One Health Engineer Gets 46 of the World’s Greatest Health Renegades to Reveal the “Hushed Up” Remedies, Solutions, and Breakthroughs Most People Don’t Know About…

Brand New Multi Year Research Project Finds Real Hope For Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, IBD, Autoimmunity, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety… and More 

No one knew that on the inside I was melting down…

I was dressed in a suit, worked at one of the most powerful consulting firms in the world.

And just last week I’d had a panic attack outside the office.

Today, I’d actually had an “accident” in my pants when I couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough.

Cleaning my suit pants in the bathroom and going back to work was one of the most humbling days of my life. 

Hi, my name is Steven Wright, B.S., Health Engineer, Kalish Functional Medicine Practitioner, and co-founder of both and The Practitioner Liberation Project.

Where Were These Health Renegades From John Hopkins, Harvard, and Arizona State University When I Needed Them?

I felt desperate… 

My life was unravelling and my conventional doctors were making me even sicker. 

They told me to take more antibiotics, eat more whole grains and “to suck it up”.

At the time, I was struggling with IBS, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, acne, overweight, bloating, and bad gas.

So I took over my own health, researching night and day, painstakingly finding, hiring, and befriending the top scientists and health practitioners in the world… but not the regular Doctors… I sought out the best of the best.  

I only wanted to work with those who were pushing the boundaries of medicine. 

Because the best gift those “esteemed” doctors in Chicago taught me was that I didn’t want “normal”. I wanted complete healing. True resolution of my issues.

So I searched the globe for the practitioners actually saving lives… deemed un-savable.

The ones who weren’t bought by the drug or insurance companies… 

After $300,000, many failures, and 10 years later… I’ve tried many of the most cutting edge treatments in the world… and worked with some of the smartest practitioners in health.

And I can honestly say they saved my life. 

There are 46 of them in all, and I like to call these Practitioners “The Renegades.

And what they are doing is saving lives.

In the past few years, these Renegades have begun to funnel people my way. High profile people who need new ideas…

Because honestly the conventional treatments and even the functional medicine ideas for things like Concussions, Crohns, Heart Trouble, Suicidality, Cancer, and Major Depression… well they often just don’t cut it.

And so I’ve been asked to help create a path for true recovery for these people…

Recently, I was asked why others don’t know about these ideas?

Why You Don’t Have Access To Solutions, Treatments, and Remedies The “Renegades” Are Using

When I was sick…

When my life was at risk… I did what most of us do.

I trusted my Doctors.

I trusted the healthcare system in the United States of America was one of the best in the world.

Most of all I trusted they wanted to fix me.  That they had my best interests at heart.  

And when they didn’t, I almost couldn’t believe it.

But once the renegades started putting me back together — I got angry.  

Everyone should have this kind of access – it’s a tragedy.

One-by-one the renegades taught me that there were two basic problems… 

The dark side of health boils down to two things:

Tainted Time and Dirty Money.

First, I stumbled on something called “The Research Paper Trail.

Turns out Americans spend over $450 Billion on Prescription Drugs every year.

And to put it simply, most of the research dollars are oriented to finding a drug for your problem… not an actual cure.

If there’s no profitable drug to patent at the end of the study, then there’s no reason to do the research in the first place.

As an example:  after $62.4 million of taxpayer dollars were spent researching a new hepatitis C drug called “Sofosbuvir,” it was purchased by the drug company Gilead and priced at $84,000 for a 12-week treatment that costs less than $100 to produce…

And after raking in over $70 Billion in profits from hep C medicine, they haven’t spent a dime supporting promising new research of a preventative vaccine that desperately needs funding…

Because why would they?

And the sad truth is: this research paper trail leaves everything in the hands of the Renegades to do it themselves.

Turns out, the most promising cures, remedies, and remissions are happening in the clinics of the Renegades.  

They do their own testing, not funded by the Government or by drug companies… but funded by their hearts desire to actually heal people.  

And when something starts working, it spreads by word of mouth between other healers that want results for their patients.

Then something funny happens… 3-5 years after these Renegades find something that’s working, that’s when official studies do start to happen (if they get done at all).

