from producing my own uric acid. Tried the BED diet, protocol. After 3 weeks, psoriasis extremely bad, looked like a burn victim. Skin cracking open, shooting out blood, conclusion, die off coming thru my skin, and causing great pain and issues. Since I have never been able to fast due to stomach issues, I am concluding leaky gut probably most of my life, but a session with a potent anti-biotic really set this whole nightmare in motion. The die off is too severe to handle the psoriasis and after attempting to change it up about 3 times and ending up in the same nightmare, I think I have to do something at a slower pace to starve those Basta_ds. Diet and fixing the leaky gut needs to be first, because now I need to be careful with food as well. Anything that is cleansing to the body can start the die off and skin in motion. A nice refreshing glass of lemon aid one time and 1/2 of pomegranate the next. I internally felt better, but externally oh my, I can not tell you how bad it is to be not only uncomfortable in your skin, but unable to move because of pain and shooting blood and how do you bandage 2/3 of your legs, don’t want to bend them. Mainstream doctors would only put me on some other med that would have side effects to add to my pleasures, if they weren’t just guessing on what might help in the first place. Doctors I have seen, even for testing allergies, blow off candida diagnosis. There are no functional medicine doctors in my present insurance and can’t afford to go to any. So I will keep on trying to listen to my body and choose the right foods to eat. Frankly it has been a real juggling act. If it wasn’t for leaky gut, I am beginning to think, I may not have psoriasis much at all. The functional medicine doc that diagnosed the candida said my psoriasis is yeast based. I am now thinking in order to fix the candida, I need to fix the leaky gut first. I can not handle the die off coming through my skin. Do you have any suggestions for me? I didn’t see any reference to the psoriasis factor involved in this nightmare.

  61. Avatar
    Heather Vincent says:

    I’ve had great success on the diet but ‘fall off the wagon’ too frequently and must start over again. This regression is caused by well meaning friends, what is a hidden ingredient in restaurant meals and my own food sensitivities.

    I have just about all of your written material which I find very helpful and now I believe I need the one-on-one support you offer through personal consultation. I am Canadian and also need advice on where I can go for a hydrogen breath test re intestinal bacteria. My home is in Toronto so Buffalo would be the ideal place but I will go anywhere within reasonable driving distance such as Plattsburg, etc. I did take a drug sold in Canada for small intestinal infection and it worked but didn’t totally clear the infection so I’m back to square one.

    Please contact me so I can start the New Year on the right footing and don’t spend 2014 spinning my wheels.

  62. Avatar

    Hi there, Ive visited your numerous times and was so pleased to hear you say that when things arent working out its because of something your eating not die off. Wow was that ever true with me it was almond flour (too bad because it really helps to stay on program w/ muffins etc… and the other was honey! Can you believe honey? Have you heard of that before? Anyway you guys talk so much about ibs, colitis all these gut issues but mine is serious depression, constipation not diarrhea so my question to you is will this diet help me? You look awfully healthy both of you and I use to be so pretty at one time but I look so old and tired especially after I eat, could you tell me what you think and what suppl. I should be on like calcium, minerals or just vit. I have purchased a few from gi pro health thank you for your great concern with people who are suffering so appreciated! Julie

  63. Avatar

    Looking to start your diet after new year. Have suffered from ibs for a couple of years now also no energy etc. Also have some food introlances. Do you do hard copies of your books or is it only e books.

  64. Avatar

    I am moreso dealing with foods that are giving me skin rashes. Do you speak on this in your book. Also. how long do you stay on each phase?

  65. Avatar

    I have chronic fatigue that has developed slowly over the last few years. I have an extremely sensitive digestive tract (stomach on down) that cannot tolerate anything acid based, plus I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis. I cannot eat many foods. So many of the supplements for energy and other things that have been recommended to me by practitioners I am unable to tolerate unless I use topical skin creams or sublingual, etc… Do you think that your approach could assist me on my road to wellness? Like so many I am tired of running in circles to get help. Thanks

  66. Avatar

    Oops, pressed send accidentally…

    I’ve got Hashimoto’s and haven’t found anyone local to work with who really digs for answers and understanding. I know autoimmune responses can be put into remission and am looking for support with the process. As there isn’t a lot of info on your site specifically about autoimmune conditions and many practitioners have areas of expertise, I’m wondering if autoimmunity is something you are confident in addressing? If yes, terrific, I’ll sign up! If not, would you have a recommendation for someone else that does that work specifically?

  67. Avatar

    Hi there! I have had severe chronic constipation for most of my life and I am 40 years old. I have tried everything under the sun……physician perscribed meds (After being diagnosed with IBS-C), high fiber, Miralax, Magnesium etc etc with only little or very temporary success. I stumbled upon your website trying to find info on stomach ph for my son & daughter who both suffer with stomach pain and diarrhea (completely opposite from my problems). I have a couple questions:
    *Does the SCD diet help chronic constipation with someone who never has diarrhea?
    *If I purchase your book do I still need to purchase Breaking the Vicious Cycle book or does it contain the same info…..I am confused on this:-)

  68. Avatar

    Hi there, I just wondered how many years it took before you were fully recovered to the extent that you could eat gluten containing products again? Thanks, Beth

  69. Avatar

    Will doing the diet 90% of the still cure my colitis
    And after it’s cured over time will I be able still eat little of the wrong thing occasionally but not all the time?

  70. Avatar

    can you let me know if you have testing for India? I am of serbian origin and living in India and after successfully removing an h pylori infections believe i still have some parasite or bacteria that I have been unable to detect which is causing my “IBS” diagnosis. Thanks.

  71. Avatar

    My dermatologist recommended your beef bone broth and sdc diet– I have the most chronic papular eczema any doc who sees it “has ever seen” ( she is not really sure that is it) and immune /leaky gut related problems that show up as rashes and hives. She uses muscle testing to determine the right plan and you win. I also have Lymes that shows up when under stress, high eosinophils etc. Ige count of 14,0000. I crave suger and alcohol and am 61 year old otherwise healthy? Woman!

    I have not read of anything like this on your website……major skin inflammation issues with occasional Gerd?

    What do you think? Am I in the right place?

  72. Avatar

    Is there any way of contacting you privately? A little bit about my situation – I was diagnosed with IBD in March, with a narrowing. Since then I have been doing a variation of SCD (no nuts or fruit and kefir rather than yoghurt). I get a bit better, but the runs never stop, however the bleeding and pain does. My problem is, I can go 4 to 6 weeks on the diet and feel great, and then I crash, get starving and eat grains particularly oats which I crave (also crave chocolate etc), nuts and cheese (all the things I have restricted) in large quantities. I can’t get out of this cycle. Nuts seem to make me ill, as does, I think, cheese and fruit. Therefore my diet consists of vegetable (not sure that they don’t make me ill either), eggs, meat, and fish accompanied with lots of fat. But it doesn’t sustain me. I’m a big believer in the gut brain connection too and I get massive brain fog when I eat the foods I can’t. I want to consult with people who understand this problem specifically, but I am UK based. If you were I wouldn’t hesitate to use your 1 to 1 consultancy. I am nervous to pay for something online that I have no assurance of. Is it possible to Skype/email you guys? Just would like to make private contact first to make sure this is the right thing for me. I also wondered about your thoughts of working with someone who doesn’t eat fruit, nuts or dairy? Do you think these things are problematic as many practitioners working in this field do?

    Look forward to your response,


  73. Avatar

    I have had bad yeast overgrowth which affected me mentally and physically on many ways and the best I felt was when I cut out sugar and grains while taking nystatin and removing gluten/dairy. My four year old son had excema and obvious yeast signs (and yeast in stool) so I resolved the excena by removing his many wholefoid intolerances and by putting him on a low salicylate diet. The low Sal diet cleared his skin and also produces more cooperative and easygoing behavior in him at home. He is extremely thin and chronically nasal congested and continues to be intolerant of so many foods and I feel like he is sensitive to social anxieties as I was before Candida treatment (he is very social and loves people but I can see that he simultaneously gets a bit anxious or stimulated by crowded museums or parties and by certain visitors. He got very bad die off from taking a tiny bit of nystatin for a few weeks and from taking terbinafine for a few weeks. He did seem to be more easygoing and gentle to his family weeks after die off calmed down. How would I do SCD if he us intolerant to most vegies and all fruit? How do I kill yeast if he gets such bad die off (drunk behavior that does pass but more concerning us his good reactions increase). I resolved his excema when he was two with the low salicylate diet ( and avoiding many whole foods his skin reacted to right away back then)…and I just kept him on a lower salicylate diet for two years…his skin would not react unless he ate a couple things like tomatoe or corn etc and he seemed in with miat fruit with exceptions thsy he got hyper if he ate apples or raisins. Then a month ago I decided since he was super thin and congested and I wondered if he would be more gentle and easygoing with his family if I fed him only negligible salicylate foods ….i gave him some terbinafine as owr his alternative doctor and carbgest enzymes for first time and only fed him from negligible or very very low salicyjaye foods and he got drunk die off behavior which passed fairly quickly but a month later he is in this state where he is much more gentle and cooperative at home which is great, he is happy, however when I do feed him a fruit or vegie that’s on the low salicylate lust instead of the negligible list his ears get red and he acts hyper. He never got red ears or hyper following low or high Sal foods in his past (rather he got excrma face reactions as a baby which passed and then I just saw subtle differences over a week in how gentle or rough he was at home and how cooperative and easygoing or easy irritated he was at home. He controls himself with other people and kids but with his parents and sister he can be either easy or imiatient and gentle or rough. I know he needs to kill overgrowth but not sure if he can fo SCD if he has low weight and right now since he reacts to all fruit and miat vegetables I sm confused how to do SCD. And how to help him handle die off . I sm working with an alternative doc and nutritionist but have learned more from ur site making me think you could help. Thanks so much.

  74. Avatar

    I wonder if you guys have ever ingested a high quality aloe vera product?

    Somewhere around 1996 I tried Manaloe®, a process patented freeze-dried aloe vera powder with lecithin added for assimilation (sold by Mannatech). Wow. Overnight, I noticed very improved digestion, better gut feeling and immediately began a gradual increased depth of sleep that has never departed. (At the time, I was just over 40 and was sleeping so lightly that I was not only aware of every time I turned in bed, but even was cognizant of the time–that’s LIGHT sleeping!

    Since that time (because of Mannatech’s expense), I’ve searched for other Aloe products to try to find if there was any other Aloe product as good. Well, I never found one, *but* I have not tried every aloe product in the world.

    Eventually, the supplier of Manapol® (the pure aloe product in Manaloe®) went bankrupt, sold the trademark Manapol® to Mannatech but sold the manufacturing facility to some Latin American businessmen.

    Because I loved the product so much, I contacted the new company to find out about the product and starting buying it from them and intend to distribute it but haven’t created a website yet.

    I’m telling you this because aloe has a great ability to heal the inside of the body, as does Manuka honey, and you might want to incorporate these things with some of the people seeking help with you guys. I know for a fact that both the products do help with things like bleeding, digestion, intestinal discomfort, etc., and have been told that numerous people have completely recovered from various forms of IBS and other GI disorders.

    Best regards

  75. Avatar

    Hi guys, I apologize in advance if I missed something, do you help/consult with people who have been poisoned by fluoroquinolones ?

