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    I’ve had candida for some years and I was able to successfully defeat it with a product called Three Lac. After researching it online I contacted the company (Global Health Trax) and began the successful treatment of this insidious and tenacious condition. This is the ONLY treatment that works! Good Luck!


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    I have been in bed for almost 4 weeks with I am sure is candida . My stomach hurts all the time burning on my arms and legs. Never eat sugary foods, lots of fresh vegetables. Just came through 4 months of high stress , then here comes strong allergies to outside and many food. Digestive issues and then comes back full blown panic attacks! ! Been through some of these problems before. Slowly over months and a lot of tears, I seem to get better. Now my blood sugar is effect so much , I have had to put back fruit and a few more carbs. Every time I try food enzymes or probiotic s I itch all over and have brain fog, so I take nothing.finally going to dr. For a complete work up. I husband has been great, but worn out with me. No naturalpath in my area, so sad. Like your articles. Bought your book, but I am so over the top, very scared and frustrated and sick. Have little faith in western medicine, but must see what they think.

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