And even if these therapies do get researched, on average it takes 20 years before they will be approved for treatment of certain conditions and supported by the insurance companies… 

And that’s when your Doctor will finally hear about it. 

“Your Doctor Won’t Know About These Treatments for Another 20 Years… Can You Afford to Wait That Long?”

That’s what really hit me after I met these Renegades.  

Literally… statistically speaking, I would’ve had to wait another 20 years for my Doctor to give me the treatments that eventually worked.

Tainted time… that none of us can afford.

But it turns out, there are Renegades all over the U.S. that had better answers… but people like me didn’t have access to them.

And the research being done on their cutting edge treatments…

That’s why I started dedicating my life to connecting the Renegades and their work with people like me who desperately need it.

But I was careful about only sharing it with people who were willing to do “whatever it took.”

Because there’s a whole lot of people out there that don’t want this information to get out there.

If fact, you might be surprised to know that many of the Renegades work is fully backed by research studies… but you just haven’t heard about it.

The Shocking Scientific Studies Behind These “Hushed Up” Secrets Are Being Buried…

The majority of the Renegades are using treatments backed by research studies from some of the most prestigious institutes in the world:

So why isn’t this national news?

Why aren’t these treatments getting more attention?

History holds the answer.

  • Harvard Trained Doctors…
  • John Hopkins University…
  • American Cancer Society Journal…
  • Arizona State University…
  • International Journal of Cancer…
  • American Journal of Psychiatry…
  • World Journal of Gastroenterology…

History tells us that today’s cutting edge treatments are often labeled “dangerous and alternative” by conventional ideas of the current time..

Like when the medical elite thought they knew what caused ulcers and stomach cancer in the 1980’s. 

But they were wrong, and they didn’t want to hear anything else.

Barry Marshall was a Renegade doctor who was horrified  when his ulcer patients got so sick, many had their stomach removed or bled until they died. 

(Yeah, that was still happening as recently as the 1980’s).

And at that time, 10 percent of adults suffered from ulcers! 

But in 1981, Marshall traced the little corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori to not just ulcers, but also stomach cancer.

The simple cure? 


But conventional gastroenterologists laughed at him, claiming ulcers were caused by stress, not his little bug.

Legally, he was prohibited from experimenting on people.

But Marshall was desperate to get people to listen… so he did what any good Renegade would…

He took some H. pylori from a sick patient, stirred it in a broth, and drank it himself.

Days later Marshall started vomiting, felt exhausted, and started developing an ulcer. 

Then he biopsied his own gut, found H. pylori, proved the bacteria was the cause of ulcers… 

And successfully cured it with antibiotics.

You’d think this would’ve changed the medical world.

And it did…he won The Nobel Prize for his work… but not until 2005.

Today, the standard of care for an ulcer is treatment with an antibiotic. 

And stomach cancer?

It was once one of the most common forms of cancer, and now it’s basically gone from the Western world.

But 20 years ago, if your daughter had stomach cancer and was facing surgery to have her stomach removed… you would’ve had no idea that Marshall’s work even existed.

That simple cure from the front lines of medicine would’ve been completely out of your reach.

And the sad thing is, this isn’t unusual. 

The history of medicine is littered with similar examples…

Of groundbreaking treatments like Marshall’s being buried.

Especially now… if a drug company can’t patent a breakthrough treatment, it gets cast aside or even laughed at.

When You Have a “Medical Gun” Pointed At Your Head…What Are You Going to Do?

There’s nothing that can prepare you for the moment the Doctor delivers the news…

  • Cancer…
  • Alzhiemers…
  • Depression…
  • Autoimmune Disease…
  • TBI…
  • Addiction…
  • IBS…
  • Ulcerative Colitis…
  • Addiction…

But everyday, people like you are faced with a “medical gun pointed at their head.”

And if it’s not you today… statistics suggest it will be someone in your family very soon.

And the sad part is: they trust conventional medicine to help them.  

But they’re trusting a system with a dark side… a system that’s operating off of 20-year old solutions.

So when there’s nowhere to turn… what will they do?

Who can they turn too?