  76. Avatar

    I just wanted to talk to you about cortisol and your article As I have severe RA and do much research on my own. I agree with what you say about “why cortisol can be good for you”. I feel that before I got Rheumatoid arthritis, too much daily stress in my life, eventually triggered the slowing down of my cortisol levels, creating a extreme low level of cortisol (no I was never tested). I am sure my doctor would not agree with this. So of course, prednisone works great in reducing this inflammation . So as crazy as it sounds, I am now looking for ways to increase production of my cortisol.

    Thank you

  77. Avatar

    Hello Steve and Jordan,
    I don’t have terrible health issues, I don’t feel that i’m dying yet, and I don’t have diarrhea 10x a day. But I did go through a stressful period whereby I fell sick a lot with fevers, strep throat and was prescribed courses of antibiotics. So I suspect that I may have candida overgrowth. Just small symptoms that I have started to notice eg, oily skin, breakouts, fatigue, bloating… I am considered healthy (I think) except that I am quite skinny and can’t seem to put on weight. I am considering getting this test done, but I am not sure if this is necessary for someone like me who is considered quite healthy other than the small issues mentioned.

  78. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve,

    I am wondering if the SCD diet is a permanent lifestyle choice. If you experience remission for many years and your colon heals up, can you stray from the diet slightly? What do you do with yourself after success with the SCD diet? And what is the ultimate success, compared to initial success (reduced BM, no blood in stool, etc)? I understand you may feel inclined to tell me “SCD is not intended to replace the advice of a physician.. not a substitute for professional medical advice… etc etc” however I would like to know your honest opinion on what you’d like to get out of the SCD diet. Is it to be fully cured one day, and able to freely choose what you eat (although after eating healthy for many years you may not even want to eat a greasy burger again), or do you expect to never deviate from SCD as it is a lifestyle now, or are you still fighting your diseases and have not found the true answer?

    Thanks, I really appreciate your response.


  79. Avatar

    I have pancolitis since 2009 and now I try SCD diet. Could you tell me if tibicos (water kefir) is safe for drinking or it is risky due to the optional flora bacteries’ toxins might be found in the crystal grains. Sometimes I want to skip SCD dairies and consuming other living probiotics.

    Many thanks.

  80. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’m not really sure what I have going on but I know I need some help. My issue seems to be quite different from everyone else in that dairy and gluten don’t seem to bother me but rather most veggies do. I’ve tried strict veggie/meat diets and had terrible digestive issues. Once I added in Ezekiel, rice, and other starches my problems got better but weren’t perfect. My stomach is flatter and happy when I eat chicken and rice, toast and eggs, etc. its when I start eating veggies that it grows 3x size and I get terrible issues. Seeing that the SCD is so veggie based I’m not seeing how it could benefit me. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    • Steven Wright

      Sounds like you have a FODMAP intolerance and fiber intolerance at the moment. We’ve seen it before and typically is related to gut inflammation and damage at the brush border of the intestines. Also there is typically hormone disruption.

  81. Avatar

    Hi guys! Thank you so much for all of this info. It really helps clarify a lot that I’ve been confused about. Quick question: Is the intro diet safe for pregnancy? I’m just coming out of my first trimester.


  82. Avatar

    Hey guys,
    I have been working with a MD and a ND and am still having trouble. I am wondering how soon after you pay for the consult I would be able to talk with you guys? It is just super frustrating because the MD I am seeing in a couple days might prescribe something else and am wondering how that works if someone is working with a MD and they prescribe you something else then I talk with you guys and you have a different plan to go with? Just juggling which way to go and stuff is frustrating.

  83. Avatar

    Also I should add that I dont seem to have any other symptoms (besides diarrhea, fatigue. occassional bloating and gas). I never really experience any abdominal pain.

  84. Avatar

    I have had diarrhea for 4 months now with a Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy done, nothing was found. I have tried different things like FODMAP, SCD and Gaps Diet with just meat and bone broth. The Gaps Intro Phase worked for 2 days but then the diarrhea came back.

    Right now, the diarrhea is acute watery diarrhea. But the very weird thing is, The frequency has never changed. That is, I have for the last 10 years gone to the toilet twice a day, morning & night. This has been the same throughout the 4 months, its just the stool consistency thats changed.

    Given that I have tried experimenting with different foods, and even cutting carbs, could working with you still be of benefit? It seems like my case is not related to what I am eating. I have to admit in addition to this, I have been stressed and had poor sleep for a long time, probably due to the health issue. Before the sudden onset of diarrhea, I was able to eat anything, be it gluten, grains, dairy etc.

    Do you know what this might be? It just doesnt seem like an issue SCD can correct due to the fact that I have avoided carbs for a while, and was on Paleo low carb (no starch) for 4 months before the diarrhea onset.


  85. Avatar
    Gloria Jean Lufi says:

    I have emailed with you guys before and I have listened to your webinars and get your news letter. You have been such a help to us! I have a couple of questions:(1.) My daughter Anna is looking at doing a consult and protocol with you guys after her next long business trip is over. The question is if I can be on the Skype/phone consultation when she is ready to start. We started Anna on SCD last September after her diagnosis of Crohn’s. She is off meds for Crohn’s because of SCD. She is not well yet but getting there. Anna lives in FL and we live in TN. I do a lot of her cooking and advising even though we are far apart most of the time.
    The second question is for me. I have been wanting to do a consult but have been trying to do Chris Kressler’s protocol to get off of Nexium before starting. I have been on Nexium for well over 20 years and just got the lower dose (20mg. a 2 month supply) to help me transition from the 40 mg. I have been on. (2.)Will it be better for me to be off the Nexium before we start the consult?
    I have been on low carb since 2008 when I lost over 60 pounds going LC and have pretty much been sugar free since then–and wheat-free for most of a year now. Most of the time, I feel very good and just want to get healed and tweak some things–thus getting off Nexium. I am 65, on bio-Identical HRT and Armour Thyroid. I have diverticulitis, am working on the constipation issues and suspect I may have a SIBO issue as I am learning more and more.

    • Steven Wright

      Yes you can totally be on the consult call with your daughter that is no problem at all. Regarding the Nexium I’d work with your doctor to get off it. We work with all types of people on all types of meds we don’t give advice on them but understand how to work with your prescriptions and other practitioners. Honestly, it’s up to you we can support you either way.

  86. Avatar

    I have had a lot of acupucture and holistic doctor support for the last 10 years but am wondering if I can get an accurate reading on my corisol levels and other hormones based on this. Recently I have been beyond total exhausted/zombie like state. Going to all cooked food diet helped a little.(no raw) My cortisol support is low 25 mg a/day, but after listening to your latest webinar I increased it a little and feel alive again. I know this is not a long term cure though. And I assume from your information if I follow the SCD diet and supplements I should be able to come off of the cortisol and adrenal support ? I take ISOCORT cortisol support, Progesteron cream, DHEA, adrenal support, 12.5 mg Levoxyl plus more stuff. Does a doctor need to order the testing and would it be accurate for me ? Do you work with a doctor?

  87. Avatar

    I have had the BioHealth 205 and 401H test done in January of this year. The 205 showed some problems with my adrenals(low cortisol during the day, high at night), the 401H detected cryptosporidium antigen. I was on a protocol for a couple months for the crypto and also low dose BioMatrix DHEA, pregnenolone and progesterone then had my adrenals retested in Aug but didn’t retest the 401H. The results showed some improvement in cortisol levels (still a bit low during the day but in range at night). I feel somewhat better than I did when I started this but not as good as I want to (still have a somewhat slow GI, low body temp, wacky glucose etc). Also had some thyroid blood work done at my doctor and free T3 was a bit low so he prescribed Armour Thyroid, but I didn’t feel much, if any different. The person I have been working with on adrenals/gut felt that may I need to look deeper into my thyroid. I was wonder if you think a private consult with you guys would shed some light into what direction I should take (keep working on adrenals/gut or seek out expertise for thyroid).

    Thank you,

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Peter – Typically what we’ve seen is if you are given thyroid meds and you feel better but then go back to feeling bad again it’s more of a HPA (adrenal issue). Sounds like your practitioner has you on some good stuff but everyone is trained differently. I think we might be able to help.

  88. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan,

    I just listened to your phone recording (dated: 10/30)…I was unable to make the live conversation. I have been working with various functional medicine practitioners and I just can;t seem to get to the problem of my issues. Your discussion on cortisol is interesting and I want to check my levels. I am currently working with a functional medicine practitioner in LA and am a little unsure about working with two more (you). I have spent so much money in the past 4 years and I feel like each time I am directed to “someone new,” there is new information! It’s very frustrating! I just want to feel better! I am on a candida protocol, I apparently had slight SIBO (as I had been on anti-fungals from another functional medicine practitioner, and I have very low energy (hot flashes, etc). I am thinking my cortisol is off. Do I ask my current doctor or join you? I am at a loss…I have a ton of test results and am wondering if my cortisol was tested before (with previous functional practitioner)? I am so confused…can you advise?

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Katherine – I’m so sorry you are still not seeing the results you want. I know how frustrating that is cause it happened to me. You would only be working with Jordan or I not both but I know even 1 more could be complicated. The reason we believe most ppl never get healthy after gut infections is due to not enough focus on the hormones which are the gate keepers to a healthy and active immune system. I’d start by asking your current practitioners about adrenal fatigue and if you aren’t getting anywhere come join us. I know we can help.

  89. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I was wondering if you could help my sister. She is 53 and has Rheumatoid arthritis. She has a lot of pain. She’s over weight and has had thyroid problems. She takes what I think are a lot of harmful medications. So she doesn’t exactly have IBS, but I know her problems are probably related to leaky gut, adrenal problems etc. She recently asked her MD about gluten free diet and he said, “go ahead but it won’t help.” Yikes!


    • Steven Wright

      Yes we have many clients who have RA. But we can only help those who are willing to help themselves. So if she’s not going to change her diet then all the supplements and tests in the world won’t fix her. I’d love to support her when she’s ready.

  90. Avatar

    Hi guys!
    I have been struggling since Aug 2013 with unbearable, full-body hives that itch 24/7. Five doctors later, still no advances in restorin my health. Recent tests include: a food allergy test identifying 21 culprits; a thyroid test indicating hypothyroidism; increased antibodies (201); vitamin D at 30.5. My ND suggested I may have leaky gut. I have been gluten and dairy free for 4 weeks, as well as avoiding the food allergy test triggers for 2 weeks with no noticeable results. It is incredibly discouraging!!!
    I know the itch is a symptom of a greater “evil” and am willing to 1-on-1 with you if you think it may help. I want to heal my insides, but am beyond desperate for a reprieve from the itching! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration regarding my concerns!

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Sarah – so sorry to hear about the hives. Yes your symptoms indicate much deeper issues such as an inability to turn off inflammation, likely a leaky gut and hormone issues. We love helping people can’t want to chat with you.

