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    Hey Jordan and Steve. I’m trying to figure out if the scd lifestyle will work for me. I have gardner syndrome /FAP so because of polyps I had to have my colon and bowl removed and they were rebuilt thankfully but now I have pouchitis continuosly. I’m sick of the expensive drugs and the pain from the gas. I’ve started reading scd diet book and feel like it’s not explaining anything. Will the scd diet help me? Or more specifically your book?

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      Hey hailey – thanks for reaching out to us! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling right now.

      Steve and Jordan wrote our book for people EXACTLY like you -who want to start SCD and have read “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” but are still confused and overwhelmed. Our book explains everything step-by-step. You can read more about our book here: http://scdlifestylebook.com/

      I hope this helps!

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    Hey Jordan and Steve, as part of a subject at school, i am required to research a question of my choice. I have decided to research the topic Celiac Disease as i have a severe case of gluten intolerance. I am specifically researching how the foods we are eating are affecting people with Celiac Disease. It would be highly appreciated if you could email so i can ask you my question and get an in-depth answer to use as a primary source for my folio. Thankyou!

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    Hi Jordan & Steve,

    I am currently under care of a naturopathic doctor to address several chronic concerns, and I have asked her about trying one of the diets to address gut health… SCD, GAPS, Paleo or FODMAPs. She says she is concerned about my cutting out grains and other carbs because I am underweight and she doesn’t want to see me losing more weight. Is this a myth that I need to eat whole grains, legumes, etc. to get enough calories & carbs to function? I have a high metabolism and get light headed if I don’t get enough calories in my system, so now I tend to eat whole grains plus meat and veggies and healthy fats at every meal. Yet, I remain underweight and have very low energy overall. In the short term, my body craves carbs in order to feel like I have energy, yet in the overall picture, I don’t seem to be feeling much better with what I am currently doing. I’m interested in the possibility of working with one of your practitioners, but would like to understand this concept better. Thank you so much for your help! ~Therese

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    Elisa Brown says:

    Hi Jordan and Steve,

    I would really like your advise. I’ve got Colitis and I’m recently experiencing a bad flare up with blood in my stools. I don’t eat meat but still eat seafood. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and worried about supplying my growing baby and myself the right nurturance while trying to get rid of my flare up on the SDC diet. I’m following the diet and my symptoms are not getting better, I’ve been eating lots more fruit but l’m wondering if this is not helping. What would you suggest that l do.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jordan and Steve,

    I am a vegetarian but do eat fish occasionally. Maybe 2 or times a month if that much. Is it okay to take the HCL and Pepsin if you dont really eat much meat? What about pea protein shakes. Should I take a supplement with my shake? I am currently taking a shake that contains 15 grams of protein (I try to take 2 a day), but in the process of purchasing pea protein that has 25 grams of protein? This process is very confusing. I understand how it should be taken for a person that eats meat, but what if you don’t eat meat, but supplement your protein intake by using pea protein??

    Please Help…

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    Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all that you do! I’ve found your recent emails to be really helpful! I listened in to the leaky gut webinar today from Oz/ Down Under, it was really great! ? Thanks for your help as I try to reverse my symptoms (fatigue, dodgy belly ???? etc). I’m looking forward to receiving more of your posts! ? Wishing you & everyone the very best of health! Cheers! ?

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    hi. just want to thank you for all the valuable information I’ve learned from you to help finally get on the road to healing. i have had to tweek a lot because i am so sensitive, but finally it is coming together and i am seeing some progress. i have been paleo, tweeked and fodmap tweeked. for a year , no fruit , no legume, no night shade. mainly meat and vegies and now since building up some betaine with pepsin can actually tolerate some probiotics and some supplements which i have never been able to do in my life and i got sick at 23 and worse at 33 and i am 64 now. it is a miracle for me , also adding soaked chia seeds has broken to constipation/diarrhea shackles along with the probiotics. any way just want you both to know i think the world of you and wanted to thank you with all my heart. harriet craig

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    Hallo,I came across your site as a beginner in searching what’s wrong with my gut-stomach-genital system! Have not tried any diet or medication yet but what I know for sure is that my stomach has improved after replacing my conventional toothpaste with a homeopathy-suitable toothpaste based on MASTIC OIL,ESPECIALLY for bedtime brushing.I have used this for over a year now..Chewing some mastic gum or using pure mastic oil does the job too.i’m not saying it is panacea,cause if i have candida [as i suspect],it wouldn’t help.Just wanted to share this with all of u out there with acid imbalances. Maria

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    I found your podcast with a guy named Dave who talks of butyric acid for gut healing 🙂
    I kind of wish someone would mention this topic more prominently and frequently (or again, maybe I just missed it)? I found out by my usual serendipitous route of my friend/bf feeding me some rancid butter and I looked up to learn if it would hurt me, and found it is beneficial!