They have no idea these Renegades exist on the front lines of medicine that have something that could help them.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

In my quest to save my own life, I amassed an encyclopedia of research and treatments from the front lines of medicine that quite frankly, didn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

And it took me a while to realize what I had put together (and lots of convincing from dear friends of mine).

I knew that if we could get this information in other people’s hands, we could bypass the dark side of medicine and do some good in the world… maybe even shorten the 20 some years it takes for this information to become mainstream.

So I talked to my inner circle of Renegades, who agreed this information needed to be in the hands of the people who needed it most (all agreeing to share their work). 

And I’m grateful they did, because now YOU can get access to the same buried breakthroughs that have are working behind the scenes… in a collection of reports I wish I would’ve had years ago. 

I’m going to share the full details with you right now.


The Maverick Healing Library

Hushed Up Breakthrough ReportsFrom the Front Lines of Medicine

This “Hushed Up Library” Is Packed With The Most CRITICAL Treatments Renegades Are Using On The Front Lines of Medicine Right Now…

If you want access to the latest life saving treatments from the cutting edge of medicine…

The Maverick Healing Library is the information you need.

I put together all of my Renegade research in one place.

There’s no fluff…

There’s no beating around the bush…

Just the most important treatments that are blurring the lines… and getting huge results right now.

After pouring through all the little known studies and discussing the most promising breakthroughs with my inner circle, this library was born.

Treatments you most likely haven’t heard of before, including:

  • Actual dosages used in clinic
  • The specific conditions and symptoms they’ll work for
  • Real risk profiles to beware of
  • Each backed by scientific references

Which is why I wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible… 

Because when you have a medical gun pointed at your head, you can’t afford to waste time… 

And I know if you’re still reading this, you probably need one of these reports for yourself or your loved ones right now…

“I Didn’t Expect a Whole Lot, Holy Moly! I Was Wrong. The Maverick Library is Worth Hundreds of Dollars”*

Steve and Jordan always provide top-notch products, so I signed up for the Maverick Library before it was even released. At such a low cost, I figured it would have a couple of good pearls in it, but I didn’t expect a whole lot. But I was really wrong. Holy Moly! This library has information that as a Functional Naturopath, is invaluable. Just the reports on the correct Curcumin and Boswellia dosages alone are well worth the cost of the Maverick Library. But this Library has dozens and dozens of reports. These carefully researched and documented interventions are helping me so much with my own health and my clients’ health. I keep going back to them. The value for me is in the presentation of the research and the information on tips and tricks about these interventions you may not be able to find otherwise. The Maverick Library is well worth hundreds of dollars. I’m really grateful to Steven and Jordan for making this information available and at such an affordable price.

-Dr. Beth O’Hara

“As a brain specialist, Maverick Products have helped me personally improve my health and greatly expanded my toolkit to help patients who struggle with complex health challenges”*

– Carole Mafrige, FDN

In as little as 10-minutes, you’ll know more cutting edge treatments than your Doctor…

And when your friends and family find out, they won’t be able to hold back the questions.

They’ll be asking you to share this information with them…

And when you tell them, they won’t be able to thank you enough when it changes their lives too.

It won’t take long for this library to have a huge impact in the lives of you and your loved ones. 

And why I’m so excited to tell you about some of what’s inside…

Here’s a Sample of What’s Inside the Maverick Healing Library…

Indian Holy Herbs Rival Prescription Drugs For Arthritis and Chronic Inflammation

Ritual religious use of this holy herb and longtime Indian miracle plant go back 1,000’s of years. However, extracting their anti-inflammatory properties and testing them vs current NSAIDs for chronic inflammation is new… and the results are in.

These powerful and safe herbs are called equal to NSAIDs by researchers… and that’s the low dose version.

The way the Renegades use them in the clinic is likely more potent and rivals some of the strongest anti-inflammatory options we have in modern medicine. 

Sucide rates are up 33% since 1999 and the highest since World War 2 with Teenangers making up a shockly high part of the statististics. Prescription Painkillers, Social Media, and Technology are all being blamed. And now over 300 Million people worldwide are depressed…

But this treatment provides an almost 100% cure to sucide in under 60 minutes (because minutes matter in sucide).