  91. Avatar

    Dear Jordan and Steve,
    Hi this is Julie I got to speak with you during the phone in on 10/29, I was the second caller in and talked to you about being jolted awake at night and have not been able to sleep for 60 days. There are so many questions I wish I had asked…Do you know what causes the cortisol dysregulation? What can I do to stop it? PLEASE, help. I need a name for this and what I can do about it. Please help. Thank you. Jul

  92. Avatar

    Hi, I just recently was started on Armour and HC low dose. I was diagnosed with HPA dysfunction/hypothyroid. I am looking at other options. I like others have spent so much money on tests, supplements, Dr.’s etc. It is so frustrating. There is so much conflicting information and opinions out there. I also am experiencing secondary infertility, which has been really tough. If I consult with you all, are you able to run these tests when I am already on Hydrocortisone replacement therapy? If you have to refer me out for more tests/drugs do I have to go through the entire battery of tests again with that provider. I don’t think I have a provider in my area that will be able to help me.

  93. Avatar

    My wife is having a colonoscopy for some peculiar digestive issues. She is not ready, yet, to consider SCD. Do you have any suggestions for pre- or post- colonoscopy? I am most concerned about restoring healthy gut flora after the procedure. Thanks.

  94. Avatar

    Hi, my name is Gunilla and I live in Sweden. I have a son, he is now 21 years old and he has struggled since he was 12 -13 year with IBS diarrhea.
    He has been seeing numbers doctors, run lots of tests, but it seems that nothing can help him.
    Its been very hard for him in school, and the second year in high school he had to go again. And now he is still trying to catch up by taken distance courses.
    Most of the time he has a lot of pain and with 15-20 BS per day. This makes him staying at home, and unable to go forward with his life because of this.
    He has no confident in doctors any more, and he doesn’t believe that anything will help. No diet changes has so far.
    So I can understand that he almost has given up hope.
    Now I have convinced him to try SCD. In april this year I was diagnosed with UC and I imediatly changed my diet to be milk soy and grain free. And I came across SCD after that.
    So even though he don’t believe in changing the diet again he has started together with me.
    We are currently on day 23, but for my son nothing has changed. Last week we started with digestive enzymes, and he don’t eat egg or diary. We are doing it the tough way. Right now he don’t eat much more than meat, carrots, spinach and zucchini. But so far no progress. So Im a bit desperate. I think we will book a meeting with you guys, but what do you think? Do you really think you can help us?
    I would love to hear from you
    Gunilla –desperate mum

  95. Avatar

    I have been having issues now since Feb 2013 . Been to several Dr and the ER . Then after much looking found another source on line for Candida . Something seams to fit . So had some labs done ( waiting on results ) But after looking further the root issue may be more up your alley. My head is swimming with advise due to what you have said is in conflict with this other group is telling me to take and eat . I have done your baking soda test and also taken the apple cider . I don’t want to publicly dic anther group but would love to see if my concerns are valid on there advise.

    • Steven Wright

      All I can saw is we specialize in finding the root causes of digestives issues which typically takes us down the path of all manner of GI infections and hormone dysregulation and other things. Love to help you if you are ready.

  96. Avatar

    Hi guys,

    Firstly thanks for all the free information you provide it’s been a great help to get me started on the diet.
    Listening to your podcasts I have a feeling that I might fall into the category of SIBO as I have been diagnosed with IBS and the SCD diet is causing be to become more constipated. I feel as if the diet tends to lend itself more to people with IBD’s and I’m wondering what experience you have with SIBO, the FODMAP diet and parasites.
    Do you think you will be able to help me as I’m interested in a one on one consultation? I’m in Australia and listening to your podcasts I am realising how little support there is here from practitioners that will provide the kind of treatments I have heard from varying dr’s on your podcasts.


    • Steven Wright

      Hey Katie – Had many clients with SIBO and parasites. And we know and work with plenty who have FODMAP issues. Also Australia is no problem. Love to help you if you choose us.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Steve,

        I’ve had one session with you and couldn’t be happier. Some of my tests have started to come back and confirm what I was thinking. Thanks so much for all the work and research you do that has enabled you to put an action plan into place for me. Something that the trained professionals have not even been able to come close to in the 12 years I have been sick. I’m not better yet but at least I know what to treat now. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing. I can’t begin to thank you enough!


  97. Avatar

    Hello Steve and Jordan,
    I just listened to you speak on Underground Wellness and was very impressed with both of your presentations. I was researching setting up a consultation with you after years of avoiding getting professional help. I have been looking for some type of doctor or help for some time, but I didn’t have much luck. Then I noticed that your company is in Belgrade, MT where I work. I thought, How crazy is that? I just moved to Bozeman in April, so it was pretty shocking that you guys are in the same area. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys were open to doing face-to-face consults/appointments, or do you just stick to phone calls and Skype.
    Thank you,

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Emily, so nice to meet you 🙂

      I just moved to Bozeman in March ha-ha. Steve is now in Boulder CO. Originally, we started SCD Lifestyle when we both lived and worked in Michigan.

      At this time we’re not doing in-person work. Our staff and processes are all in place to work over the phone or Skype as we have clients all over the world.

      I’d be happy to work with you though! Also, I’m working with the Bozeman WAPF chapter and I will most likely be speaking at the next meetup so I’d love to meet you there as well.


      • Avatar

        Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I am excited to start working with you guys, and possibly meeting up with you at the WAPF chapter as soon as I can. It is so crazy we’ve been here for basically the same number of months! Anyway, I’ll try to set up an appointment and hopefully we can go from there.

  98. Avatar

    I am concerned about my daughters constipation and skin issues. We’ve been doing the GAPS diet but it doesn’t seem to be helping. In fact, it has made me worse because I appear to have a histamine intolerance and have been experiencing frightening anaphylaxis episodes from eating many high histamine foods like liver, bone broth, dry aged grass fed beef, and fermented foods. Do you help children as well?

  99. Avatar

    Do you work with autoimmune diseases that don’t specifically target the digestive system? I am trying to figure out if changing my diet can help with my Churg Strauss (a form of vasculitis) and have worked on my own for a couple of years and unsuccessfully tired to find alternative and holistic doctors in my area to work with. My typical doctors are not open to this approach either and I feel that I need some guidance. Wondering if you think you might be able to help, or know where I can turn to. Thanks.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      We can certainly support you 🙂

      The research of Dr. Fasano (“The Leaky Gut Theory of Autoimmunity”) suggests that autoimmune diseases only occur after the presence of leaky gut. So working with your gut is going to be the first place to start when it comes to calming down the autoimmune response.

      Love to work with you.


  100. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    Which digestive enzymes do you recommend for Crohn’s patient following the SCD plan? I bought ProZymes from GI Pro Health, but I thought I recently saw that you recommended some others. I just can’t find that post, tweet, or email.

    Thank you,
    Terry Jumper

  101. Avatar

    By the way, Metametrix is the lab that my Chiro uses for comprehensive stool analysis. They do it by DNA which makes it much less “technician sensitive”.

  102. Avatar

    Your Frittata recipe sounds yummy BUT I can not believe that you advocate MICROWAVING FOOD!!!!Microwaves destroy the Enzymes needed for digestion and Life! It would be the last thing that someone with digestive problems should use!!!

  103. Avatar

    Hi guys!

    Regardless of whether I use this diet or have resulting success with it, I just want to say that your website and all it’s info is really well presented. Good going! My question is whether or not this diet is apt for me, given that I don’t have the severe problems many have here. I’m 37 and since college age have had some sort of ailment or another (or since 6th grade if you count acne!). I had taken Accutane against acne in college, and later that year got and had IBS for the next 5-6 years, until it finally went away and was “replaced” by tension headaches. These were replaced by lower back pain, until I read the book “Healing Back Pain” by Dr. Sandow, which helped take away my pains after reading about how our mind can plague us with ailments to distract our minds from our stressors. I followed his theory for the next years, believing my mind was the cause of many of my problems. As I always had lifted weights since college, I had started eating a clean diet (low fats) a few years ago, which in the past two years became higher in fat and paleo in nature. As part of my quest to figure out why muscle/strength gains come slowly for me, in addition to figuring out why I have a constant scalp eczema, as well as digestive problems off and on, I did the LEAP MRT test, which shocked the practitioner by how few safe foods I have. I did the resulting MRT diet with no success. My eczema is still present, as is a continual “bubble movement” in the gut. The next step was to do the GI Effects test by Metametrix, as well as the 23andme genetic test. Nothing huge came out of the GI test, but I am doing the prescribed supplementation resulting from that. I’m a “type A” guy with continual stress, and I wonder how much this has to do with everything. Would you recommend this diet for me, although I don’t have the classic symptoms? Should I start with a consultation (in case you think I shouldn’t follow the typical route)? I am open to that as well, as I don’t want to keep wasting more time 🙂

    I thank you both for a response. Congrats on a nice website 🙂

  104. Avatar

    Sjogren’s – whats the most reliable and economical way to test for this? Can you help with this horrible horrible autoimmune situation? Thank you.

  105. Avatar

    Are you working with clients doing DIY Fecal Transplant? Can you order the blood and stool test necessary?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Some of our clients have done them but not with our guidance, just at the same time as we were working with them.

      We can order high quality stool testing, not sure what specifically you are asking about for the FMT.


  106. Avatar

    I’ve been struggling with my digestion for over 2 years. My symptoms are bloating, early fullness, and food and water sit in my stomach forever and constipation. Had gastric emptying studies that showed normal. Only diagnosis was gastritus and low functioning gallbladder which was removed and did not help. After this I had stomach acid testing done that showed my acid levels were low. Have been taking large amounts of Betaine HCL and they seem to help some but not much. I don’t experience the burn I’ve read about. I’ve lost 35 pounds that i didn’t want to lose. Used to be very active in the gym and running. Symptoms have put an end to that. Not sure what caused my symptoms. Had the same thing happen to me in college,30 years ago, and the doctors think it was caused by H. Pylori, even though I never tested positive for it. I had gone through a round of antibiotics previously which may have explained why no positive test. Anyway, didn’t know if you guys think you could help with this or not. By the way I’m an engineer by trade also.
    Thanks, Walter

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Walter – Yes I believe we can help you with that. Your story is pretty common for the people we help. Your low acid levels could be caused by infections as you mentioned and many other things like poor hormone status, low nutrient status and stress. Just to name a few common ones. There’s obviously no guarantees in this field but I can say you’d be very normal for our consulting clients.

      • Avatar

        Was just diagnosed with delayed gastric emptying and slow small bowel transit at the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville. Even though I have had two gastric emptying studies and a Smart Pill test that showed normal transit times previously. Doctor says about all I can do is eat small meals with low fiber content. Supposedly I have low stomach acid or “hidden hypochlorhydria” as it was shown on the Hiedelberg test and I can take just about as many HCL pills as I want without burning. The “Smart Pill test also showed low acid. When I first started on them I could get a burn with about 8 pills but my body seemed to adjust and now I can take many more although I limit it to 10 pills. The Doctor at Mayo says stomach acid has no influence on stomach emptying time but I don’t think I agree. What do think and do you think you guys could help.

  107. Avatar

    Have you heard of Hulda Clark and her parasite treatment program? I am very interested in this parasite problem and want to know if you address it. thankyou

    • Steven Wright

      yes we test and address any parasites, bacterial or fungal infections in the GI tract using 3 specific advanced tests. Depending on the number of infections, type and status of your immune system we will create a custom plan for you to follow.