    Okay, reply only if you want. All the best to you both and to all you love!

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    I’ve lost weight on the scd . i had perfect digestion once but cant get it back. I have crohns. been on the diet for almost 2 years . Every time i try to restart i get hungry plus my medicine is not that effective yet.

    How do i get back what i once had ?

    I need to stay on the diet because a lot of other problems of mine disappaered on it.
    i don’t tolerate fruit juice

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    I have been on the SCD diet for almost a year now without any flares until about a month ago. I started losing my appetite and my CRP numbers started to elevate. How should I change the diet and what foods should I take away first to get back on track?

    • Steven Wright

      @Toby – Great job! I know hardly anything about you or your life but based on what you said. My bet is it’s related to a recent negative lifestyle change and not diet. Maybe your stress is up from a new job, or bills or your emotions are a mess because of a lost relationship. Stay SCD compliant and focus on these areas.

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    Hi, I was hoping to get some guidance and help with scd. I started the diet 10 days ago and did the intro diet for two days. I am eating ony steamed carrots, zucchini, cheddar cheese, butternutt squash, apple sauce and some dry white wine. For the last few days I have been experiencing severe abdomen pain, inflammation, constanet headache, dizziness, metallic taste and changes bowel movements. Is it normal to experience die-off after so many days and how long does it last.
    I am on 25mg prednisone and 3gms Pentasa. I am struggling to cope up with the die and need help.

    Thank you for all your support

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    Jonathan Swaringen says:

    Also I was wondering if you’ve heard or read about Devils in The Milk by Keith Woodford? My understanding of the issue is that some people with milk issues don’t have them if the milk is raw grass-fed and from an A2 cow but some have problems if its just raw grass-fed but A1 cow.


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    Jonathan Swaringen says:

    I was wondering when you need to take digestive enzymes/betaine HCL…I’ve heard several different things. Some say before the meal..some during. Anyway I’m somewhat confused and unsure.

    Also I recently listened to your Real Food Summit presentation and you mentioned taking supplements for digestion, but what I didn’t notice is an explanation for how to improve this naturally. I’m assuming stomach acid can be lower than it should be because of a physiologic reason that can be corrected naturally instead of relying on supplements. I suppose its possible that the required digestive enzymes can’t be restored in some people based on missing gall bladders or some other organ issues, but I would think there is a way to promote good acid levels naturally too.

    From what I’ve heard when you give the body something continually the body will stop or slow its only production so relying on supplements might keep you from regaining proper acid levels if its possible. If this information was in the presentation and I just missed it sorry.


    • Steven Wright

      @Jonathan – Take it when it is convenient for you or test both and see if you notice a difference. You should read the book “Why Stomach Acid is Good For You” By Dr. Wright (its in our recommend products page). I tested both ways and didn’t find a difference. With stomach acid there isn’t any research I”m aware of that would indicate supplementing with it harms the body’s natural process of making it. Actually from my studies many practitioners use it as a way to retrain the stomachs ability to make acid.

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    I’ve been struggling with my UC lately and came across your website. I read that you are both engineers and I saw that Steve attended Kettering University. I’m currently an EE at Kettering University. Just thought i’d share 😛

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Ben – Jordan and I both graduated from Kettering. He got his ME and I got an EE degree, we both learned quickly we’d rather apply those skills to the health field. Hang around the site we’ll show you how to handle the UC and get on with your life. I think you’ll appreciate our testing methodology. Good luck in your classes!

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    I’m very interested in your tips for being successful with the SCD diet, but can’t download to my iPad… Is there a work around or plans for a compatible version in the near future?

    Cheri from Freeland, MI

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