And it’s showing miracle potential for other brain issues like depression. The best part it is, it’s one of the safest and most used drugs in the world…

Ancient Chinese Treatment Reversing Autism and Autoimmunity

Ancient Chinese books tell about a primitive form of this treatment starting in the 1600’s. Despite other animals routinely using it to heal themselves, it was too taboo for mainstream humans.

That is until recently, when Autoimmune, Austim, and Deadly Drug Resistant infections started growing at a rapid rate. Now this ancient treatment is making a revival and is up to 100% effective for certain drug resistant infections caught in hospitals. And a recent trial shows it might be able to reverse Autism in close to 50% of cases.

Stop or Avoid Menopause & Aging Skin With This “Rhythmic” Celebrity Protocol

How do the Celebrity stars age so well? Do you want to put off Menopause till 60, 70, or Never? Have amazing skin, sex drive, and youthful energy?

The WHI vilified this treatment with false stats, early conclusions, and a shocking lack of peer reviewed studies… but some Renegades knew it was fake research and never stopped. 

It’s time you know what the Renegades are using to help women everywhere avoid the top 10 disease killers and look 10 years younger. 

Smart Gut Bugs Reverse Memory and Cognitive Decline

That “Gut-Feeling” you get about a person, place or idea… when you know something is wrong… it’s not coming from your brain.

It’s most likely all happening where you feel it (in your gut). In fact, new research suggests it may not even be completely coming from you at all.

Recent studies have found certain gut microbiome bacteria are actually “smart bugs,” and if you supplement with them, you can actually improve memory, mood, depression, anxiety, and even stop cognitive decline.

One Glass of this Special Water Neutralizes Inflammation & Protects Against Stress

In 2007, a Japanse research group discovered a unique gas molecule has major antioxidant potential in models with traumatic brain injury and stroke by neutralizing oxidative stress.

In 2009, another group of scientists figured out a way to get this gas to dissolve into a glass of water. Shortly thereafter, the explosion of this molecule spread across clinics in Japan and China, finally now reaching the United States, completely changing how some Renegades treat inflammation.

Breakthrough Soviet Pill is A Heart Disease Killer & Chronic Fatigue Breakthrough

Originally given to war time soldiers to let them operate in high altitude mountains all day long and not get sick… this powerful Soviet pill started showing immediate and profound recovery for heart disease.

Next, the highest level Olympic athletes around the globe started using it for its ability to help energy, focus, and be able to overcome stress.

It’s now a BANNED Olympic drug… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t immediately think about it if you have several of these health conditions.

Stop Alzheimer’s and Sleep Like a Baby with This Little Known In-Your-Nose Protocol

Combine an old school diabetic treatment… with new age problems like Alzheimers, concussions, sleep issues, loss of smell and memory loss… and now we have a breakthrough quickly spreading around the Renegades clinics.

A 2012 research study headline reads “Early Therapy halts progression of neurodegeneration: progress in Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics.”

Beyond these exciting treatments, new studies in psychiatry suggest this could immediately (in minutes) help those with mood and other mind disorders.

Cheap AIDs Drug Now Treats Cancer, Histamine, & Autoimmunity

This heroin fighting drug caused too many side effects. So a brilliant Harvard trained doctor changed it up and started seeing amazing results with AIDs patients.

Then he told people about its ability to help the immune system and lower inflammation levels.

Now Renegades around the world are using it with all kinds of chronic health issues like histamine, autoimmunity, and chronic pain. Recent research is beginning to show promise on Cancer and other terrible health problems.

Breathe This Unique Gas Treatment To Turn Back the Clock 20-Years

You close your eyes, breathe deeply… and moments later the foggy cloud in your brain is lifted. Your energy levels begin to rise. And you begin to feel like “yourself” again.

This is a common experience of people breathing this unique gas treatment. Originally discovered by an American chemist in the 1970’s, this treatment is headed towards becoming a $30 Billion dollar health marketplace for various symptoms, including brain fog, concussions, heart attacks, Parksions, Alzhimers, and more.