  108. Avatar

    Hi guys

    I posted a comment on your vegetarian podcast a while back. Basically what I would like to know is, is it possible to do the SCD diet while being a vegetarian? It doesn’t seem like it is. But I still wanted to ask.

    Thank you

    • Steven Wright

      it’s possible yes, but you’ll be eating a ton of coconut, dairy and legumes and many people cannot tolerate them at the levels that would be needed to sustain the calories and nutrients needed.

  109. Avatar

    I’ve listened to a lot of your youtube q&a along with reading scd but can’t find my issue addressed?
    Anismus? I already went thru rectal prolapse surgery, but anismus is was the main cause for the prolapse (I’ve been vegan for most of 25 yrs, no grains just produce with egg yolks). Anismus is still there and can cause it again. Do you know anything about anismus and reversing it back to normal?

  110. Avatar

    Hi Guys,

    As one of many resources, my husband and I purchased your e-book 2.5 years ago when our 9 year old daughter (celieac and crohns kid) was recommended for remicaid. Our now 11 year old has been pure SCD for 2.5 years and she is having great success. She grew 6 inches, gained 25 pounds and has had perfect blood work. We are in the diet groove but are looking for some expertise on how to allow some new foods as she is starting to expand socially. For example, chewing gum… something important to a middle school kids. What are your thoughts? Would you consider a shorter version of consulting either via email or phone to meet our more specific needs?



  111. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan
    First, thank you for your amazing SCD guidance! I am 20 days into the diet and feel sooo much better already!
    I am interested in your 1-1 consultations, and particularly in the “deal” currently offered, but I live in Australia so I am hesitant to sign up as I am not sure how this would work?
    Pity to miss the “deal”, but I first need to know if you can work with my location.

    Thank you for your continuing inspiration.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Wendy, we’ve had the same question from quite a few people in your area.

      We have quiet a few clients from Australia and New Zealand and it shouldn’t be a problem to work together. We do have some different protocols as certain supplements are allowed in the country, but we’ve had good success getting the tests that are required.

      Look forward to working with you,


  112. Avatar

    Hello guys! I’m a college student and my dietitian told me about your diet, and I am really interested in trying it out. I downloaded the free intro guide, but I want to purchase the book a few days before I start the intro diet so I can have the smoothest transition possible. I was wondering, however, if I have to purchase all the books that come in the pack. As I said before, I’m a college student so I spend enough money on textbooks as it is. Is it possible for me to only purchase the main book, Surviving and Thriving?

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Shayna – I totally understand that but yes the books come as a package deal. They will no doubt help you and give you tips you cannot find on our site but at the same time we have 300+ posts that detail many of the specific methods that can help you for free. So start with the free stuff and when your finances open up invest as you can.

  113. Avatar


    My name is Sheena Walter. I am on a limited income (SSI), so I haven’t been able to afford to seek outside help for my health issues such as alternative medicine and supplements –so have been following the avenues I can through Medicaid and what they will pay for. I, so far, have only been able to purchase digestive enzymes (Digest Gold) and glutamine powder as that is what I can afford.

    I am definitely experiencing leaky gut symptoms and am desperate for relief. My GI doctor just wants to keep throwing drugs at the problems, which doesn’t help –the drugs don’t even relieve the symptoms anymore–so I have stopped taking them. I have multiple food sensitivities and the list keeps growing –keeps dwindling down to fewer and fewer foods I can eat without causing problems. I am losing weight and I don’t want to. I am down to what my weight was in junior high. My abdomen swells after every meal –even small ones. I have struggled with constipation my entire life.
    I can’t take pain medication for my chronic pain (caused by suspected mitochondrial disease) because it causes me to be unable to go to the bathroom at all. Even non-narcotics (like OTC ibuprofen) do this.

    I am not sure what to do or where to go from here. Do you have any suggestions? It is so frustrating to have avenues that could help me shut off to me because they cost more than I can afford.

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Sheena – the abdomen problems could be low stomach acid so read the posts we’ve done on those and test it out. I’d make sure you are eating SCD, GAPS or Paleo and then try and support your adrenals and thyroid. And if you need to save money to do that I’d stop with the L glutamine to do that.

  114. Avatar

    Also, I have most of what you describe and some Genetic SNP’s including MTHFR, so my detox, and methylation issues are out of whack. Do you guys know about this stuff as well?

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Yes, I also have the same MTHFR issues personally. The Metametrix Organic Acids profile can help makes sure your supplementation is supporting your body with the correct dosages.


  115. Avatar

    I would love to work with you guys! I live in NYC. What about testing and working with you guys sending tests back and forth from NY state. You know there are so many regulations here!

  116. Avatar

    Hi Steve/Jordan,

    I have a Blastocystis infection (diagnosed with the Genova 2105) and have been working with a local Naturopath to get rid of it. Two courses of antibiotics, Amphotericin and Tinidizole, haven’t been successful. I’d like to start SCD and do consultations with you if we could get rid of the Blasto, but starting off with a $250 consultation is daunting. Is there a way you can describe a little about how you would treat Blasto and if SCD is successful at getting rid of it?


    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Dan, I’m sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble whipping this thing!

      Part of the reason we always start with a case-review is because the herbal protocols we use will largely depend on everything else that’s going on with you.

      For example, if you have severe adrenal fatigue with low DHEA and low Cortisol, that could be part of the reason you’re having trouble beating the infection.

      There’s also the “limiting factor” idea we talk about in this podcast:

      So it’s less about the specific herbs we give people for 60-days, and more about how well we prepare their other body systems to handle the fight as to whether or not they will do their job effectively.

      I’d love to work with you, but it will be a bit more indepth than just a case-review and the blasto protocol given your history of not having success.


  117. Avatar

    Hi, just messaging to see if you can help me out. My Mum was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 2 years now and got progressively worse over time. She has been seeing a conventional doctor/specialist who just wants to keep putting her on steroid medication which doesn’t seem to help. She is also going through menopause which makes the situation worse and we are getting to a point where we are desperate for some help from someone. Do you specialise in Ulcerative Colitis? I’m all for more functional medicine myself and keep telling her that what she is doing now is definitely not working so we need to look for another option. Please help! Just let me know if you think you can & I will purchase/book in the one-on-one consult 🙂 Thanks heaps, Carissa

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Carissa, most of our clients have either Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, IBS, or some other autoimmune or digestive condition. I’d be graetful to work with you on behalf of your Mom if she’s willing.

      If she’s coming in kicking and screaming, that might not work out well for anyone involved.

      Please know we’re here if you need us.


  118. Avatar

    Hi guys! I have been following your work for awhile and you guys are great! I have Celiac Disease and I am familiar with both the SC diet as well as GAPS and I am a firm believer in both. I bought your ebook and am digging my teeth into it now, will start the intro diet this weekend and Im excited about it. In a few weeks I will book a consult with you guys too. 2 things I am wondering about for the intro, any recommendations for substitutions for eggs and grape juice (think I have a problem with eggs and fructose). Thanks!

  119. Avatar

    Hi guys – In podcast #63, you mention testing female hormones. Do you treat female hormone imbalances (along with your gut protocol, etc) as Dr. Kalish does? I’ve heard him speak about using the month-long salivary test and creating a targeted sublingual progesterone protocol based on the lab results. I already know I have gut issues that need to be addressed based on a recent stool test, as well as cortisol dysregulation and low sex hormones (via older salivary tests). I would love to give you guys a shot at helping me correct these issues if you treat each of these specific problems. Thank you!

  120. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    2 Questions for you. First, I am a fellow nutritionist but despite healthy food choices im still having problems with digestion and my weight.(I have tried eliminating multiple types of food and done probiotics) My intuition tells me i have problems with my stomach as opposed to intestines because i feel the most discomfort there and puffiness. My diet has stayed the same but i am slowly gaining more and more weight. What sorts of bacteria or infections have you seen in the stomach?My digestive system is definitely not working ideally. A little background, I don’t eat any meat but i do eat some seafood and eggs, so getting enough protein has been challenging. I have tendonitis flare ups often and right now desperately trying to heal plantar fasciitis and extremely limited with exercise. Second question, what additional education programs would you recommend (post BS in Dietetics)?

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Lauren – Sounds like your body is showing several signs of elevated inflammation despite a pretty good diet. Usually this indicates a hormone problem and potentially a chronic low grade GI infection. There is no way of knowing the specifics of either without advanced testing (which is what we would do in the consulting program).

      If you are thinking about the functional medicine route, check our Dr Dan Kalish’s programs or the functional medicine institute.

  121. Avatar

    I found your interview on Underground Wellness very interesting. Just a comment regarding the listener’s question about white stools. When I was a nursing student, I worked on an insolation floor in a county hospital. I saw often how hepatitis (the types caused by virus) can cause very light colored stools, usually referred to as tan. At the same time, the urine looks dark, referred to as coca-cola in appearance. (In other words, the body is trying to get rid of waste products thru the urinary system since the liver wasn’t able to process the waste) Interestingly, my first job after graduating was in a dialysis unit where infectious types of hepatitis were a major occupational hazard. Several of my coworkers reported that , in hindsight, their first symptom of hepatitis was that cigarettes no longer tasted pleasant to them. So at least one person had something good that came out of what was otherwise a pretty miserable experience- she was able to quit smoking after multiple previous failed attempts.

  122. Avatar

    Hello, I am about to purchase this but have a couple concerns before I do so. First, I’m considering doing the diy fmt.. should I try to do this before or after I set up a one-on-one, or does it matter? Secondly, my health insurance is about to end for a while and I will only have an emergency plan.. Do I need to have regular health insurance for any part of your tests/treatments, etc? Thanks.

  123. Avatar

    I am considering the 1 on 1 consultation but before I spend loads of money I want to be sure you can help me. In addition to my gut problems, I may also have adrenal fatigue (not been tested but feel tired all the time) and low thyroid (doc says it’s fine but my iron is low I think due to malabsorbtion). Do you test for these also or will it improve once my digestion heals?

  124. Avatar

    I’m interested in exploring your info further, yet also take meds for hypothyroid which I’m feeling must have at least 50% to do with all my digestive difficulties. How can you work with me when I take two meds for hypothyroid? Thanks. C

  125. Avatar

    I understand you can do consulting from the UK via Skype – that’s great. What about testing, however? And specifically what about working with small children? I have a 4-year-old that needs help (growth problems since 3 months of age and is believed to be a celiac from conventional medicine specialists). We’ve been very compliant with a grain/legume/dairy-free diet already, for over two years now. I suspect any qualified person who works with him will want to conduct some tests when they see how severe his digestive problems are. Can we access any testing from the UK?

  126. Avatar

    I’ve been diagnose with SIBO and treated with rifaximin 3 times over the past several months, and twice with Allicin. It comes back each time immediately after stopping abx..within 24 hours the symptoms and bloat are back, despite SCD, erythromycin, zinc, enzymes, and bitters. I even tried HCL but just one ave me immense discomfort! Your talk the other day intrigued me, because I was also diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at age 34…and my gut problems seem to coincide. Can you guys help me?

