Steve Wright – Who is that guy?

  • IBS (aka undiagnosed digestive problems), Candida
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet since Jan 2010
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Traveling, Weightlifting, Sports, Digestion, Psychology

Who am I?

Hey everyone, listen below to get to know me better. The cliff notes version is here:

  • Currently living in Lansing, MI
  • Bachelor of Science from Kettering University
  • Always interested in looking good and feeling better
  • Fascinated by why we make and take the choices we do

Summary of problems leading to SCD?

So how did I get here and what is my background? Listen below for the full story:

  • Several doctors diagnosed me with IBS
  • Tried over the counter pills, high fiber, and different diets
  • Also dealt with fistula and L. Bifidus overgrowth

My first week on the diet (Intro diet experience)

My intro diet experience was successful and I saw results really fast:

  • No Dairy or Coffee
  • Major relief in 4 days
  • Removed Gelatin and saw a big improvement
  • Die off Symptoms: Brain Fog, Cravings, Tired

My first 6 months on SCD

A couple weeks into the diet I was feeling much better, after a few stumbles (SCD is a skill), around the 10 week mark I was really settling into a groove and feeling amazing!

  • Took me 3 months to get through all the phases
  • Saw major improvements when I added digestive enzymes and betaine HCL
  • Saw another major big jump when I added SCD legal yogurt
  • Supplements @ 6 months: Multivitamin, B-complex, B12, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Betaine HCL, Vitamin D3, Iodine, and Zinc (specific to my situation)

My 1 year Update (How SCD has changed me)

After a year, I was at a whole new level of health I never knew I could achieve, I got bored and started playing with things.

  • Spent 3-4 months with perfect poops and amazing health
  • Got my smelling back after I cut out all dairy (except butter)
  • After a year small cheats didn’t affect me much
  • Unhappy that my stomach acid levels were not returning so I decided to start experimenting
  • Great first year, never pooped better, learned to cook, and doubled my energy levels

Where My Health Is Now(Periodically updated as of 2/14/10)