End Opiate & Alcohol Addiction… and Stop Food Cravings in 10 days or Less

In 1966, a New York Doctor was able to help several schizophrenia patients leave mental hospitals with this therapy. It shocked medical communities back then and now recent controversial research is finding its ability to end cravings and addiction in less than 10 days (for almost any drug).

But the data is in, the Renegades are adopting it… NHL, NFL, NBA athletes and CEO’s now use it regularly to keep mental function at its peak, energy levels booming, and cravings for food or other “drugs” away.

This breakthrough could help anyone if only the medical community would stop trying to suppress it.

Deep Dive Therapy That Forces Your Cells to Heal Themselves

What started in 1956 at the University of Amsterdam has taken until the last 20 years for enough research studies to prove this “Deep Dive Therapy” has so many powerful benefits that insurance companies in the U.S. are starting to offer reimbursement for many types of health issues.

Everything from injuries that won’t heal, to autism, PTSD, stroke, addiction, alzhimers, parkisons, and brain problems to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, and many others have seen massive improvements in remission and stopping recurrence rates from this promising treatment.

DEA Forced to Admit This Banned Substance Is The Best Treatment for PTSD

The FDA is now forcing the DEA to admit that some of it’s “banned” drugs are actually the most powerful treatments ever tested for PTSD.

67% of resistant PTSD sufferers were cured after the initial treatment (even up to a year later). And this powerful multi level healing treatment could offer remarkable breakthroughs for depression, anxiety, addiction, and relationships.

Called a “Breakthrough Therapy” by the FDA, this treatment is about to sweep the globe.

Award Winning Drug Accidentally Heals Alcoholic Liver, Stroke, Brain, & Concussions

A Russian chemist synthesized a vitamin B6 like drug that is remarkably safe and effective for alcoholics and stroke victims. In fact, in 2003, it won a Russian Federation award, accelerating its usage and study.

The Renegade practitioners started hearing about it and seeing immediate improvements in traumatic brain injury, diabetic neuropathy, mood (depression and anxiety), and chronic health conditions.

Because it works in such a unique cellular way, it has the potential to raise anyone’s energy levels.

Breakthrough Supplement Shutdown by the FDA Shows Reported Cure for Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, & More

These supplements have been used for decades in depression, anxiety, and addiction… but then one Renegade had an insight that led to reported cures for Parkinson’s and Crohn’s disease.

But the FDA shut him down… and stopped progress in this very important protocol.

All the supplements can be found in any drugstore but combined in the right dosages, can transform some of society’s worst health issues

With These “Hushed Up Breakthrough Reports,” You Can Finally Get Access To The Same Cutting Edge Treatments Used By Billionaires…

Until now, wealthy people with a lot of money to throw around can track down these Renegades and do whatever it takes to get this information for their friends and family…

But now, that’s no longer the case.

You’ve seen how these hushed up breakthroughs are based on science that big drug companies are going to spend millions to make sure never see the light of day…

So let me ask you a question: 

What will you do when you or someone you love gets a diagnosis… or you have a medical gun pointed at your head?

I’m about to get really serious because it would break my heart to see you miss out on this…

If you don’t get access to this information right now, you won’t have it in that critical moment you need it… 

In fact, you or a loved one might get diagnosed with one of the conditions we cover in this library only to find out the conventional road isn’t working… and you won’t know what to do next… or how to help them…

45% of Americans (133 Million) suffer from at least 1 chronic disease.

38% will get cancer…

Heart disease kills 1 in 4 women…

1 in 3 reading this will end up with Alzhiemer’s by the age of 85…

And 7 out of 10 deaths are attributable to chronic disease.

When I first saw these numbers, I was shocked.  I hope you are too.

Because those numbers made me realize that someone I love… or even me… will end up a statistic.

If that moment happens again, I want to be armed with the latest options that are working on the front lines of medicine. 

And I want that for you too.

Just One of These Reports Could Save You $1,000’s in Medical Bills… Or Even Prevent a $42,000 Bill From the Mayo Clinic

When started working on making this library available to the public, it was originally going to cost as much as $297.