  127. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I wanted to let you know that your advice saved my life!!!!!!! After 7 years of diarrea and all of these other crappy symptoms and like no results with doing tests I got like tested with Biohealth and all of a sudden I test positive for this nasty parasite.. Took 2 weeks of pills to get rid of it and now on Remission.. for the first time.. a few weeks now, NO diarrea.. It will take a few months to totally heal my bowels but Im getting there.. SO thanks a million for your amazing research, advice et.. !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  128. Avatar

    I have recently found the SCD Lifestyle website and have been reviewing the information and services provides and have some questions about the testing the program offers. I understand that through a consultation it is determined what tests are necessary for an individual and their needs, but I am wondering how the testing occurs? Do patients have to work with a local doctor for the testing or does the program have the ability to order the tests and ship them to their patients? Do patients have to work with a local lab if blood samples are necessary? Once the testing is completed who interprets the data after the tests are processed and how can patients be sure of the validity of the professionals interpreting the results? Thank you in advance!

  129. Avatar

    Hey Guys,
    Is there anyway to get these tests covered by insurance? Do you know the coding?
    Also if I do have things that show up in the tests I’ll have to go to a DR anyways Right?
    Love what you are doing!

    • Steven Wright

      @Emily – This is only a consulting program we don’t work with insurances and are not familiar with them. If after your consult you’d like to go back to your Doctor and take action on what we talked about that’s perfectly fine with us. We always encourage you to show the results of every test you take to any doctor or practitioner you are working with.

  130. Avatar

    My 14 year old son was diagnosed with UC three years ago. He’s currently having his third flare in as many years. I’m interested in your program. Do you work with kids?

    • Steven Wright

      Defiantly helps, Fibro is a very complex disorder and unlikely to be completely cleared up via diet alone. But if you don’t adopt SCD or Paleo it’s unlikely you’ll ever get it resolved. There are whole books linking Fibro to SIBO and other gut infections. And we are helping many clients with Fibro.

  131. Avatar

    Hello I am considering the consult as I believe I am about 70% there. I started the diet about 5 months and have been able to be med free. I have had CD for about a year and half and have been through all the meds: remicade, methotrexate, mp6, humira and cimzia. I still have terrible joint pain, urgency and some blood. I feel as though I am chasing a few different theories and remedies while being very strict with SCD. I am hoping you can help me figure out the last few pieces of the puzzle. My docs are amazed that I am med free, but I am convinced that I can be med free and symptom free

  132. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan,

    Mark Moxom here – Editor of the Low Carb Mag. I’d like to run an article about SCD in the magazine. Would you or Steve be available for a telephone or Skype interview.

    We have a number of readers who still have problems with their digestion even though they have switched to Low carb so I think your advice would be hugely helpful to them as much as to the rest of our readers.

    On top of that… What your presenting is hugely interesting and I think it should have as wide an audience as possible. I would very much like to help people now more about it.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,


    Editor- Low carb Mag

    PS My apologies if you get this message by more than one channel.

  133. Avatar
    Linda Walmsley says:

    do u help people who have recurrent and frequent, relapse of C diff? Also I have 2 prosthetic hips which require me to take antibiotics continually throught the course of my life which continues to relapse the C diff….i’d be happy to pay for help but do not want to waste your time or my money…..what do you think?

  134. Avatar

    Guys, I’ve got a serious case of leaky gut. Can only tolerate three foods, no probiotics, no ferments, glutamates are off the list, as are a bunch of other “families.” Can’t do SCD or GAPS, just my chicken, beef and olive oil. (Interestingly enough, corn is the one sort of “cheat” food that bothers me the least.)

    Can you help? Or point me to someone that can? I also have methylation issues big time. Oh yeah, and Crohn’s with an ileostomy – no colon at all. Not a complicated case or anything…

  135. Avatar

    hello im carlos and i am celiac, like jordan, gluten-free diet does not completely cure me, I have 22 years and I think I’m going to die, I’m sunk, I wish that this diet was my solution, but I have some doubts about how to do some things, I’m Spanish and not speak good English, that I can do?

    • Steven Wright

      Well first things first start with changing to SCD. Use our eBook and follow it. That’s what got Jordan’s symptoms under control. Then sign up for our consulting and Jordan can guide you the rest of the way.

  136. Avatar

    Hello. Sorry to contact you here but this seems less public for some reason than facebook. All of the blogs and podcasts from you (as well as others) always seem to address people who are very sick with UC or Crohn’s.. i am someone who has responded pretty well to Mesalamine but am interested in knowing how I should start with SCD.. does someone like me.. not in distress still need to do the phases? Or can i just jump into SCD.. Right now I am working the paleo autoimmune protocol with some SCD things like no sweet potato (which used to be a staple of mine).
    Thank you, CG

  137. Avatar

    I am very interested in ordering the labs you discuss – Metametrix 2105, and Biohealth 401H and 205. If I am correct, the best way to order these is to work with you guys 1 – on – 1? I thought perhaps my D.O. homeopathic doctor could order these, but I am not so sure she is familiar with these companies. I have struggled with the idea for phone consultations for years – my husband and I being uncomfortable with the idea. But you folks seem to have put a lot of things together that I have only been able to “hit and miss” at. I know I need some specific stool tests to unlock the key to my gut flora and possible infections that conventional medicine is not somehow able to diagnose.

    Bottom line, can the phone consultation be done via regular phone line rather than Skype? Do consultations ever go over one hour – i.e., are you able to get all the pertinent information you need in one hour? Do I complete and submit the forms you need by e-mail? I follow SCD; take most of the recommended supplements as well as a bunch of prescription drugs for Crohns/UC/adrenal fatigue/hypothyroid. I also see a bunch of health practitioners, including the GI at Cleveland Clinic. I sympathize with the folks who are “burnt out” on trying to get themselves healthy at the expense of almost everything else! Can you give me that one good “reason” that will convince my husband that this is not another “wild goose chase!” on my part?

    • Steven Wright

      Yes – you can order the labs through any means you wish but we can provide you access to them as well. The consults can take place over skype, landlines or cell phones. Yep in an hour we can cover a ton of ground, especially after you fill out the extensive case review paperwork.

  138. Avatar
    Steph Burton says:

    Hi guys. I literally only have 2 questions and would not really be able to fill a whole hour.
    1. Do you have case studies of Blastocystis Hominis gut infections
    2. Do you have experience in treatment options – herbal and antibiotic.
    Please could you contact me in some form so that I can arrange a consult with you.
    Many Thanks – love your site.

    • Steven Wright

      Hey Steph – We do a full workup for every new client because that’s how we do best at unraveling complex illnesses. To answer your questions 1. Yes see this all the time. 2. Yes, we use herbal ones. We are not doctors and don’t work with antibiotics.

  139. Avatar

    Do you let us know what we can do ahead of a 1-on-1 consult to optimize our time with you? I feel like a 5-hour long consult wouldn’t be enough to get to the bottom of my digestive history…

    • Jordan Reasoner

      You are required to fill out extensive case review paperwork before our appointment that includes your health history to save time. We review them before the call with you.

      Look forward to working together,


  140. Avatar

    Hey jordan and Steve,
    Just wondering how long I have to book a case study with you,
    Can this be done at any stage, thanks

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Mark, right now we’re still taking new clients so you can book anytime. If we get full at some point in the future we will make an announcement.

      Look forward to working with you.


  141. Avatar

    Have you been able to help many people with severe bloating and gas pain? I feel like I’m doing everything right but spend each day miserable. Going to talk to my parents about an appointment.

  142. Avatar
    Dale Johnston says:

    Hey guys,
    Just getting started with the SCD and looking forward to feeling better. Understand it’ll take time, inner resolve, and patient endurance, but appreciate you both being there to encourage.

  143. Avatar
    Wendy Woods says:

    Hi Guys!!!
    Your SCD lifestyle e book saved myself, son and daughter from pain and misery!! So THANK YOU!!! My question is, would you be willing to start a scholarship or fund raising drive for people who can’t afford your help? I would donate to such a great cause! I’m not 100% (yet) but I’m the best I’ve been in a long time. I am very fortunate in having a husband who financially and emotionally supports our family. So I could not even imagine being sick, bad doctors and no help. It’s just a suggestion and I think it would be a lot of work. But I also think its a worthy cause. I know I was in so much pain with no hope that I was sucidial. So, if it saved my life, I’m sure it can save others.
    Keep up the great work!!!
    Wendy Woods
    PS, if you need help with the fundraising/scholarship, I guess I should help!!! And I would be honored to help if you needed it.

  144. Avatar
    Shane Minte says:


    I’ve been struggling with UC for a little bit over a year and I live in NYC. I’m looking for a great doctor and I didn’t know if you had anybody in particular you recommend?


  145. Avatar

    I’m a 17 year old girl whose digestive system basically crashed four or 5 months ago. My IBS hadn’t been bothering me too bad for about two years, but for some reason this winter after too many long runs on little sleep and trying to make it through with NSAIDs and caffine, my system crashed. Along with a bad cold came extreme bloating, pains, and issues with both constipation and diarrhea. I haven’t had a healthy day since. I’ve been fatigued, unable to exercise because of my gut pain, and started having extremely irregular periods. Almost all foods set me off. I’ve been following GAPS for over 2 months and am on all the recommended supplements with small improvements. I’ve had all kinds of testing done, both hormonal and gut-related, but got nothing abnormal. I don’t know what to do anymore. GI docs have NEVER helped me and just make me discouraged. I’ve become extremely depressed and hopeless. There must be some root cause to this but being 17 I don’t even know where to start. I don’t know if my parents would be willing to pay that kind of money for 1-on-1 with people who aren’t doctors but if they aren’t, I would be. I don’t want to live like this anymore. Can you guys offer me any hope or advice? And have you ever had cases that were caused in part by eating disorders in the past? I’m wondering if my history of anorexia a few years back could have made my body the way it is. sorry for the long message. Thanks guys for all that you do.

  146. Avatar

    Just signed up for a consultation after seeing the promo offer, and thinking about it for a long time. I will get well, and I appreciate your help in facilitating this wellness! 🙂

    All the best,
    Josh Lipovetsky.

  147. Avatar

    hi guys,

    i usually do a CPR through amy yasko every year, but she’s booked up and this looks like a great alternative. i have severe ME and while yasko has helped my brain a lot by balancing GABA/glutamate, i’m wondering if u think u can help further?

    i’m looking to do the $2,000+ testing that includes the consult and extras that i received an email about a moment ago.

    i’d have to do the consult differently – like send u info/history and u can perhaps do a write-up w/ a short skype call (i can type a bit, but not speak).

    anyhoo, let me know if u think this is cool and where i can sign up!

    thank you

  148. Avatar

    Thank you! This is great. The argument for the ALCAT test was that it would remove the need to rotate foods to troubleshoot. (Again very hard for a senior. ) But I understand about the false positives.

    I noticed you have a new client special for the next two days. Since I haven’t read any of your material yet, I feel I am not ready for this. How often do you offer this?

    I would like to have my mother try the diet for 30 days, first. Also, where are the links for the supplements, troubleshooting guide, and book? I could not find a place on your site where we can easily view your product list.

    Thank you again! Jackie

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Jackie – this is the first time we’ve offered a special with our consulting, but we may do it in the future, I’m not sure yet. As we continue to expand our client base we may reach a point where we have to pause accepting new clients.

      I look forward to working with your Mom’s case if it works out.