Even though that might sound like a lot, if you use just one of these relatively affordable treatments, they could save you an incredible about of money… let alone save your health.

In fact, we went back and asked some of the women who’ve used them to find out just how much money it saved them.

Judy saved thousands of dollars per year in prescription drug costs when she was able to get off some of her medications.

Sharon actually told us she lowered her health insurance premiums by thousands of dollars per year by getting rid of a diagnosable condition.

And Beth actually shared a heartbreaking story about her $42,000 bill from the Mayo Clinic that could’ve been prevented if she had known about the treatment in Report #1 before she made the trip.

Not only that, but God forbid you have a heart attack or end up with heart disease…

Even with insurance, you’re still probably looking at $10,000 to $20,000 out of pocket to deal with these types of conditions.

Considering all that, $297 would’ve been a bargain.

But it’s not about the money.

It’s about helping as many people as we can so that the work of these Renegades go from being hushed up to seeing the light of day.

So, even though $297 was a great value to pay, you’re not going to be asked to pay anything near that. 

Instead, while we’re able to have this online…

(And we may not have it online for long because big pharma hates this and wants it taken down…And all the big tech companies are censoring powerful new breakthrough ideas like this. ). 

We decided to do something pretty dramatic… 

We slashed the price if you decide to order it right now.

You can ORDER The Maverick Healing Library with a special 60% OFF Discount for only $39, which is basically less than you’d pay for two people to go out for dinner, and yet, you’ll have access to this information forever.

No matter what you’re dealing with right now and what you’re dealing with in the future, you’re always going to have this library right there with you… 

(20 Years ahead of your Doctor).

The confidence and security you’ll have is amazing.

Imagine knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you’re going to have this security blanket of knowledge. 

All it takes is one click of a button for 60% OFF right now. 

Not only that, but it’s backed by a 6-month guarantee. Even if for some reason you change your mind and you don’t want it, there’s nothing to worry about…

That’s Why We Guarantee You’ll Love “The Maverick Healing Library” And Never Want To Give It Back — Or You Won’t Pay For It!

Once you click the “ORDER NOW” button and enter your payment information into the secure checkout form, you’ll get access to the “Hushed Up Breakthrough Library” in just a few minutes.

If you’re like most people that read this collection of reports, you’ll be shocked that you’ve never heard about the treatments inside… 

In the first 24-hours of reading through it, you’ll probably start texting or calling your friends and family to help them with issues they’ve been struggling with.

Within the first week of owning this library, the ripple effects in your life will be evident.

From the moment you get access and start reading, your health won’t ever be the same.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, you won’t want to return these reports.

But, if you’re not 100% satisfied…

And if you’re friends and family aren’t benefiting from the treatments in this collection of reports…

I will offer you a full refund within the first 6 months of purchasing it.

I’m not worried about why and I’m not going to ask you any questions.

If that sounds good, then click the orange “ORDER NOW” button below to go to the secure order page and secure your copy, which will be delivered electronically in only a few minutes.

The Maverick Healing Library

Digital Download Product

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You Risk Nothing By Ordering This “Hushed Up Breakthrough Library” Today, Just One Page From These Reports Could Change Your Life Forever!

Of course, I think you’re going to love what you read in this library of reports.

I’m living proof of what a difference it can make. 

The best results happen when you own this collection for years… because that’s when you get to help others with the information that’s inside.

That’s the impact it’s had for me…

God forbid, imagine 3-months from now you get a call from your sister… and it’s not good news… 

It’s your Aunt, she has Alzeimers.

What will you do?

Now you can turn to report #8 and share exactly what the Renegades are using to help her.

Or if you’re struggling with autoimmune disease…

Then you’ll be able to turn to report #9 and try the approved treatment that may stop the immune attack on your body in a matter of weeks.

I’m telling you, this library will continue to serve you and your family for years.

I hope you choose to invest in this collection… And invest in getting the knowledge that your Doctor won’t even hear about for years… because it could save your life… or someone you love.

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That’s how much I believe in it.

I can’t wait to hear how this library changed your life too,

Steven Wright

The Maverick Healing Library

Digital Download Product

180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Normal Retail $97