      Our troubleshooting course can be found here:

      In good health,


  149. Avatar
    Rebecca Hersey says:

    Hi there Jordan and Steve,

    My 10 year old has suffered from Ulcerative Colitis since the age of 5. He was relatively well for the first few years with the disease, but has been in a constant flare for the last 18 months. None of the meds have worked (apart from high dose pred). He has had imuran (intolerant – liver issues), methotrexate injections (no real improvement) and even 3 doses of remicade (again, no improvement). He is now on asacol, 6mp and prednisilone. He is very small for his age. Docs say he must come off the steroids and have a total colectomy – scheduled for July/August.

    I am about to start him on the SCD in a last ditch attempt to improve things. I have your e-book which has inspired me to try the diet. Your e-book is so clear and practical – I felt overwhelmed and confused after reading Breaking the Vicious Circle, but this has made me feel I CAN do it. Thank you. We are starting the intro diet next week, but is it too late for him? Would a consultation help? Can you help kids? We are in the UK. Thanks, Becky

  150. Avatar

    Hello Jordon and Steve:
    Thank you for all the information you share. I am trying to help my mother She has advanced rheumatoid arthritis and a very sensitive digestive system (she’s in her 70s). One wrong bite can cause all sorts of problems. She took the ALCAT test (twice) to help address the arthritis (worked with a practitioner). This improved her fatigue and digestive system, but her digestive system is still very fragile. Rotating foods every 4 days is impossible for a senior citizen. Do you think she should try the SCD diet even though it includes foods that the ALCAT test tells her not to eat? I am thinking if we can heal her leaky cut, then her food sensitivities will be reduced and eliminated. Or perhaps we should combine the two approaches? Follow SCD but without the foods listed on the ALCAT?

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Jackie – it’s great to hear from you. One thing we are passionate about is that most food allergy or intolerance testing is unreliable when someone has severe leaky gut because they tend to show positive for most of the foods they were eating when the test was conducted.

      This video might help:

      I’d test out the diet for 30-days and see how she feels. Just know, part of what we lay the groundwork for in our book is creating a custom diet. She will have to test and tweak to find the custom diet that works for her…

      In good health,


  151. Avatar
    Linda Birch says:

    Hi there
    Thank you for information on your site. Do you know what strains are in the yoghurt starter you recommend? The company website does not detail. I’ll also keep chasing up an alternative in Australia.

  152. Avatar
    pink panther says:

    hi…can you help people from Cyprus?How we can arrange the tests?
    I am not sure if doctors here are so experts 🙂

  153. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I just want to write in for the folks like me who have spent many hours reading your posts, Facebook, blogs etc. I, of course am very skeptical of both Western Pharmaceutical based medicine as well as online pay as you go web promises. I have been struggling with parasites, chronic constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, severe food intolerances, leaky gut, and coffee/water enema dependancy. I bought your SCD E-book and Breaking the Vicious Cycle and have been feeling more steady after just a few weeks of sloppy attempts at this diet. After wasted $$ (no insurance) with well-meaning but misinformed doctors, I finally gave up and scheduled a 1 on 1 with you guys. I had a consult yesterday with Jordan and for the first time in years, I feel like I have some hope and direction. It’s like I’ve been driving all over the country, using up gas and getting nowhere, and now I have at least a roadmap and triple A to call if I breakdown. Jordan was professional, supportive, extremely well informed and reassuring. I’m already started on a protocol for healing. He didn’t tell me I was crazy or hopeless. My finances are extremely limited and I believe he’ll guide me through testing and supps in the most optimal way. I’m no longer shooting in the dark and trying to self-diagnose. I know it’s early in the game but I already feel like I’m not alone in this. The reason I’m writing this is that I looked all over the internet to find unbiased feedback or reviews about SCD Lifestyle and could find none. Family members warned me to be wary of “Internet scams”.
    So I’m writing to say…(I can’t say for anyone else, but…) these guys are for real, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that I believe can help me overcome these debilitating symptoms. (I have no affiliation or financial investment in Jordan or Steve, I’m just another person in the world with an undiagnosed medical condition and very limited resources… hoping for relief and looking for someone I can trust, that may be able to help me.)
    I hope this is helpful for anyone (like me) who is at the end of their rope with symptom chasing solutions. I’ll write again as I go to let others know how it goes…
    Thanks Jordan, Steve and the SCD team,

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Wow thank you so much Suzanne, I’m so grateful you took the time to share this with everyone. AND, I’m so grateful we are working together and I really enjoyed the case review. You’re such a gift and my heart goes out to you.

      I was just like you 5 years ago and it took 5 years to bump up against dead ends, waste money, fire doctors, and finally find some health victories every so often. You can, and will, take control of your health. Keep working hard and never give up.

      You’re too amazing it give up 🙂

      I can’t wait until we speak again!

      – In good health,


  154. Avatar

    Guys, do you have experience helping to treat Acid Reflux? specifically, LPR? I was recently confirmed with SIBO — I believe due to PPIs. Lowering my carbs seems to help with my principal symptom — belching. But I thusfar have not exhibited alot of the digestive issues that you frequently consult about. Do you think you can help?


  155. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan

    I have e nailed the client care team but not heard back! I have a diagnosis of me/Cfs. I have done stool samples and been advised on supplements but I have reacted to every single thing I have taken, adrenal support, magnesuim, the list goes on! I tried the intro diet of gaps, felt like I was going to faint and had to eat some potatoes! At the same time as going high protein I started getting cycititis. I have seen So many doctors and would like to know if you may have some ideas why my body is rejecting supplements and the high protein diet before I decide whether a session will be beneficial! Just had a session with my nutritionist who states I need to concentrate on diet very difficult when your body doesn’t seem to like large amounts of protein!! Look forward to hearing from you. Angie

  156. Avatar

    I’m looking for the correct tests to have my GP order for 30 years of problematic digestive system. I’m being hopeful that my insurance may kick in. I haven’t been able to relocate the test guide that was posted a while back….
    Thank you 🙂

  157. Avatar

    I have questions regarding the whole process. Is there anyone I can speak with prior to setting an appt instead of just e-mailing. I am an RN and work at a major hosp here, but do not follow any of their recommendations- I have seen the results. I have tried multiple things and although I am functioning, its pretty bad. I have followed the candida diet, used the rife machine, heavy metal detox and am taking supplements b/c I do not methylate. I have severe constipation and use enemas daily and approx once a week a colonic. I see most people deal with diarrhea. Also, I would like to see more testimonies on people dealing with the constipation issue and if you were able to help. Thank you. Kathy

  158. Avatar

    Dear Steven & Jordan, I’ve read with interest many, many hours on your site but I’ve never seen the symptoms that I have that come from my digestive problems. I am in the process of losing my fingernails. They are slowly shrinking and thinning to the point where they are useless! Also all my fingertips are numb and tingly, they feel like I stuck them in super glue! I also have a very hoarse voice that is getting worse since it started a year ago. I’ve been told that it’s acid reflux but I don’t want to take the pills. (I did your low stomach acid test with the baking soda the last three mornings but NO BURPS) But my biggest complaint is no energy! I have occasional problems with my stomach but I don’t think its IBS. Have been thinking about doing a consult but with all I”ve told you, do you think you can help? Also, I saw a regular Dr last week and she ordered tons of blood work, but I’m kind of afraid of what she will tell me. I don’t want to be on some kind of pill the rest of my life that only addresses the symptom and doesn’t solve the problem!

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Vicki, I hear you. I remember being there 5 years ago myself. Remember that in Functional Medicine, there’s 3 main body systems and in people with Chronic Illness, one or more of these body systems are crashed.

      That’s where we can come in and support you in identifying which systems are crashed and what tests you need to get done to create a therapeutic program.

      I’d be happy to work with you,


    • Avatar

      Hello Vicki,
      It has been a while since you sent your question, nevertheless I think I have a hint for your situation. I want you to know I am a ND, not a doctor.
      The three symptoms you have mentioned (shrinking nails, hoarse voice and fatigue) are Hypothyroid symptoms. Doctors don’t look at signsand symptoms any more but only on the blood tests. I don’t know how your thyroid tests came out, but even if they are O.K you can still be hypothyroid. It can happen if you have a leaky gut or undiagnosed IBS.
      I hope this will be a good advice for you.

  159. Avatar
    Bobbin Corey says:

    I am 63, 5′ 7″,255 lbs, had total colectomy (no bag) in 2008 after a year of 5 ideopathic megacolons and hospitalizations. I’ve been on SCD for 7 weeks with some improvement, but lots of flares or setbacks, still have chronic diarrhea and not really out of your Phase 1 vegetables/fruit but I also eat 24 hour goat’s milk yogurt, cheese, and dry curd cottage cheese. I’ve lost only 5 lbs. Very low energy. Without a colon, will I always have difficulties, or do you think you can help me? If you say yes I’m ready to sign up.

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Bobbi, that’s a great question.

      Your body has been through a lot, especially with the surgery. We could certainly support you in doing some testing and see what other areas of your body (other than your GI Tract) need support.

      It would be our pleasure to contribute.


  160. Avatar

    I have had Grave’s and Hashimoto’s for 7 years, ablated thyroid last year. There are endless philosophies for how to heal. My diet is impeccable for a normal healthy person, but not necessarily for someone who has no idea why they are chronically ill. Thyroid meds don’t improve my symptoms. (I have minor constipation, diarrhea but nothing close to the descriptions I’ve read above). Although I tested 3 for Celiac antibodies (0-5 range is negative) and an upper endoscopy showed no villi damage, we are told gluten-free, gluten-free, gluten-free. So I tried it for 2 weeks. On day 4 of reintroducing gluten, I blacked out. No symptoms from reintroducing gluten that I remember except that I blacked out on day 4. At the doctor, my BP was 90/48, even after IV, and remained this low for 2 days. I am petrified to try to going gluten-free again, even the “right way”.

    My thyroid antibodies are still sky high after thyroid ablation so apparently they are still very upset about something, because my thyroid is dead and no longer available for attacking. Would the stool samples be something that could provide insight as to what my thyroid antibodies are still fighting? Can they detect leaky gut. i.e. how do you know if you have a leaky gut? Can they detect toxic mold (stachybotrys, acremonium, etc.)? Can they detect candida overgrowth?

    Kindest regards,

  161. Avatar
    Debbie Hartline says:

    I appear to have the opposite problem from those who seek your help – chronic constipation – for most of my 66 years. The closest I have gotten to a diagnosis is “leaky gut” or perhaps heavy metal toxicity. Can this diet and or you folks address this problem or am I going down yet another fruitless path?

    Thanks for your response,

  162. Avatar
    Sarah Edwards says:

    Would you say that diet alone can correct SIBO? I have lost a lot of weight and am down to 94 lbs because of my many many food intolerances. i am working with a very good ND who is testing. I went through a treatment for H pylori, and I have celiac. My GI is repeating colonoscopy, endoscopy, and will be getting the lactulose breath test for sibo in the next two weeks. He wants me to take xifaxan along with my natural protocols and the SCD diet. I am sensitive to lactic acid do you think that soil based probiotics are a good alternative? On a positive note, I was able to consume 1800 calories today! I eat a lot of eggs, tuna, white fish. Can’t do chicken or poultry. So would you say the fish broth has the same healing properties?

  163. Avatar

    I don’t have a diagnosis yet. I have been sick for 25 years with my symptoms, illness becoming worse this past 5 years. I am now seeing a ND and feel I am finally making some headway. I wish I had gone to her before. She recommends I try the SCD diet. Tomorrow is my first day. I have my soup and gelatin made and will make the burgers tomorrow. I have a question about my supplements. Do I continue those? Vit C, D3, B12, glutamin and pepcix. I also take and have been taking phenobarbitol since 1970 for seizures. I don’t have many, one grand mal every 10 years or so. Maybe I won’t have any more….just don’t know. I am wondering if that medication could cause this. I was 15 when I started the meds. and am now 57. Either way, I am going to give the SCD diet a try. It seems I have nothing to lose at this point. I am interested in your one on one visit? I will see how this diet goes.

    Please let me know about the supplements. Oh, and what about eating in between meals? It seems the menu just show the 3 meals.

    Thanks so much
    Teysa in CO

  164. Avatar

    Are none of the tests you talk about covered by insurance? And if not, why not? I, like many others and even yourselves, have spent thousands of dollars on NDs, supplements, colonetics, chiropractors, massage, (you name it!) with little or no results. I am so frustrated because I am still not better after 2 years and I hate to put out more money because honestly I have lost my trust in people who claim they can help me.

  165. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with UC in 2011. Went on Apriso and the SCD diet which restored my health. Went off meds completely. Then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and started eating terribly, and my UC has just returned, although there are many parasites and ameboes here. Are you able to work with people in Indonesia and how do you get the tests here when we can’t even get packages from our families?

  166. Avatar

    I was wondering if you’ve had any experience/ success with anyone that is post- total colectomy (reversal done, no bag) and has chronic pouchitis issues? I’ve never responded well to medications and now I’m just kind of at a loss again. I don’t want to even attempt this diet change if you’ve seen negative things happen with someone with the same type of situation. Any input would be appreciated guys!

    • Steven Wright

      In the past we’ve worked solely on supplements and diet and seen a major reduction in symptoms, but everyone is different. I’d start with our eBook and following SCD to a T.

    • Avatar

      Hi Allison. I just read your post. I too have a total abdominal colectomy and suffer many symptoms of chronic digestion and food allergies, adrenal fatigue. Can we keep in touch to compare notes and be support for one another. I was quite young when I had my surgery and I have noticed there are not many people in a younger age that have had this procedure. So doctors don’t really tell you anything about what your life is going to be like on top of the trauma the body had with their medicines.
      If you get his message. Email me at

  167. Avatar


    My wife has SLE(lupus) for the past one year.
    Whether SCD can help?
    Do you have lab support in our country?


  168. Avatar

    I have Crohn’s, I’m on the Humira drug and I wasn’t doing badly but tried taking zinc after suggestions from Steven and Jordan’s website – it’s working, took about 3 weeks as they said, but it’s amazing – I’m doing so much better. I also see a nutritionist who has me on other various vitamins and minerals and I’m stabilized in weight. Since taking the zinc I will now be able to eat vegetables and hopefully loose a bit of weight. It’s all small steps and I’m very careful. As for the humira, I have no side effects although I do take vitamin D each day as well as B vitamins with C (from my pharmacist who has rheumatoid arthritis and takes humira). Hope this paragraph will be of help to some of you out there. All the best for the future – Susan.

  169. Avatar


    My wife has SLE(lupus) for the past one year.
    Whether SCD can help?
    We are living in Chennai, south of India, Do you have lab support in our country?


    • Steven Wright

      Many people including myself have had fistula’s. Focus on lowering inflammation, balancing the immune system and retraining your poop habits. SCD regulates your bowel habits so yes it helps.

  170. Avatar

    Have already been diagnosed with Celiacs, Sibo and now fructose malabsorption and currently working with a dietitian. Would SCD/1-on-1 benefit me at this stage or only double up on stuff as already been ‘diagnosed’? Thanks

  171. Avatar

    I would like to do the one on one; however, i just started to do nutritional consulting with Dr. Lam for adrenal fatigue. Can i do this at the same time?

  172. Avatar

    Hey guys,

    I am seriously considering some 1-on-1 consulting with you, but I don’t have your typical Colitis or Crohns.

    Through extensive testing with Metametrix, breath testing labs and Nutripath in Australia I know that I have a leaky gut, low levels of pancreatic elastase, loads of nutritional deficiencies, some adrenal insufficiency and that I’m not a hydrogen or methane responder 🙁

    I am also sensitive to dairy, gluten, salicylates, amines and possibly FODMAPs and sulphur containing foods (which is totally doing my head in!)… so I cannot consume a lot of the foods or supplements you normally would eat to help heal a leaky gut.

    I am working with a chiropractor, naturopath and GP’s already but nothing seems to be getting any better for me.

    Do you think you would be able to help me?
    I understand that you would be approaching my case from a different perspective (and I see that as a good thing!) what do you think you would be able to offer me in the way of advice and protocols that I might not be getting already?

    Thank you!!

  173. Avatar

    I’m still contemplating the 1 on 1 session. I have been in remission from Ulcerative Colitis for about a year now. I started smoking again about a year ago. Tried quitting again about a month ago and felt and seen all the symptoms of UC right away. No where have I seen any talk about the link between smoking and UC on your website. What are your thoughts on that? I really want to quit smoking but feel I need the extra support. Feeling really stuck (smoke or UC) UGH! I pretty much follow the SCD diet. Lately I have been doing the Four Hour Body to lose the fat I gained recently.

    • Steven Wright

      @ Tammy – There are some links to nicotine and IBD in the literature. For your health it’s best to stop smoking. It might be helping now but the longterm consequences are not good. My bet is that you have some adrenal issues that need to get worked out. When you are ready to make some changes sign up.

  174. Avatar

    Hi! I have a question regarding testing. Would you ever recommend testing for igG antibodies against specific foods? (If the prescreening for food groups came out positive) Why or why not?

    • Steven Wright

      If you want to do it you can. Some people need hard evidence that they should modify their diet. Otherwise with our clients we can do most everything thru free home testing.

  175. Avatar

    Hi Guys,

    Great work you are doing!

    I am interested in booking an appointment as soon as possible. Before I do, I would like to share my symptoms as you may not feel your protocol can help me. I have acid reflux, celiac disease, no gall bladder, and a mild case of gastro-paresis (I am don’t suffering cycle vomitting or uncontrolled nausea…thank God!).

    Because of the challenge of gastroparesis, I know the slowed motility is one of the causes of my battle with candida. I recently had surgery and even though I only had anti-biotics during surgery and none afterwards, I have been battling abdominal cramps with bloody diarrhea multilple times a day.

    I did SCD in 2006, and slowly over time despite long, stress work hours and recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with a destroyed home, I was able to achieve NORMAL stools and was able to wein myself off the meds. Because of the demands of work as a national sales rep who travels and dines out frequently, I got off the diet.

    I am currently preparing to return to work and am concerned about checking the diarrhea again. I’ve lost about 15 lbs that I didn’t have to lose and know that without intervention, I will continue to lose more weight and fatigue will worsen. I am not taking meds, although my GI doc just prescribed Asacol. To avoid dehydration and further weight loss, I may need to take the Asacol while doing SCD and taper off the drugs.

    I really want to take my health to the next level? I still work a full-time job which I need to pay the bills. I am completely open to new ideas, testing, etc… Do you think you could help someone like me with gastroparesis and colitis?


  176. Avatar

    I have signed and paid for a 1 on one session and I have a few question befor I sign this last document you sent me.
    I have already had many many unusualtest that I would not like to pay to have agian. I need to talk with someone not just email.
    Thank you,
    Susan Oken

  177. Avatar

    Hi! Quick question – are either of you familiar with the “Nutritional Balancing” program (Dr. Lawrence Wilson) that first tests using a specific hair mineral analysis test? (The Hair Mineral Analysis test provides a mineral blueprint of one’s biochemistry, and can provide pertinent information about the metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity) They say you cannot heal your digestive disease without balancing these all important minerals that regulate and control the hormone systems…would love to hear your feedback on this! And do any of your tests you recommend test for mineral levels?
    Thank you!

    • Steven Wright

      @Sue – Nope haven’t studied it or trained in it. If your interested in trying the functional medicine approach that has healed 1000s of people we’d love to help.

  178. Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    do you work with nursing women? I started the SCD diet while in my first trimester and now my daughter is 10 months old. I’m still nursing her, but I’ve lost so much weight. I’m down 30 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight so I’ve actually lost 70 pounds in a very short time. can you help me?

  179. Avatar

    Hey there . . I am interested in your program but wonder . . . do you read the books first and follow the diet for a specific amount of time before the 1 on 1 . . ? . . or doesn’t it really matter . .


    • Steven Wright

      @Karol – Each has there place, we have plenty of clients who don’t do SCD specifically. But if you do need diet advice you might want to start with the eBook. We will discuss plenty of diet related ideas and one might be to start our eBook plan if needed.

  180. Avatar

    Hi, curious what would happen if the tests you run find parasites and then
    you need antibiotics? Would you then have to get an RX from an MD?

    thanks, Jenn

  181. Avatar

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve made some improvements with the SCD diet and supplements. Now I’d like to get the appropriate testing done in the hope that it will provide me the information to move forward at a faster pace. There is one issue regarding the consultation that you provide that I’m uncertain about. According to the Metametrix and Biolab websites, they only provide testing through licensed medical practitioners. You guys stress that you are not doctors, so how are you able to provide that testing? Second, if you are able to provide that testing, how precisely does it work with people outside the US? I suppose you would order the tests, send them to us and then we ship them back? Before investing any money with you, I’d like to know exactly how the process works.

    Thanks for your help,


    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Gareth,

      That’s a great question. We work with many clients outside the us, what country are you in? We work with people in Israel, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Australia, etc. We haven’t had a problem getting tests to people in those countries.

      As far as the testing goes, we do order tests for our clients. We have student practitioner accounts through our mentors.

      In good health,


  182. Avatar
    Linda Porter says:

    Steve and Jordan,

    You are truly correct when you say test nightmares and tons of wasted money.. I am at my wits end with ND treatments that made me sicker and MDs that tell me they can’t find anything wrong. I have spent the last 11 month on SCD. I was feeling so much better on the diet after being diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis (caused by a prescription NSAID) last January but I was still have some issues like migraines and mild indigestion. After reading your website I realized I might have to tweak the SCD diet so I went to what I thought was a very reputable ND.
    They recommended testing of all kinds. ($1500 worth of tests) one which included a Metametrix test (the one you recommended on the site 2105). It was H pylori pos and some other things as well. My ND started me on a 21 day cleanse diet and a supplement treatment they said would kill the H pylori and a yeast infection. They put me on the treatment for H-pyloir that day without any other test results back yet. The treatment sent me spiraling down to 102 pounds and sent me to the emergency room 2 times in 15 days. Now I can’t even eat what I was eating on SCD. They told me after the fact that I am Fruit, egg, gluten and dairy intolerant (according to the tests) as well and now I find can’t eat nuts either. I was eating all these things on SCD before the treatment. I’m scare to eat anything and have relentless upper abdominal pain now. Whats left? My Gastro MD has done 2 endoscopes, one over a year ago and another one recently (after the horrifying natural treatment for the H-yplori) and both were neg for H-pylori and normal.

    After gall bladder testing, stomach emptying study, cardiac testing and now an upper abdominal scan for blockage he put me back on acid blockers and said he doesnt know whats wrong. Then he told me not to come back to him if I was going to continue to do work with the ND.

    I have tons of tests from the ND that I would like to discuss with you but I’m so distrustful and scared to do anything else for fear I will get worse. I’m back to where I was 11 months ago before SCD and worse. It just goes on and on. I am usually a fit, healthy person who takes care of myself. Can you really help? I will spend the money one last time if you can really review all this and give me some advise that makes sense. This is a nightmare. Who do you trust?

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Linda, I hear you. You’ve been through so much. We can’t guarantee anything, of course you can recognize that, but we do work with some of the toughest situations out there and we will do our best. And we are definitely not Doctors… but in many cases that’s been helpful for us.

      I look forward to working with you.

      In good health,


      • Avatar
        Linda Porter says:

        Thanks guys,

        Just a couple more questions before I sign up. If we do have to have treatment that requires an RX how do you go about getting that done? Does the Doctor you work with for RX look over the test results and then prescribe from that?

        Do you review all the current tests I have? they are only 1 month old. After reading your bit about bad tests I’m not even sure they all came from a reputable lab.

        • Steven Wright

          @Linda – Yes the MD that we refer people too is very experienced in these tests, you can also work with your own GI/MD if you’d like if you need an RX.

          We will review anything and everything you send us in the case review process. So yes we’ll talk about the labs and quality or applicability then.

    • Avatar


      I’m interested in the 2 tests you spoke about Genova Diagnostics/Metametrix #2105 or #4120 GI Effects Stool Analysis Profile. BioHealth #401H GI Pathogen Screen with H. pylori Antigen. Can I order these through you? Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Hi Linda.
      I would love to know how you are doing. I understand your journey as I have my own battle to deal with. I would like to know if you ecocide the help you needed and are on your way to a healing and feeling better.
      Please email me if you can. I think we all need to support one another along these journeys. 😉

  183. Avatar
    john williamson says:

    hey gys my name is john from the uk and i have been following your web and scd for about 6month. steve and jorden i really need your help please please can you help me. i want to have a 1on1 with you but before i buck appoint how would we get on with the time scale with me over here in the uk. i really want to get in tuch and have a chat with you.i think you the only ones ho can help me. thanks steve and jorden look foward to here from you.john uk

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi John,

      Once you purchase a case review you will be directed to an online booking tool to book a time that works for you. All times listed are in EST time zone.

      We have many clients in the UK and use Skype to host our calls.

      In good health,


  184. Steven Wright

    @Shaleena – Yes we can Mauritius is on the list! SCD is used by many but not all our clients. We work with each client to tailor a diet that fits not only their symptoms but also their lifestyle and geographic location.

  185. Avatar

    Thank you for the many helpful tips.

    Can you run the tests in Mauritius?

    Is SCD diet an integral part of the recovery program?


  186. Avatar

    I have tried to reach you and leave posts on facebook. My 12 year old has Crohns. Is this diet safe for a child? She has been on a low residue diet which has not helped. Is this diet different from low residue diet?
    Thank you

  187. Avatar

    I have just started the diet this morning, no where does it say that I can drink coffee or not drink coffee? Can I drink it. I am on the intro diet.

  188. Avatar

    Do you have any suggestions/protocols for folks who have had acute pancreatitis/gallbladder removed? What to do with all that fat? My GERD and bowl distress remain unabated, but so far, no positive studies or tests for anything! I recently did low carb for 3 years and I am not overweight. I also have documented peripheral neuropathy (chemo and radiation 17 years ago) and gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying) – perhaps the 4th reason candida/SIBO diets don’t work??? Please jump on these issues. Thank you! Lynn in PA

  189. Avatar

    HI Jordan and Steve,

    Your work has been immensely helpful to me in this journey with UC. Thank you so much for all that you do. I started the SCD diet in May 2012 and have been med-free for 10 months. It is a great feeling, although I still have a long way to go. I recently started a yeast kill protocol with an herbal supplement. I plan to sign up for a consultation with you once I give the herbs a month or two to see if they work- one thing at a time. My question is, how far out are you booking? If I want an appointment in April, when do I need to sign up? Right now?



    • Jordan Reasoner

      That’s awesome Jane!

      Right now we make about 30-days ahead available for booking, so if you wanted to wait until March to schedule that would be fine.

      So looking forward to working together.

      In good health,


  190. Avatar

    Have you worked with young children? Also, I only like to use 100% natural products and food based medicine, and this can be very difficult with supplements.

  191. Avatar

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been following you for awhile now do to some diet/inflammation problems that are ongoing. I am working on some finances to get a consult and was wondering how soon this could take place. I’m very eager to chat with you because it’s very hard to find someone, let alone 2 someones, who will know what I’m talking about.



    • Steven Wright

      @Todd- We normally allow people to book up to a few weeks ahead and as long as time slots are open 24hrs at the soonest. Please note for all Case Reviews there is 1-3hrs of paperwork to be completed to make sure this is the best money you’ve ever spent.

  192. Avatar

    I enjoy what you do, and though I am often too tired to read all your posts, I don’t delete any…always try to get around to viewing them later! I have dealt with Crohns for some time. Like many of us, have been around the block and back a few times. Have a pretty good sense of things that currently contribute to healing, and those that send me in the other direction. I get a lot of info on a visceral and intuitive level, supported by the science I read (and visa versa), along with sources of helpful info such as the two of you provide. Did SCD (GAPS) for a few months and I found I could not completely embrace it. However, I generally employ a low carb, mostly no grain diet. Currently eat and enjoy some raw veggies for first time in a while. Also, cooked veggies, meats, fish, poultry, eggs, small amounts of fruit. Finally getting on homemade broths and/or soups made with them, almost daily. Have been a sugar addict, but have noticed that I want sweets less and less. A lot of the desire from sugar seems to be to satisfy something in the brain, or the emotions. Was on LDN for a little stretch and it helped me. Currently off drugs, except for Canasa suppositories. I would like to do some of the testing. Like a lot of folks, finances are tight. When I can, I will contact you. Meanwhile, it is very cool having you in my inbox. You feel like comrades.

  193. Avatar

    Hello Gentleman:)
    How soon after signing-up are the appointments scheduled?
    Keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

  194. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordon. If I have already worked with both a ND and a functional medicine MD (along with a host of main stream GI and Endocrine specialists) and have some test results from Genova Labs (CDSA 2.0, Adrenocortex Stress profile, Bacterial overgrowth of small intestine, NutrEval fmv amino acids) would these tests suffice or at least be considered? I have spent so much money running around to so many doctors who continue to order numerous tests and order medications and supplements (none have worked and some have made things worse) that funds are running dry. I know I can’t put a price on my health but I am trying to get smart about who I’m seeing and am not interested in continuing to throw money down the drain on more testing with no results. These tests uncovered some answers but I feel like my current doctor isn’t really paying attention to what is going on and keeps adding more supplements to what I’m already taking and I have to remind her of what we are dealing with (she seems scattered and isn’t focused on me when I see her). It’s so frustrating and I’m getting weaker and sicker by the day and also have a college age daughter who is having similar symptoms. Thanks for any input!

    • Steven Wright

      @Kelly – I can understand your frustration, Jordan and I have spent similar time and money trying to get our answers. The tests will defiantly help us figure out what is going on, but as to what direction to go in next, I can’t say for sure without seeing the tests, Genova is a great company, but as with all companies not all the products they make are the best in the industry. Also, if you got the tests done too long ago, have attempted protocols based off the results then there is a need to retest as the protocols we use very much depend on what your current health status is.

  195. Avatar
    Teresa Robinson says:

    I would love to work with you guys to include advise involving surgery and ostomy diets.My 11 year old developed ibd symptoms very quickly and ended up stuck in a hospital for 2 months. They could not control bleeding a d underwent an emergency surgery. We were then sent home to cope with not only ibd but now an ostomy. It’s been 6 months and I ( we) have learned a lot on our own. There is a lot of Info which would be useful to add to your success and help others like my daughter and moms feeling out of control.

    Sincerely, a single mom of 3 unable to work because of our health crisis. Your info sends a lot of support…… If only our doctors and hospitals would include natural and obvious health remedys before cutting organs out if children!

    • Avatar

      Hi there,
      I had quite severe colitis and also had to figure out how to heal on my own (this was before these guys started their website). My child hasn’t had it but I would want for any parent to know how to heal this themselves and the doctors don’t give us this kind of information (SCD diet, counseling, supplements, stress management). I am wondering since I have a children’s website, we may be able to put a link on it about this and refer to where they can get information. If you have ideas I’d welcome it. I hope your daughter is doing well now. What a big journey for both of you. Nancy

  196. Avatar

    Do you send the tests to our homes for us to do in our homes, then when you get the results you recommend natural supplements?

  197. Avatar
    Rebecca Charisse Ellsworth says:

    Would LOVE to do this guys, but I am broke right now without even a dollar. Can’t even get your book or CD right now. OUt of work. My lower stomach has serious issues (like it’s always on fire) down in my lower GI and I can’t eat gluten at all or I am down with severe pain for three days but lately that has happened a few times when I haven’t eaten any gluten.

    I have seasonal work so will get on board with you two by March or April.

    • Avatar

      I suggest starting by buying the book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” which you can get for only a few dollars used on Amazon. Great starting tool!
      Hope you feel better soon:-)

  198. Avatar

    How about testing in/from Mexico? Since your interview with Paul Jaminet I’ve been interested in the GI DNA Profile stool test and maybe the hair toxicity test as I suspect either a bug that I haven’t been able to kill or a heavy metal toxicity. But I am not sure if the samples can be sent to the U.S. easily. I know a Dr. who performs the Metametrix Saliva and Blood tests here and ship them to the U.S. but I don’t know if he has a special allowance or if it doesn’t matter.

  199. Avatar
    janice torelli says:

    for those of us on different time zones how flexible are you in terms of days and times? assuming you are both in 9-5 jobs on the east coast?? do you do weekends?

    • Steven Wright

      @Janice – We are currently working hard with our booking software to make the time zone thing easier to understand. Since both of us work varying schedules we have open hours all across the board from midday EST to late night EST and some weekends but that really depends on the week.

    • Avatar

      After the initial consult are you available online for basic follow up questions? What’s the general response time?

  200. Avatar

    Hi guys,
    I am really tempted to order but I live in Sweden and I’m wondering how the recommended tests would work from here.


  201. Avatar

    Hi Jordan and Steve!!

    Definitely interested in this, but am curious – how do we go about getting the testing done after the consultation? Can we order tests ourselves as patients, through you guys, or is it through our PCP/health provider?

    Thanks a bunch!! I am so thankful that you are offering this amazing opportunity.


  202. Avatar

    Are consultations via phone or live web chat? Do you suggest supplements that you sell or can they be obtained from a separate source? Finally do you have the names of functional medicine physicians you would recommend at the conclusion of the introductory consultation?

    • Steven Wright

      @Page – The consults are done via Skype or we will call you. We do help with supplements but we are extremely picky about which one’s we recommend to anyone and therefore some of them a regular consumer cannot obtain.

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